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Spiritual Warfare: The Battle with Darkness

Unrestricted Spiritual Warfare

Your battle is not with what people see, you battle in the spirit. You battle with spiritual entities, you battle with darknesses that you didn't even know exist.

We have to understand how the spirit world is influencing us, and what changes are undergoing in the spirit world in this providential age, after Lucifer stepped down. As Dr. Young Oon Kim said, 

"According to Swedenborg, there is a correspondence between what takes place on earth and what occurs in the other world." Dr. Young Oon Kim

In the previous CIG-Report I explained how GOOD AND EVIL WORK TOGETHER TO ABOLISH THE OLD WORLD PARADIGM. This is not always a process that is visible on first glance. But to understand the changes and transformations they undergo in this new Age after the coming of Heaven, we have to study their 13 bloodlines and the rituals that allow evil spirits to give them their power and control. Remember, the Principle explains that The Fall was descent in Ignorance.  

The Battle with Darkness: Our Ignorance Gives Them Power

We just passed the Easter holidays. But did Jesus celebrate Easter or Passover? There is no "Easter' mentioned in the Bible. We have nothing against these customs, but we understand that Easter (goddess of sex) and Santa (acronym for Satan) are used to mislead children, with the specific secular intention to hinder the children from seeking the Lord. 

Without condemning, if we look at the real meaning, Easter is a Baal worship (worshiping Lucifer). As the saying goes, "The Devil goes by thousand names," also this ancient goddess had many different names:

“Astaroth” means “the moon” and was a Sidonian idol worshipped by the Phoenicians and worshipped as "Ishtar" by the Assyrians, Egyptians and Babylonians. You can find variation of this cult name in different cultures. For example the ancient Northumbrian goddess Ēostre. The month English Christians were celebrating the resurrection of Jesus had been called Eosturmonath in Old English, referring to this goddess named Eostre.

Easter is Baal Warship - associated with Sexual Orgies

DP talks of these Pagan traditions invading Christianity. Easter is important satanic goddess, consort of Baal - related with Sexual orgies and ritual rape and offerings of children. Even the date of Jesus' Resurrection day is different. While Easter is correctly celebrated on their Satanic Holiday!  

"The queen of heaven, whose name as pronounced of the people of Nineveh was identical with what is in common use (Easter). Consort of Baal (Lucifer), goddess of Sexual perversion."

Christianity simply continued this existing pagan ritual, altering slightly it's meaning, connecting it with the 'Resurrection'. The pagan dates are preserved and obviously Easter is how 'Ishtar' is pronounced in English. 

"Easter is exactly how Assyrians pronounced 'Ishtar'. Babylonian name of this goddess was 'Astarte' consort of Baal, the Sun God, whose warship was is denounced by the Almighty in the Bible as the most abominable of all pagan idolatry." Easter is Baal worship

Why did God explicitly forbids such mixing, using false customs to honor the true God? 

"Take heed... that you inquire not after their gods," the Lord said. "for every abomination to the Lord, which He hates, have they done unto their gods."

Easter is originally the celebration of "the goddess of fertility and sex." Remember, the sexual Fall, and all the Luciferian sexual orgies, child rape etc, practiced in the pagan traditions? That's what really Satanists celebrate on Easter. 

"Due to the crime of the Fall (Lucifer's pedophile act of seducing Eve), the three great blessings God had granted our first ancestors were not fulfilled based on God's love and Principle, but instead were actualized in an unprincipled way under the tutelage of Satan." (DP, Last Days)

As Unificationists we have to restore everything to God's standard. Now the true Queen of Heaven has come, and all the abominations and perversions of sexuality have to be restored. In that regard, the Divine Principle does not avoid, but exposes the truth of the sexual fall of the first human ancestors as a pedophile act of Lucifer with the young, still immature Eve. This was Lucifer's crime against humanity, the origin of all consequent evil, which this pagan tradition celebrates.  

