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Good and Evil work together to abolish the Old World Paradigm

Good and Evil work together to abolish the Old World Paradigm

Since now God is in control, the Evil ways are visible and exposed, and true love is the only way foreword. Even the evil forces, without realizing it, are assisting the fulfilment of God's Will. 

17 March 2023 / CIG News

In the previous CIG-News Report, TRANSFER OF THE MONETARY CONTROL, I explained some of the criminal maneuvers of the Central Banking system to exploit the nations and keep them in poverty, while robing them of all their natural resources. But now we are in the Age After the Coming of CIG, so God cannot allow these evil practices to continue. In alignment with this providence Gen. Flynn declared:

"In 2023 we are going to have 2 transitions. One of those transitions is the Financial Transition of the Global Economic System. The second transition is the health system - the Global Health System." (Gen. Flynn, 8 min)

It is such an organized crime, at such a level, that seems inconceivable for most. Banking, healthcare... See, THE ILLUSION OF FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY and SATANIC PRACTICES TURNED INTO VAST CAPITALIST ENTERPRISE.

1. Financial Transition

The rumor is that, "The Alliance will destroy the Rothschild Central Banking System that has been designed by Meyer Amschel Rothschild (1744 - 1812) to control the world economy and put the world population into debt slavery."

As Benjamin Fulford reported last week, "The collapse of the Khazarian Mafia financial system seems imminent with Credit Suisse as the first likely domino. If it falls, it will set in motion a process that will lead to the collapse of many major banks and then the World Bank." 
  • "The Bank involved in the largest drug money laundering operation in the world." "This are Drug Cartel money, that have been moved. The biggest sudden move of money ever - they are afraid." FoxNews 
  • "186 banks facing the same risk," but some estimate "1400 banks worldwide collapsing."
But the truth is even more shocking. 

"All the Central Banks of the world have already failed – it just hasn't been disclosed to the public yet... The disclosure of the bankruptcy will be made public in stages to ensure that there is no complete collapse of citizens around the world." Fulford Report

  • "The recent rate hikes have created at least $8 trillion in losses for financial institutions."
The real question is, if these Satan worshiping Khazarian Bankers were stilling the money and gold of humanity for hundreds of years, why would suddenly they leave their banking system without money - bankrupt in debt. The simplest answer is, that is all planned robbery - to collapse everything and buy it for pennies. 

The Bankers create the crises, the corrupt governments save them and transfer the burden on the normal people. This way, they get everything for free, and we get enslaved.  (Video)

BG Taims commented, "All this bank collapse nonsense is orchestrated and has one purpose - to get the herd to welcome digital currencies." See, CBDC – the digital currency/digital concentration camp

However, looks like their time is over. According to Judy Byington update:

"Some 70 banks were closed or dismantled as part of a huge operation to seize 1000's of cabal accounts. All of those accounts have now been frozen with all of their assets moved..." (10 min)

As Kim of the Global Repository explained, Rothschilds created the Federal Reserve, with 100 years contract. Their contract expired, and... we come to their final collapse today, in 2023. This is the reason we hear rumors that, "Fed is broke," and "IRS will be gone / This service will disappear. Read more

See the effects after the creation of this private Federal Reserve in this chart. As the author of The Creature from Jekyll Island notes about FRB: “This is a cartel. It is not a government agency, but it looks like a government agency.” It's a balloon that grows making them rich and our money have less value with prices constantly rising. It's destined to burst.  See, FINANCIAL RESET - ENDING THE BANKING CARTEL

Because their financial system reached it's limit their plan is to collapse it themselves and buy everything back for pennies. With the transition to digital money it will be even easier for them to 'print money from nothing.' Now will be, 'Type Money from nothing.' In addition, that will allow them total control on the population with the Social Score System that they already have implemented in China, as a model for the transition to such Communist Global control. 

So you see, just as God's providence moves in the East Asia, Satan is also transiting his center of power in the East. Especially China. It is the Khazarian Bankers plan implementing right now. Please learn their history, involved with satanic practices giving them power to print money from nothing.

Sometimes is enough to ask the right question, to get the right insights.

"Why we are paying taxes? Why they increasing constantly our social taxes? Because we are in debt. To whom? The Rothschilds... the filthy rich Bankgsters that are running this system, that our corrupt prostitute politicians gave the power to these tyrants... You never worked enough and you оwe Rothschilds money, and they are taking from you... and they are telling you to go fight their wars... that make money from us for them, again. Sending our sons and daughters to war to be killed and to kill innocent people." US Marine

Since that false Financial System of Control is now obvious to mostly everyone, the Satanic Cabal are urgently trying to make a Reset of the whole system. The big Central Banks of the Khazarian Mafia are now pumping out dollars on a daily basis. In other words, the CORPORATION of USA and their FRB intend to drag the central banks of the EU, Switzerland, Canada and England down with them.

