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2021 The Final Battle for the Soul of Humanity


For the Soul of Humanity

Both MI6 and CIA sources told us that "Currently, a second Nuremberg tribunal is in preparation... thousands of lawyers around the world... to prosecute those responsible for the scandalous Covid-19 lockdowns."

Why there is POW flag over the White House? Let's be serious! Prisoners of War flag together with the US flag with yellow frame, representing Military Control? Please read this article carefully. Lots of important inner intel.

* Trump fly to Switzerland with Air Force One, to sign important documents. The next day Switzerland announced no need of masks and opening non-essential shops. It shows who is the boss, Trump or Castle-Rock studio (fake Biden). 

Reporting from Switzerland; Trump arrived in AF-1 and signed NESARA documents. (1) It was also stated that it may take 5-10 years to roll out due to need to unravel brainwashing and complexity.

* Why was Trump at the White House on March 3rd? (2) And why the U.S. House of Representatives cancelled its planned session on a possible plot? Why some unknown smoke is coming out of the ground. 
"Тhis cancellation must be for the sheep. Something much bigger seems to be underway." R.D.Steele
* 17 of the US States are now not requiring masks. 17 Airman transferred into the Space Force. Not coincidence - 17 corresponds to the letter Q.

As DIA operative wrote, "Bidan is still an actor with a mask playing pretend President. Patriots are still running the show. Justice is being served daily. Half of Hollywood is missing, Ceos have stepped down by the masses, and most of what you are seeing in DC right now is Cgi. If you're confused, good so are they. Fog of war, optics. All on purpose. Deep breaths folks, don't buy into the fake news narratives."

  • Military has confirmed interference. They are making a determination whether new elections or Trump can be reinstalled outright.
  • They will allow two presidents to run for a time, the Constitutional president and the president of the bankrupt corporation.
  • Once POTUS is reinstalled, then the focus will be on cleaning up (Congress, Courts, and Agencies).
  • The reset is not a magic wand. This is a longer-term process.  The tentacles and complexity are quite deep and this would take time to remove and correct.  No specific timing yet.

The Battle of Good vs. Evil is Real
"You are warriors who can fight and defeat Satan, and bring the families in the satanic world over to God’s side on the final battlefield of this global war. This is the formula that the True Parents are working with." (Rev. Moon, 1998.7.19)

Dear Unificationists, this final battle is for the soul of humanity, not a Conspiracy Theory at all. The Fall is real, not a conspiracy theory. The work of the fallen angels and the evil spirits is real. It's a real spiritual battle between good and evil.  And you may not have known it, but we have the evil Lucifer worshiping elite controlling the earth for thousands of years. This was all explained to us in the Divine Principle. But many took it only as a theological story, not realizing that's the absolute reality. 
Evil vs. Good
Body vs. Mind
Materialism vs. Spiritualism
Immoral Free-sex vs. True Family Values
Pro-death (Abortions) vs. Pro-life
As Father Moon said, "Satan is keeping us from escaping by mobilizing all individuals, nations and the world. This is the final battle." (Sun Myung Moon, CSG, p.205)

The term sold your soul to the devil is a lot deeper than you think. These people are irredeemable. They become soulless.

Painful truth, but it has to come out, for humanity to wake up.  

"Worshipers of Baal, they were roasting their children alive. Sacrificing them to Baal and Moloch, to be blessed with reaches. These satanic worshipers, they are horrendous evil. People say, "Oh, that doesn't happen in America." Yes, look at the abortion clinics. And you have young children being sold out just as much. And people are looking the other way, while they are being trafficked through the borders." Juan O Savin

Finally, the truth is starting to come out. Finally, we see the severity of this great battle between good and evil. See the Cabal documentary. Learn the history of the Criminal Banking Cartel and their devious, satanic over-plan to extinguish humanity (3). Cleanup in Hollywood happened in 2020. Did you hear of their connection to child sacrifice? Do you notice how real is the moral and spiritual degradation?
8,367 per hour... 200,821 per day... According to the World Health Organization (WHO), on average 73.3 million abortions are performed every year.
JUST IN: Two hundred Special Force were killed while arresting Cabal members that surrendered. It was a trap. They triggered bombs and suicided, killing 200 out of the 2000 soldiers involved in the operation. The location is not allowed to be disclosed. Such underground bases are used for trafficking of humans and drugs. (2)

So much happens in connection with this Coranavirus falsedemic. So much was hidden from us and yet in front of our eyes. 
"The original plans for the transformation of "Covid-19" into totalitarianism, were leaked [4]which means that the plans will no longer be able to continue." B. Fulford

And we all know, Vaccinating everyone is the center point in this vicious plan, to irreversible transform human society, so that we can never go back: Take our freedoms and transform us genetically. 