The Real Easter Hunt: Sex, Magic and Ritual Sacrifice 

"She is the goddess of the hunt stalking game... related with Baal." Wiki

And how exactly do satanist view and celebrate this goddess? Easter is not a joke - insiders talk of hundreds of thousands of children being raped ritually and sacrificed for this major satanic holiday. In our ignorance we are all made to participate and support this satanic rituals. How?  

You associate Easter Hunt with finding chocolate eggs, but these bloodlines do actual Easter Hunts of naked children, for rape and ritual killing. You can find many court case records and survivor's testimonies. Those raised in these lineages are forced to participate from childhood. The aim is to remove their conscience and empathy so evil spirits can come to obsess their mind and work freely through them. 

Spiritual Condition: This Rituals Open the Door to the Dark Side

Think of the spiritual condition that gives to the evil spirit world. Each Satanic Coven - in each area - makes conditions so evil demons can have the right over all children who participate in these eggs and bunny games and rituals. Anton LaVey, the late founder of the Church of Satan, once said he took joy in believers taking part in the tradition.

Former Satanist Warns Christians, it isn't just about costumes and candy--there's a much darker reality. He strongly warns Christians against celebrating Halloween and participating in harvest festivals (Easter). "This rituals open the door to the dark side. You just cursed your family from three to four generations," Ramirez told CBN News. "Ask God to forgive you and close that door so your whole family can move forward."

Illuminati Bloodline Families - 1% of Humanity 

This report will give you some light on the main Illuminati bloodlines. We are talking around 80 million born in this bloodline, raised to practice Satanism. Did you ever consider the magnitude of this fact. Since they are the elite governing every area of life on earth, the description of Lucifer being the 'god' and 'ruler' of this earth receives more substantial meaning. 

This Documentary about the Bloodlines of the Illuminati gives you glimpse into how vastly spread is the influence and control of these satanic bloodlines. 

80% of the Churches found to have hidden occult alters for satanic ritual sacrifices 

When the damage of the churches was examined after the WWII, 80% of them had hidden occult altars underneath the Christian alter. Satanic rituals have been practiced in these churches all down through the Middle Ages and up to present times. So the Christian churches were simply functioning as a front so that these people could do their human sacrifices in secret.  (20 min)

These are the people who became pillars of the society, Fritz explains. With their multiple personality they could be the ideal Christian, while secretly making human sacrifices at night. These people did not become rich an powerful and then join the Illuminati. They became rich and powerful, because they were Illuminati. We can go back through any war in history and see how these bloodline families created them and manipulated them. 

The Illuminati families on Wallstreet were the ones to finance Hitler to come to power. All the opposition businesses were destroyed by Hitler, while the Illuminati families' businesses were not ever touch by either side of the war. Only they were allowed to freely trade and make profit, fueling both sides of the war. All other ships were attacked. All the Intelligence Agencies are being used as a front for these powerful Families. 

Raised in the Illuminati cult, with pseudonym ‘Svali’ describes a sadistic cult led by the richest and most powerful people in the world. It is largely homosexual and practices pedophilia, animal sacrifice, and ritual murder. Their secret organization comprising one percent of the U.S. population that has infiltrated all social institutions and is covertly preparing a military takeover. It works “hand in glove” with the CIA and Freemasonry. It is Aryan supremacist (German is spoken at the top) but welcomes Jewish apostates. It controls the world traffic in drugs, guns, pornography, and prostitution. (Radio Interview)

God's Foundation was Invaded in the OT, NT and CT 

The Principle teaching is quiet clear that God's foundation was invaded by such occult practices in the Old Testament and later again in the New Testament. It clearly explains the fact that Satanism was practiced even in the Holy of Holiest. And after while, even the kings and the priests came to practice this secretly. 

Some naively believe this problem does not exist today. But naturally this low spirit world is still active and has it's earthly objects. It's passed down generationally, without much chance to escape. And True Father specifically asked Archbishop Milingo to come and give us testimony about the Cardinals and Priests practicing Satanism in Vatican's underground facilities. 