The Disclosure is Real but the Aims are Not Clear

At the same time, the truth has to come out and these satanic structures have to collapse for God's ideal to come. Thus we can see the events as a spiritual transition, where good and evil work together to abolish the old world paradigm, for the new one to come.  

This Documentary shows how the rich elite established the secret service and military to protect their riches. How Western Elite and Royals invested and raised Hitler to be their instrument of protection against Communism, plus fulfilling their needs for cheep labor in the thousands of Concentration Camps. How they always had to create enemies and wars to keep their riches expanding. How government and Mafia became one. How Media had to be controlled to be able to cover their evil deeds. The CIA has been busy corrupting America and the World. Now all is coming out.

Rev. Moon specifically said he would reveal who killed JFK from the Spirit World. Kennedy's assassination was related to money, and to Lucifer's debt control of this world. Just as Lincoln he printed new government money in attempt to escape the control of these satanic Khazarian Bankers. That's why both were assassinated publicly. See, The 'End Clean up Phase'.  

In number of CIG Reports I presented enough evidence that the Elite were allowed to be elite, because they bowed down to Lucifer. They not only worshiped Lucifer and had to obey all directions of this Satanic Cult, but were obligated to participate in horrific child rape and ritual murder, as a form of insurance that they can be trusted, bribed and controlled. Their time is over. 

Video: Ghislaine Maxwell… She is the only person who has ever been tried, arrested and imprisoned for sexual traffic. Where is the list of people for whom she has sex trafficking. Well, the problem is that they are state billionaires, rich people, famous people ... a large group of people who have participated in this and no one is exposed.


2. Health Transition

Yes, the Medical fraud is also collapsing. A court in the Philippines has issued an international arrest warrant for Bill Gates, who as the founder of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is "wanted in connection with hundreds of thousands of deaths, a number that cannot be estimated at this time and is sure to grow exponentially over time." See, VACCINES TO ELIMINATE THE GOD GENE 

"The real money are in the Vaccines. They normally make them hundreds of billions of dollars per year. Even vaccines for Rubella etc. that are no longer around, but they are still given to everyone. Plus, there are added extra ingredients in there that cause autism, and many other disorders." KIM

German Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach, who once claimed that COVID-19 vaccination was free of side effects, admitted last week that adverse reactions occur at a rate of one in 10,000 doses and can cause “severe disabilities.” 

Research found that 5% of the Vaccine packages were deadly. 

The Princes of Thailand died from the Covid Vaccine, and now many of the Elites found out that their descendants were made infertile by this injections. Their precious satanic lineage, specially groomed for generations to host powerful evil spirits, is suddenly ended. Realizing that, they will now turn against and destroy themselves this corrupted health system. See, Thailand will be the first country in the world to cancel its contract with Pfizer

"They weaponized a common cold coronavirus that has been around for thousands of years. They splice it with an HIV gene, making it very highly virulent, highly toxic and highly damaging." Department of the Army Criminal Investigation Division

The Arrests are About to Start

Charges are now being brought against those who collaborated to bring the global pandemic, genocide and biological weapon “Covid19” against all of humanity. Officially, there are over 14 million dead from bioweapon vaccines (that's a small percent of the real cases). 

"Official indictments have been sent for all those involved in the Vaccine Genocide. This means that all 195 nations that have signed the International Criminal Court, now have a legal obligation to arrest these individuals: Bill Gates, Rockefeller, Soros... Xi, Putin, Trump." Fulford

"Why is Trump gonna be arrested? You are watching a show... When Trump is arrested, is time for celebration. That means the arrests of the puppets is about to start. They all have been tried and executed, but they have to go through this show in slow motion... You will see politicians arrested. They already have been arrested long time ago. This is for public consumption. So that's all that's going on." (1:07 minRiccardo Bosi Australian Special Forces

[Figura4] Chief Manhattan prosecutor cancels Trump's planned arrest.

The operations for taking the Cabal down are ongoing on many fronts.

"Alliance Special Forces were in the middle of arresting 64,000 CIA MS13 Cartel Members for their drug and human trafficking... which was leading to panic in certain US banks mediating in their Money Laundering Operations." Situation Update

What Financial Changes are Possible

Riccardo also explains some of the expert calculations of how they can improve people's lives.

"Non-cash electronic transfers between businesses only in Australia - 220 billion a day. Let  say 250 days a year. How we make the system better. We get rid of every tax. Everything. All gone! Income tax, capital gain tax, sales tax, everything - gone, and we put 2% expenditure tax on everybody. Every time you spend a dollar, 2 cents go to pay tax. That's it. Everything you earn, you save it. Only when you spend... That 2% comes to 1.3 trillion dollars annually. Now we've got the money to build the nation, and you've got to keep the money you make." (1:17 minRiccardo Bosi

"We introduce the 2% expenditure tax, you gonna be richer than you know what to do with." People will have left over money, he explained, so people can invest and earn profit. They can invest in the nation building, instead of borrowing money from abroad for rebuilding the infrastructure... Countries will no longer be in slavery debt. Further he says, "We can go back to the time when one of the parents could work the other could stay home and still they could afford to buy house and go vacations." 