Satanic Agendas pushed on our members and we are accused if we say something

CDC reports 3% will suffer irreversible side effects from the Covid Vaccines. (5) And we see huge spike in Vaccine-related deaths (6).

THE RALLY OF HOPE: Think about the level of our members, who invited Vaccines promoters to infiltrate True Mother's event, trying to change and dominate the focus. But Mother just shortly said of the virus, "This is a human creation." Than she spoke only of God and his providence.

A member commented: "I was outraged when I saw vaccine promotion on our rally of hope. Would be very useful to know who is responsible for this."
See this Bill Gates video to understand what kind of inhumane agendas lie behind the vaccinations. Are we to assist a scheme that took the life of millions? 
"If they are successful in mandating the coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine, at least 50 million Americans will die." Dr. Judy Mikovitz

Satan is blinding members to assist his vicious Vaccination agenda. It's a spiritual grab on their mind. And the Divine Principle is correct, it's because of IGNORANCE, that Satan can keep using us as his objects. And Rev. Moon is absolutely correct. First WE HAVE TO EXPOSE the true nature of Satan's activities and WIN IDEOLOGICALLY

The Sting Operation Now
As reported by the Defense Clandestine Service (DIA)

"Remember, Gates is no more. All this vaccination was supposed to scare you to death, but many people did not give in to fear. Trump specifically publicly refused the vaccine, which is a good sign to open the eyes of the sleepers. You don't need this vaccination. You need a strong immune system. Learn how to remove toxins from your body and strengthen your immune system. That's all. 

Most people don't realize that this is a global operation. A world operation that has been prepared for decades. The snake has been beheaded. All you're seeing is the tail moving at this point.
It's a global cleanup. Operation Warp Speed. It's being done fast if you consider everything worldwide that's being done. Many of your Presidents and prime minsters are already gone. Uk, Germany, Italy, etc...
Putin is another Trump ally. For years, he tried unsuccessfully to end these corrupt people. Xi also is fighting the CCP as well as Trump in the United States with the Deep State. (7)

Do you understand the scale of this operation? Let go of your impatience and enjoy living in this historic time. The fight isn't over, but things are already changing. And there will be more events soon.
"Do you know how long it would take to serve 100's of thousands of indictments. Months. A lot of which has been done. You are waiting for the reveal of what quietly already happened. And there are more everyday. I'm simply talking about the big players. They are gone." Ezra
The tunnels in Washington are a complex network. Those kids who were pulled out of the White House didn't live under the White House all that time. Otherwise, Trump wouldn't be sitting there. It was just an exit point. A light was installed and many people were invited there with cameras. The footage will be evidence during the tribunals. I hope you've seen that video of several dozen police cars driving out of the White House under the cover of night. The White House is empty at night, with some exceptions, from February 20 to 29.  Right now, access to the White House is severely restricted."
"I think 2.5 million people have been arrested in the last 12 months." Charlie Wards
Many you think are alive are dead and others you think are dead are alive. See this video:

The Quiet War Behind the Scenes

Don't mistake silence for inaction. All according to plan. Biden's 2019 execution video would be one helluva shot heard around the world.

It was all over before it started, because Biden (the original) is really dead since 2019, and soon after, the number of White Hats doubled. The resulting intelligence and information were enormous. Everything has gone through the FISA courts in the last 4 years, so you haven't heard anything. As a police detective wrote:
Have you seen Merkel up close? Just zoom in on one of her recent photos. It's not human skin. And look at Biden in Michigan. It's a latex mask on him. I see a younger actor skillfully imitating dementia and incidents, and I also see that he is wearing a mask. I think the real Biden is really under arrest.
Just because you didn't hear anything doesn't mean that nothing happened. The White Hats worked quietly behind the scenes. People die mysteriously, and adrenochrome dries up everywhere. The Rothschilds are dying, Bezos and other CEOs are resigning. The children were rescued from the tunnels in front of the White House in the middle of the night. The queen is gone, the castle is locked. Washington, DC is currently a prison. A LOT has happened. Soon the fake Pope Francis, who replaced the real one last year, will be exposed, Pentagon sources promise. Nothing can stop what is coming. This is not just a catchphrase.
"There will be 5-10 years of extensive and deep cleansing." Juan O Savin

There are more Slaves now than in any other time in history

Why so many arrests of pedophiles now? How does our Heavenly Parent feel, having for the first time in the human history the foundation to stop this evil?