The Illuminati covers so many levels, from very low local level of Satanic Covens all the way to huge, enormous business corporations. These people are making a lot of money through drugs, prostitution, pornography. The Mafia works under them.

The top level is in Rome. That's the center and the heart of Illuminati. They view it as the spiritual center of the universe. From there they have 12 'fathers' - one for each country in Europe. There are regional councils and under them local councils. They are about 1% of the population. They believe, their role is to rule the world, but behind the scene, through infiltration of the media, education, the government and the financial system... with branches in the military, and the spiritual groups. They specialize in one of these branches from childhood. (Radio Interview)

"Their goal is to rule the world, and personally I believe they already do it, it's just not opened yet... with the amount of infiltration in all levels of society in the world," - Svali explains. "These people have goals that last centuries. They spend their life to reach the goals of the organization... Behind the scenes they are laughing how much the 'Sheep' is ignorant of how they herd them." 

The 𝗛𝗜𝗗𝗗𝗘𝗡 𝗥𝗨𝗟𝗜𝗡𝗚 𝗖𝗟𝗔𝗦𝗦 are not Human 

Here is Kimberley's explanation: Under Lucifer, Enu was the ruler of the earth, while Murdock was only the manager. The pure Cain lineage that served them and transmitted the orders to the lower levels of control, was deeply involved in Satanic witchcraft, bloody rituals etc. to mobilize demons to control each area of life. It is a vast, very sophisticated spiderweb of control.

Indeed, all former satanists, who became Christians, testify how their role was to mobilize evil, demonic spirits to control different areas and regions. To achieve their aims they would do any conditions, not even sleeping, sacrificing animals and even humans. Each are of about 250 houses has a Coven (Satanic priest) who makes rituals, child offerings and black magic to keep the area under satanic control. 

Do we realize when we voluntarily support that? On major holidays, like Easter, Halloween, and Christmas, all these satanic Covens around the world need many small kids for their sacrifices. The participation in seemingly insignificant rituals, like Easter Eggs or Trik-or-Treat, allows the Demon for this area to have right of control over that child. And yet, unknowingly, many Christians participate in those rituals. 

Even Unificationists in some western countries, like UK, are tricked by false leaders to do special Easter Hunt workshops and events, with these rituals in the center of their events. That can be used to see in what countries the Illuminati operatives have infiltrated the church. It can help identifying who are the infiltrators insisting on these stupid rituals. 

This Fight was Ongoing Throughout History

Just to make the connection to the Bible story of the Giants, product of the Fallen Angels, a genetically modified lineage used to control humanity. These were the ancient 'gods'. All the worship was centered on them. Humans were only slaves. That's where the pagan religions of idolatry, spirit worshiping, feudalism and Monarchy originated. Fallen angels were freely teaching and ruling humanity through them. The satanic culture, traditions, rituals and all evil civilizations started from them. 

At some point humanity stood up and started killing them. Some last remnants settled at what today is the Vatican Hill for few hundred years. That's why Vatican Hill is named on the Goddess of Death and the Underworld - "Vatica". They created the deep underground caves and tunnel labyrinth still used by Satanist under the Vatican City. The once Archbishop Milingo described. 

The image of the Etruscan goddess Vatika - Goddess of the Underworld: From this comes the name of the Vatican.

Survivor Testimony: 13 Chambers underground Vatican. Mummified bodies of the 'fathers' of these lineages, watching the ceremonies. The altars are made with special channels to drain and collect the blood. For big ceremonies the child is usually drugged to keep quiet.

Jesus appeared to Milingo, and told him that he has to bring Catholicism out of these satanic pit. He was told to go and receive Rev. Moon's Wedding Blessing. Because of his busy schedule he didn't follow. Jesus appeared again with the same request. So Milingo visited Rev. Moon in Korea, was matched and later participated in the Interreligious Wedding Blessing together with 50 other renown Christian and other religious leaders. Since he is one of the most renown Catholic Exorcists, media had numerous articles. With the support of Rev. Moon he started a world movement of former Catholic priests anxious to revive the Catholic Church. 

The testimony of Jessie Czebotar (Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor). At age 3, Jessie gave her heart to Jesus. Coming from Illuminati bloodline, she was groomed to become The Mother of Darkens. Instead, she is helping now to expose and dismantle this system. 

She also talks about the Dark Side of the system and the Light Side of the system, those who only practice White Magic. These two orders are fighting for power right now within the system. It has already been decided that the Light side are the once that will be ushering in the New World Order and the Antichrist. 

With that Light Side you have the Galactic Federation, who in fact are the so called Watchers or Guardians. So, not by accident, the members of the Space Force team are now called Guardians. They are "bringing forward the trained professionals of this Order, who are part of that Federation."

The Tunnel System Protectors

Talking about the Tunnel Systems created by this Cabal where they hide to do their rituals, a girl that was trafficked for sex explained. She was taken with elevator to deep underground facility. It was like un underground city with all the transport you can imagine. You could see all kind of famous stars and leaders. Small children were constantly trafficked for their sexual pleasure. 

"There is a cesspool of this ritualistic abuse happening underground in this tunnel systems. And that's the way we gonna gather them all and trough them in Gitmo." (25:14 min)

"There is no map of the tunnel systems," raised in satanism witness explained. "They are only known by memory by the Protectors. They know how to get you safely from one point to another. There are 6 departments of these protectors. Four of them run out of the system and are now loyal to others. So what happens is that no one shows up now to help them use the tunnels to get out." (She is talking of the politicians on Jan. 6)

On Jan 6 the military was given the meeting places of the Illuminati at different graveyards and old churches. Thus, arresting those who give the tasks the night before, the event next morning was quiet peaceful instead of the desired destruction. Plus, all the known activists of BLM and Antifa were easily located. The involvement of the CIA and FBI agents was well recorded. 

The Dark Side and the Light Side of the Order

Yes this fact is very interesting. This cult of Satan Worshiping was itself divided on two fractions. Those who practice Black Magic (the Dark Side) in conflict with those who practice White Magic (the Light Side). Well, they show us that in many movies and books, right. 

It was decided that the Light Side will lead the transition to the New World Order. They are the once calling themselves the Galactic Federation. They sit down with Demons and decide how to control the earth. But to make it acceptable, in front of us they call them representatives of Aliеn Civilizations. But these are laying Demons - fallen spiritual beings. They also need restoration and chance to return to God. 

Originally they were calling themselves Guardians or Watchers. Thus, their representative forces now also call themselves Guardians. That is the US Space Force and the Global Repository. That explains why Kim of the Global Repository talks about the "Light System", the "Enforcers", "Manifestation", etc. All terms used in this Satanic Cult. Yes, you will here the same terms in the testimonies of former satanists. Below in this article one of them describes how this works. 

That info makes many things more clear. Obviously these Dark and Light side of the Cult had some agreement to keep the balance and govern together, but somehow this didn't work out, especially since Lucifer stepped out of his position. Now the Dark side is loosing control and the Light Side is controlling the Global Repository (giving the allocation numbers) and is replacing the world leaders with their own puppets or masked actors. At list it seems like that. 

Reeducating the Humanity with / in White Magic

Who are the Light Side of the Cult? They are the ones that in the last decade are vigorously reeducating the world with their view of spiritualism through Gaya. And we have to agree that many of their explanations sound quiet Principle. But with one major difference. They mostly use these spiritual principles self-centeredly. How to get rich? How to feel good? It's kind of teachings know-how on haw to trick God and reach the benefits of perfection, without going the path, and without having the standard of a perfected individual. One thing they especially avoid is the central importance of the family in developing your heart, and expanding the Four Realms of Heart, as the foundation for the ideal, peaceful world. 