Sex Trafficking is a 150 billion dollar industry. How can such horrible thing be allowed? There are more slaves now than in any other time of history. Why this trafficking involves children of the earliest age? Two million children are taken each year. 
Epsteins arrest is proof alone that people weren't crazy. The pedophile rings are not a Conspiracy Theory but a horrifying fact. The videos he has of elite leaders involved in child rape and torture are more then shocking. 
JUST IN: Ten Israelis, including a rabbi, have been arrested on charges of pedophilia. Similar operations we see all over the world. In this case, an undercover agent was posing as a 14-year-old boy in social networks. So far ten suspects have been arrested, one of whom turned out to be a rabbi.
20.3 million posts related to child sexual abuse were registered on Facebook. Facebook accounts for 95% of all publications related to violence against minors. Center for Missing and Exploited Children
An Ex-Olympic Gymnastics Coach has committed suicide, after charges including human trafficking. And I can continue with story after story of similar news from the last weeks. But my aim is to lead you to understand the connection between pedophilia, slavery in the past, human trafficking today, Eugenics, GMO, vaccinations, and how it all led to the Coronavirus situation today. 

Yes we this is a crucial Cultural War. As Father Moon told us, 
"Fighting history’s final battle to determine the ultimate victory or defeat, how strong and bold can we be in the face of the coming fierce war? How much can we overcome?" Rev. Moon, CSG, p.2080

Special Operations General, explaining why the Q Drops are very valid, who are the 800 intelligence behind the President (Called Q), and their role in revealing the truth. 

Most of the War is Underground

Don't think even for a second that taking down these satanic bases is possible without the help of the good spirit world. Soldiers pray desperately every-time before they enter, facing these inhuman demons underground

In America alone, there are over 120 deep underground military bases (DUMBS) located below: most major cities. These bases are over 3 km underground and have a diameter of 16 km to 50 km in diameter! They have been building these bases day and night, continuously, since the 1940s. These bases are actually large underground cities, connected by high-speed magneto-gravitational trains that run at speeds of up to 2,400 km/h. See, List of DUMBs
"You had a large group of Special Forces who didn't like the human trafficking and especially the stuff going on with the children. They lined up with the Alliance, which started on 1903 with Nicola Tesla, the Trump brothers and few others, who developed the plan to take down the Cabal. They recruited more black-out units to take down the DUMBS." 19 Jan. Gene decode - details on DUMBS (Deep Underground Military Bases)
The two countries where they are taking out DUMBs right now are Island and Greece. In a week time there were more than 20 big explosions. From the previous weeks they are still continuing in Myanmar, Niugini, and the Philippines. It will take years to clean up all DUMBs around the world. 

Another Short Explanation by DIA

Now back to business. Joe Biden is gone. Replaced in 2019. You are watching an actor replaced by whitehats (good guys). (8) It's one of the largest red pill wakeups in history. The great awakening. This is the tip of the iceberg to many things that have been hidden from you for centuries. Know that Potus was asked to run for president many years ago by some really good/smart people who saw corruption in our government for decades. The goal was to globally remove these people from power and return power back to the people. It's not another 4 year election. It's so much bigger than you can imagine. What you need to know is that we are winning. They are losing. 

At times it may feel the opposite, but feelings aren't facts. The news cycle right now is completely trash. There's a cleanup process and a wakeup process and eventually destroy the msm. Many you think are alive are dead and others you think are dead are alive. 

Epstein was the Keystone that Q referred to. It's real. He set a lot of this in motion. Epsteins arrest is proof alone that people weren't crazy. It's all connected. Therefore it's all taken down together. You never will fully understand until the movie ends. 

Too many mathematically impossible situations. My advice. Don't let it consume you. Don't let it rip your families apart. Every lie will be revealed. Trump never abandoned you. He's right now preparing some pretty amazing things while this wakeup process takes place. 

Tons of empty seats will be filled in Congress. Big change is coming for the Usa and the rest of the world. Arrests have happened that you don't publicly know about. You will at the proper time. More arrests are happening daily. Ceos are stepping down. Hollywood actors are disappearing. Actor Joe's goal right now is to self destruct. So that all who voted for him will see the light and how easily they were fooled. It's been a dark winter, but it doesn't stay dark forever. It gets much much brighter. You are witnessing biblical times and events unfolding. 

It's God's plan. Never doubt it. If God is for you who can be against you? Fear not, you are getting your country back better than you've witnessed in your lifetime. Not a corrupt DC corporation but a constitutional republic. Revival will be fruit of this movie. Hold on tight, buckle up, and pray hard. Undoubtedly the best is yet to come.

Now that the planet is healing energetically we will experience a quantum shift on numerous levels (all with the help of True Father and the good spirit world). Even the financial system is transiting into a Quantum Financial System. The technology of Med-beds is also coming out already. This will require inner healing in ourselves. We have to separate ourselves from the reaction of fear. We will now come to realize our own abilities to heal. 

Monday, February 15, 2021

CIG NEWS: Operation Game Over

Operation Game Over

The righteous don’t complain of darkness, but increase light. They don’t complain of ignorance, but increase wisdom. 

By YuliUTS / 15 Feb. 2021 / Unification Research

Just In: A very secret Act, signed by Trump, was now revealed to close insiders. According to it, Biden will be allowed short presidency. People will have to see the reality and get scared, feel like in very tide shoos. And than imagine the relief when they take off those shoos. 

And check the huge rise of hotel prices in DC around 4-6 March. Something big is coming. Why an Inauguration event is scheduled? At the same time, the Khazar mafia is beginning to totally lose control of its cunning justification for vaccinating. INDIA wants MORE Pfizer TESTING, so Pfizer LEAVES India while a rare, deadly blood disease is linked to the vaccine. And as Benjamin Fulfort wrote:
Riots and demonstrations against cowardly fascism broke out all over the world. [1] Pfizer executives are actively being hunted and killed and will soon be an extinct species, White Dragon Society sources promise. [2]
Insider: "Nothing could be more obvious. Declassification, arrests, game overturning. We are close! Don't plan anything for March and April. This is the time." The swamp is being cleared. Arrests and resignations continue. It just seems like nothing is happening.
More layoffs of chief executive officers.
More layoffs of Senators.
More layoffs of members of Congress.
Liberating God and Exposing Lucifer as Criminal Against Humanity

The energies of Space and Time are a reflection of the consciousness of a person who is able to influence them by the force of his intention. In that regard, our True Parents (Rev. and Mrs. Moon) were teaching us to understand God's Intention and focus our mind and body on building a world of true families, based on the Head-wing ideology and the Culture of Heart. 
"True love can conquering even hell... With the limitless power of true love, the Kingdom of Heaven will be established on Earth." Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon
At the same time the Divine Principle is teaching us how to expose Satan's crimes and the sexual immorality he has wrote in society (after the pedophile act of the Fall). Father Moon established the model course of Victory Over Communism, as ideological victory over the satanic system of taught. He was clear, that without ideological victory over the humanist-free-sex culture, the world will not be liberated. 

And now is the time for this victory. We should wake up to understand how big is the power of our spirit:
"Space and Time are able to change depending on the level of human vibrations, quickly moving from one dimension to another." Heart Resonance
Yet, The Divine Principle explains that stopping the sexual immorality will be the most difficult task. The Principle clearly explains how Satan uses sexual last to control leaders and even priests. The insider from the Trump's team explaining the war with these evil forces, said:
"These entities, that seek to enslave us. Be they earthly or otherworldly Demons, at the end of the day is some how the Devine intervention that can save us. Thus, prayer is very important."   Juan O Savin
Satanic Values Brainwashing
Do you want your young girls turning in boys? This business is growing and getting unstoppable.

For the members who still didn't understand that Trump-Biden inevitable war is a moral war; a war of values: Trump stopped financing of Planed Parenthood, Biden restored it. The war is on your children, expanding Transgender business: Planned Parenthood's Dangerous Gender Hormone Program for Teens

This is a Military Intelligence Operation. There is a firewall on the information, to the point that even close to the President (still Trump) are not told what's going on. Very important not to have leaks in that critical time. Yet, people should observe the signs of where this Cultural War is heading (3)(4):


Mother Theresa's Order Caught Trafficking Babies (5) Do you think she started this on her own, or all this is a part of way bigger international activity? How hight do you thing goes the level of protection for these predators? 

You can find thousands of such stories. Now you see why Trump spent the last four years combating child predators and why they hate him so much. As Juan O. Savin said, "Satanic pedophilia is the main aspect now that needs to be brought under control! If we cannot protect the innocent - children and young women (the weak who cannot do it alone), then we cannot protect anything!" 

How is The Fall of Man connected to today's reality? You know the principle of Cause and Effect. President Trump’s announcement that he is going after high profile child sex offenders was directly linked to the painful reality of child sex trafficking. The problem is so serious - See, The Hillary Child-Sex Tape Is Worse Than You Can Imagine
Why do you think so many CEOs left their positions; Zuckerbert, Bezos... ??? Why official record shows they are arrested? What's really happening? (See)
Not only in politics, but in so many areas of life, the situation is so wrecked, that is no way to fix it. As Juan O Savin explained that Military is in control and is not giving complete power to Biden's side. In his words, National Guard should have some supper cleaner, and do number of flashes to clear those filthy pipes. And keep sharp eyes for all the swamp creatures, they may attempt to escape through tunnels and coming out at strange places, some even at 100s of miles away. 
"The Royal families believe they are descendants of Cain, who came from the relationship of Eve with Lucifer (Other dimensional Alien). They don't see themselves as humans, but as a higher race." Juan O Savin
Trump embarrassed them, when he stood in front of the Queen, he explained. And it's not about arresting just some pedophiles. No, it has to be thorough. It's vast operation. It takes time. Has to be done completely, so they don't just pup up somewhere else. 
"We still have to protect our people. We are under a direct attack. These people that seek to subjugate us and make us their sheep, and farm us as animals, are not going to win. And it's not because we are so smart or have a fearless leader... but because of Devine intervention."   Juan O Savin