For example: Instead of creating true family, and developing their hearts through living for the sake of others, they simply try to harvest the benefits by elevating their frequency artificially - through opiates, or powerful minerals with high frequency, or some machines, or by tricking millions to glorify them, so they can suck this energy. Well, we have to admit, that's much better than the Dark Side - doing it through adrenalizing 4 year's old with rape, torture, and killing it just to take and eat the penial gland. 

Yes, these are all practices designed to reach that elevated state of mind, without reaching perfection. They call it 'Enlightment'. Remember, that was the Fall. Lucifer told them to consume something they were not matured to consume. But, hey! You cannot reach God, by tricking Him and going against his principles and against his Will. Wake up! Lucifer didn't enlighten them, he tricked them into a fallen state, thus preventing them to ever reach Perfection (oneness with God). 

This should help you understand why Father Moon teaches not to pray for yourself, but first to pray for the higher goals and for God's Will. Praying for yourself has common base with Satan and can be a condition evil spirit world can claim. 

These guys should definitely learn the Principle, before trying again such stupid selfish things, which in fact lead them only away from perfection. But same is true for the ignorant members who talk and are fascinated about loving themselves. Selfish! Stupid! Does not even exist! Self-love is not love. You grow spiritually and your value increases to the extend you mature to forget yourself and serve others. The higher the level you serve, the higher your value and your level of growth. You serve the world and the cosmos (includes the spirit world) and only then you can reach God. 

Kim on the Situation: "This is God's Decision"

In 2018 the line of Solomon (Dragon Families) lost the power, Kimberly (Kim) explained (Video). Their 3000 years contract expired. The Dark Side officially had left them and no demons can come save them or support their plans. 

Their fixers, The Black Sun Cult, decided, "Why should we listen to them," so they gonna now rule by themselves. So we saw the fight between the two of them until June last year (2022). 

But now God sent angels, sent here to fight for the Light. The Light side started making moves against them both. So she asks, "Do you have any faith in the Creator? The rule of the Evil Side is over. That was God's decision, not mine." 

"As Unificationists we love and give gratitude to all those saints, central figures and regular people who invested their heart in fighting with the Satanic culture and allowed God's providence to move on." Part 2

My personal conclusion from doing this research was how much hard and calculated efforts these people do to steer humanity in Satan's direction. It's not happening automatically. To create each war, and pervert sexually a step further society, all that requires incredible financing and synchronized work on all levels of the social structure. Read about the recent events in this fight with the Darkness in the next part:

Continue to Part 2


Thank you very much for this information. You helped me to understand a lot of things and many others I still have to read again to understand more.
May God bless you.
You do an incredible work to wake us all.
I also never liked the Easter and Halloween. Christmas for me is a family gathering. But I had no idea of everything hidden from those "celebrations"

I read it, very interesting. I do too believe that we should stop following, accepting this world customs.. Easter,....etc.
Many just think it is a Christian tradition ....
One thing , u mentioned about the new age of spiritually through artificial is so much now....on Gaia and so many spiritual groups, who do not focus on family but on a personal growth.. meditation workshops, books, many members like .....have u heard of energetic synthesis group from Lisa Renee??

About this group - Energetic Synthesis - first thing on their page are 3 circles with Satanic symbols - but I guess all similar spiritual groups use them. Bast case - a White Magic part of the Luciferian Cult

Their page advertises 'Humanism' as a philosophical and ethical stance to act independently" (meaning Individualism = self-centered / which is the key point in the Humanist Manifesto)

It writes, "Our goal is to apply humanistic ethical philosophy blended with the spiritual". Remember, one of the best humanist psychologies (Rollo May) was asking Humanists not to deny God and spirituality, but to use them to promote Humanist values. To invade churches and spiritual groups.

The last point in the Humanist Manifesto is that all form of sex is OK / animals, incest, pedophilia, homo... These spiritual groups support that. You see what their real satanic purpose is.

She is clearly Luciferian, talks about Light - Enlightened, and of "many Solar Mother Goddesses" and their bloodlines- and uses a lot of occult satanic language.

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