The Covid-19 will reportedly end by May. We have to agree that the danger is yet big in this invisible war. The Khazar mafia will leave with teeth and claws and appear to be carrying out repeated acts of sabotage, such as the destruction of a German power plant and an attempt to poison Florida's water supply. [10] The polar vortex that is hitting Texas now is also a space attack, say U.S. space forces. [11]

We are tired of waiting

SuntaSurfing rightly asks, "When you have the evidence... why do you prolong the farce? Why force people stay home? How long? We are tired of the secrecy of the bad actors and now the secrecy of the supposed good guys. 

We constantly hear of people on all levels being arrested, but majority of people don't even hear of that. When there is going to be press-conferences and direct information? Yet, the only answer was, that (1) the war is still very dangerous and (2) they cannot act as dictators, but has to be done according to the law. 

As Unificationst, my comment is the following. To reeducate the world, they think they have to first bring people to the brink of destruction. That only then they will wake up. But that's not true. We all learned the Principle and experienced our awakening in a Workshops, in a loving atmosphere. It's a matter of education. The fear method of education applied now is a Satanic technique, to create a problem and than present the solution. 

We don't like seeing that the supposedly good guys are using the same Satanic techniques. They should receive True Parent's teaching and learn the correct way. They should higher lecturers from the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) to educate the world in the Culture of Heart. 

Of course, we don't know everything they are facing. My observations are that they do everything to protect the people and are really working very systematically. Each months I witnessed how they work on exposing different problem and holding quietly their operations. A lot of things happening

Operation Game Over 
Pedophilia is how the Deep State recruits people. In Operation Game Over 75 people were arrested for human trafficking at the Super Bowl.

75 people were arrested during Operation Game Over, calling it a record number of arrests. (Video) Three of them are accused of human trafficking. "The abhorrent practice of human trafficking is a crime that is nothing less than modern - day slavery," Chronister told a news conference. "We are not and will not weaken our efforts to stop this." 

Undercover detectives have been monitoring hotels, motels, massage parlors and online chat rooms. The youngest suspect was 19 years old, and the oldest was 73 years old. 6 women were rescued. "We are trying to dry out the demand." 
We don't want to discredit the complete operation. So we wait appropriate moment to get them, so that they don't connect that this is a vast operation to catch them all. 
Satanic Empire 

Attorney Lin Wood dropped a MOAB, disclosing that Epstein is alive and well, and, it turns out, in the government’s Witness Protection Program. (1) He had documents and computer records that could cripple the Deep State and Democratic establishment.

A five-volume set with deep research of the deep Satanic pedophilic nature of most of today's leaders. Only the truth can help to take down the Deep State and the Satanists, Pedophiles, & Secret Societies that Torture Children and have spread their evil spider-net over humanity for centuries.

Book 1: Antiquity to Today the Ruling Elite’s Pedophile Bloodlust for Children
Book 2 The British Royal Family, Pedophilia, the End of Parasitic Monarchy
Book 3:The Rothschild Illuminati Bloodline and Ties to More British Scandals
Book 4: Luciferian Elite’s Global Child Sex Trafficking Operations
Book 5: Elite’s Sinister Agenda to Normalize and Decriminalize Pedophilia

"These corrupt people earned hundreds of trillions of dishonest incomes. Who do you think received this money? You know. The Rothschilds, for example, were trillionaires. Yes, with the letter T. Bezos, Gates, and Musk look inconspicuous. Do you know how much gold the Vatican has acquired? Tons upon tons. It all belongs to us humans now. And this wonderful time is coming, which is why "the best is yet to come.»

God's Work to Overthrow Satan

The Biblical history is describing the attempt to overthrow the Satanic control over this world. God had to raise people who cold stand up against the Satanic control dominating humanity as slaves. Took him thousands of years to find one family to start; expand it into tribe and nation in few hundred years period.
  • Abraham destroyed the Satanic idols and moved out after God's call
  • Moses led his descendants out of the Satanic culture of Egypt
  • Israelites fought against the Canaanite Satanist culture
  • Jesus was substantially to lead humanity of of it, but was killed before even marrying
  • Rev. Moon was asked by Jesus to end it by raising the Culture of True Families
  • Trump moved to physically arrest and destroy all pedophile Satanic practices

Providence in Subjugating Satan

2000 BC - Tribal victory for God: Abraham was successful in moving out of the Satanic practices and creating tribe free of it. His son and grandson (Jacob) inherited and continued that tradition. 

Moses successfully started a nation educating it to resist this Satanic practices. He educated them, that the Snake Canaanites warship, making sexual and ritual killing, is in fact Lucifer, who became Satan by seducing Eve sexually (to eat the fruit of knowledge). 

When 400 years later some Israelites accepted Satanic practices, the kingdom was divided (those who practice North, those who resist South). When South was also invaded by practicing Satanism, God made them fall and exile. 

2000 yrs later - Jesus initiated world level of Separation from these Satanic practices. For this reason the prepared nation was to accept him and through them he was to educate the Roman Empire and liberate the world. Satan invested all his power to kill him and prevent that, but Jesus succeeded spiritually and promised Second Advent (3rd Adam, to finish this completely). 

2000 yrs later - Rev. Moon was called by Jesus. Same like Jesus was rejected by the Jewish priests at his time, Father Moon's warning was not followed by the Christian ministers in 1945-1952. So he promised to God that in 40 years he will raise world foundation to Subjugate Satan, which he completed by 1985, when he already founded Washington Times and got many Christians to hear him. Communism had to collapse in few years. 

Thus 1992 he started the Completed Testament Age (7 yers), blessed 400 million families - cutting them off from Satan's lineage. Based on that Lucifer had to step out in 1999. His power was no longer behind the evil Satanic structures on earth. His evil structures on earth continued desperately, but the good was now free to also develop its foundation, which was completed by 2012. 

2012 - Cosmic lever of restoration started with Rev. Moon ascension. Began the spiritual shift towards the Golden Age. Spiritual awakening started in both, the physical and the spiritual world. In 7 yrs he united all religious founders in the extraterrestrial world and mobilized them to descend and transform the earth. Several nations were prepared to accept the Culture of Heart. 

The End of the Deep Satanic State

2016 the good forces, dedicated to remove the Satanic control, succeeded to elect Trump in power. After 3 years of successful court-cases and arrests, the stage was set up to arrest all top structures of the Satanic pyramid. Se the section, "Who is Q", to understand the prehistory of this world wide military operation. 

2020 - Under the cover of Coronavirus started massive cleaning of all lower satanic structures; Banking, Big Corporations, WHO, Governments, Activists (like ANTIFA). You see how it goes systematically through the pyramid - top down. So next will be cleansing Media, Education and cleaning the Religions of the Satanic infiltration. In this regard Vatican was cleaned, over 300 priests arrested, Pope resigned. 

Satan always worked to invade God's side

Despite the effort to abolish this Satanic culture Israelites, as well as Christians later, were always infiltrated and hacked again and again by these vicious Satanic schemes. The Bible describes the succession of good kings on God's side, and bad kings resorting again to satanic practices.

What was the major fight? All the Satanic civilizations were based on satanic practices of pedophilia, ritual sex and murders, financial control and taxation - Practices of the ruling elite today. Which shows you that the war with Satanism is yet to be won.

The real believers in God were always trying to establish a moral and peaceful culture, based on stabile families and absolute values. The Satanic forces did everything to prevent that, through free sex, destruction of the families, making all values relative, and provoking constant wars and struggles. They attacked and infiltrated God's side every way possible, thus God could be unable to work. Read the Full Text

Sunday, January 3, 2021

Free Your Spiritual Mind: The Real Meaning of Mind and Body Unity

Free Your Spiritual Mind 
The Real Meaning of Mind and Body Unity

Yuliuts, November 26, 2010

We have physical and spiritual essence. Our mind has two parts: Physical Mind and Spiritual Mind. Our mind functions because of the give and take of these spiritual and physical counterparts. But can you distinction between your 'spiritual mind' and your 'earthly-physical mind'? They are quiet different:

One of our minds is external and centered on our physical self. It has no sense for God, so it does not know the truth, thus it observes externally and criticizes; brings confusion, anxiety, doubts and fears. It leads the person to be more self-centered and materialistic. Our evil mind is acive when this external-physical mind is subject.

The other mind is internal and always centered on God. It knows every truth so it never doubts, is never confused and never worries, but it is always centered on love. It leads the person to be more loving and spiritual. Our Original Mind is acctive when this internal-spiritual mind is subject. Once you know that it is quiet easy for to distinguish which one is subject at any particular moment.

The Divine Principle explains that the real essence of Mind and Body unity is to restore the dominion of the Spiritual Mind over the Physical Mind. Because of the Fall we are dominated by our Physical Mind, thus staying under the dominion of evil spirits:

"As long as our spirit mind and physical mind are under the bondage of Satan, the functioning entity they form through their give and take action is called the evil mind. The evil mind continually drives people to do evil." DP

The Unification Thought gives a chart of how the dominion of our spirit was gradually being restored throughout the long process of restoration. With each providential age the spirit mind got in a bit higher position, gradually restoring it's position as a subject. The time is come when we can free our spirit mind and liberate our Original Nature, thus becoming actual Temples of God. See Charts

Recognize the difference

Yet, to achieve that, first we have to recognize the difference between these two minds in our own self. I will give you here few simple hints. For example; Why the spiritual mind never doubts; it is never nervous, confused or self-centered? Because it knows? It has the sensibility towards God and the spirit world, so it can obtain any information. It feels the hearts of others, so it will never try to hurt them.

On the other side, our physical mind is quite ignorant. It is created to care for the self preservation, so our spirit is not developed to subdue it, it will naturally lead us to be self centered. It has not choice but to observe externally without sensing the heart and motivation of the people around. So it often leads to misinterpretations and fear. That fear can easily trigger intrigues, gossiping, antagonism and criticism. That's why, the history resulting from the physical mind (Cain-type) attitude inevitably led to wars, corruption and exploitation.

What is the biggest difference between these two minds? Physical mind can never feel God the spirit world, only rationalize about them; while our spiritual mind is constantly connected with them. Now you can understand why physical mind became the origin of all disbelieve, materialism, gossiping, negativity, struggles and wars. So please Liberate your Spiritual Mind, that's your only way to God.

Depression and illness are also result of the physical mind reversal of dominion over our spirit. Not having the sense to God, it only brings confusion, anxiety and fear, which brings us into more problems, stress and sicknesses. See, SPIRITUAL HEALING: DISEASES CAUSED BY LUCIFER

Why it is so? The Physical Mind is not only in our brain, but the combined memory of all our cells. If the spirit has sensitivity to feel God and the spirit world, the Physical Mind can never connect to them no matter how much it tries. It's not created for that. It's the Spiritual Mind that constantly feels God and knows everything from the spirit world.

At moments when your spiritual mind is subject becomes easy to love others and feel deepest faith. This is the most natural state of our spirit. It happens without any effort. But because of the fall, our spiritual mind is constantly being subjugated under the lies and manipulations of our external logic of the brain (our physical mind), which objects any of his attempts to guide us.

Physical Mind Always Reverses God's Principles

First it is  important to learn to distinguish between the spiritual mind and the physical mind.
Most of the thinking people do is from the physical mind, so it naturally leads them to humanism: Reversal of all God's principles. Same like Physical mind reverses dominion over spiritual mind, it will lead them to put object over subject, horizontal over vertical, external and material things over internal and spiritual...

(1) Php.M. cannot see God's view - it cannot feel God's Heart.
(2) Ph.M. created to be Object to the Sp.M (Is out of it's proper position)
(3) Ph.M constantly reverses dominion over the Sp.M
(4) Ph.M. multiplies evil, propagating Satan's philosophy 

So the more people were thinking how to solve things, the more they developed the Humanistic (Cain-type) philosophy in the history, But to solve problems you have to stop thinking with your brain, relax and liberate yourself from all these external problems.

How to Put Your Spiritual Mind Subject

Once you relax your physical mind, your spiritual mind can become subject in this state you can easily visualize. Once you achieve it you will realize how sharp, awake and precise your mind is this is your spiritual mind this is your true self it is always connected to God.

For example, Rev. Moon suggests, to think of the principle figures and live yourself to fall asleep. When you wake up your spiritual sensitivity will be very strong. True Mother, Hak Ja Han, also in 1993 stressed how important is to develop our spiritual sensitivity quickly, not to be misled by evil spirits.

After while this state will become habit, so you can naturally put your spiritual mind on top, each time you want. You will discover that your heart will open to feel the hearts of the other people and God's heart about everything. This is the reason I can always perceive what kind of spirit world is around. I can sense the moment when people's mind shifts and allows evil spirit world to work through them.

Our spirit mind is wonderful. It has amazing power. It knows everything. As True Father said, we should learn to talk to our inner mind and ask things we want to know or solve. There is no information unknown to our own inner self.
"The spirit world is a world of intuition where, within a week, you can surpass the knowledge of any intellectual.. By seeing things through the light of your heart, you will automatically understand the world and all its related connections. Only through the heart of love will you understand..." Rev. Sun Myung Moon, CSG
See the mystery of the power of our spirit and imagine what's possible if it's not stuck under the physical mind limitations and limiting concepts.

Your Spirit Mind Automatically Tunes to God's Will

Question: Sometimes when I'm praying about something very serious or that I'm concerned about I feel that God let's me see exactly his viewpoint on that problem. Sometime I pray about a person (once i was praying for someone on the cosmic level and two days later there was news about her on the TV). But still I never thought about it in the way you are explaining right now…

Answer: When you spiritual mind is subject you automatically sense what God wants you to pray for. So you pray about it and soon you discover that it happened on global scale. That's because you tune and sense the providential things before they happen. Your spiritual mind automatically tunes to this which the whole good spirit world is praying and working for. So it's not just our prayer that made it happen, but that all good spiritual forces united efforts to bring it fulfilled. That's why when people unite their mind and body (putting their spiritual mind as subject) automatically the whole humanity will live as one united harmonious family where everyone will naturally follow God's will, since our spiritual mind always know it and aligns with it.

Comment: Yes. I absolutely believe that we should talk to our inner mind. I find it has many answers, but I never thought about it as being subject (not in the way you are explaining).

Spirit mind works based on images

Spirit mind works based on images. Each word immediately creates spiritual image and the heart automatically responds sensing if the word had good or bad energy. Thus spirit mind automatically separates good from evil. I sense the spiritual energy behind each word or expression, thus when I write my articles automatically create common base and open the original mind of the people who read. This is the reason my internet spiritual children start having the spiritual sense of being liberated, elevated and suddenly loving all people and all things more than before, because the words elevate their spiritual minds. In this way the word brings them resurrection.

I'm always sensitive to the spiritual powers around. Negative articles about us use a lot of negative words. They open the evil mind of the reader and he gets obsessed by evil spiritual world. In this state even a good person's heart gets full of fear, anger and hate. But I take these articles and change the negative words with once that are spiritually bright and carry good bright emotions. Than it becomes a channel for the good spirit world to fill their hearts instead.

Our physical mind cannot recognize what's good and evil, and in fact it always misleads us to accept the evil as good. Example: Humanists think they are doing the highest good, when in fact they are destroying their children spiritually.

Comment: Gosh. I've not seen it clearly put like that. I mean it is quite mind opening…

The Real Meaning of Mind and Body Unity

What I explained is written in the first pages of Divine Principle. If you read carefully, Mind and Body unity is in fact Spiritual mind and Physical mind unity. Because of the Fall our physical mind became subject and our spiritual mind got imprisoned, incapable to express and grow. Thus we lost our spiritual sensitivity to God and the truth. Divine Principle is very clear; Unless we develop our spiritual sensitivity to God here on earth there is no way we can feel and connect to God in the spirit world. In our age, the way to achieve that is open.

Anyway, try what I told you... and we talk again. Relax completely when praying and visualize what you're saying. Report in the morning and before sleeping, visualizing the results you want and sincerely talking to God. Always go to asleep with principle thoughts and after resolving any conflicts of the day (at list visualize embracing, forgiving, resolving if there was something wrong during the day). Remember, your original mind cannot work when you are anxious, confused, nervous, worrying. That's a common base with evil spirit world, because it is energy with heavy, dark frequency. See the chart..

Why was the fall of man so devastating to man's spirit? Why would the fall reverse the subject-object relationship between man's physical and spiritual entities?
Good question. The fall was premature sexual relationship. Their spirit was not yet matured to be subject. Thus physical love on the level of physical mind gave the birth to physical mind descendants. Stuck under the physical mind, the spirit mind of the consequent generations could only mature to the providential level of the age.

The biggest problem was that physical mind is ignorant of God and the universal laws. Humanity was left without connection to God. God could barely find anyone more developed spiritually to give at list a bit of the information helpful for the growth of our spirit. Took thousands and thousands of year to gradually get out of this ignorance.

Since such spiritual people got only parts of the truth, different religions appeared. Often blocking each other's way towards restoring God's ideal. This was so painful for God. Religion was never the purpose. Religions were to help our spirit grow until we reach the real connection with God. Only now, the Divine Principle explains everything.

Why Physical Mind Leads to Humanism

Our spiritual mind never searches for joy in a selfish way and without God. But our physical mind (the brain) is not created to be able to connect to God, so it cannot understand joy with God even if it kills itself trying. Physical mind is created to care for self survival (the individual goal) so automatically it worries about everything and mislead us to be self-centered even when thinking to live for God. But the thing is, physical mind is not created to be the Subject. So it's the spiritual mind's weakness and immaturity that allows physical mind to lead us. The wickeder ones spiritual mind the more external and humanistic is the person. No matter how good from humanistic perspective he is, he will always be a channel for evil spiritual world, he will always be mislead by his physical mind to reverse dominion on many levels, because he will never be able to see and follow God's viewpoint when led by his physical mind.
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