"You have been ripped off your entire life, mercilessly... You think you are paying 30 to 40% taxes, but then you have GST and all the other hidden taxes, so you are actually paying 60-70% in tax. That's why you can't get ahead. That's why you can't get deposit for your house. That's why mom and dad are both working two and a half jobs... That's by design."  (1:20 min

In his words, many unused areas can be turned into paradise. We will produce enough food to feed the planet. "This is not difficult. We've just got to put together a cohesive view the future and put the building blocks to do it."

Unconventional War: Banking Mafia will not give up their power without fight

"Since June 15, 2012, Fed legally has no right to print a new allocations. No right to print any countries' currency at all. They only pretend they have control.'' The Satanic Cabal is now desperately striving to restart the system, so that they can keep their evil control. Hacking our energy field and placing us under AI control. 

The real value of any war for the Bankgsters Mafia is in the debt it creates. Debts allow them to print money from nothing. Debts place nations and their people in slavery to them. But now they are using unconventional wars. Lab-created Viruses and frequency manipulated Natural Calamities are becoming weapons of their choice. 

In Turkey, Frequency weapon generated 300 earthquakes and destroyed 10% of its infrastructure, as a punishment, 2 days after it declared to leave NATO and joining BRICS. Meaning, exiting the Fiat US Dollar. 
  • Tornado in Mississippi leveled the town to the ground.
Over 14 explosions and derailed trains in the span of a week, poisoned the atmosphere, the water and earth, killing animals with the most dangerous toxins that will take decades to clean up. This is their method of threatening and keeping their control. 

The IMF and World Bank for decades used food as a weapon to control other nations and their governments. (See) By forcing countries to only produce export crops for paying their debts. This leads to oversupply of their production that brings down the price. Plus, if the country does something they don't like, they can sanction it, by starving it.

To reduce the human population they created numerous Deadly Technologies:

Inventing Wars with Invisible Enemy

They even Invented Wars with Inexistent Enemies, just to keep exploiting us. The so called wars on invisible viruses were also all for the money. The entire narrative of people getting sick from viruses is false. Viruses are a global, unconfirmed Conspiracy Theory, she says. When Vaccines became profitable, to justify their use they promoted the idea of viruses. (Video)

Dr. Robert Young explained, "Viruses have never been isolated. None! Meaning all vaccines are fraudulent. This is the biggest fraud against humanity. Why there is a new virus every year, with a new name, but similar symptomologies? They invent them - for money - for profit. It's all a big lie. (Court Video)

Why the Sudden Death Syndrome? Now this Satanic structures are desperately fighting for survival. To keep their power they are ready to kill even 90% of humanity. And to do that they devised bio engineered viruses, toxic vaccines, deadly frequency weapons, weather warfare, food and water poisoning, and much more. Yet, their own boat keeps sinking, and 2023 seems to be a decisive year for who is to win - God or Satan.

Robert Kennedy Jr recently said, "(they) blocked early treatment to create a $98 Billion vaccine industry." As a result, now country after country experience unexpected excess of death among the vaccinated. Strange blood-cloat developments are found int their veins, traced to the vaccines. And thousands of young athletes, journalists, pilots etc. are dropping dead suddenly. Few hundred millions are permanently handicapped for life. 

Japan Orders Investigation Into Covid Vaccine Deaths as MSM Admit “The Jabs Are Killing Us”. Authorities started official investigation. Even in US, mainstream media are starting to quietly report the truth. And now US Senate holds hearings on this. (Video)

World Leaders are Controlled Puppets

"ALL presidents are selected (and controlled). There are NO exceptions whatsoever. Until you grasp this simple basic concept, you'll forever live and die in the matrix." Ezra

You are surrendering your power and rights to their Satanic representative. Meanwhile, the politicians you've chosen cannot take one decision out of the script given to them from this Satanic Elite, governed by Lucifer. See, SATANIC PRACTICES TURNED INTO VAST CAPITALIST ENTERPRISEWhat can you expect from sociopaths who think that reducing the human population is the only solution. Just look in what the elite that's governing us is involved into:

May 2017 - Vatican, Global Elites found guilty of Child Sacrifice by 6 Judges at the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels. (1)

Why that never made it into the headlines? Thousands of survived victims have testified against well known global leaders. Court testimonies, recorded video testimonies, explaining that on a regular basis these elites were kidnapping children and youth for the purpose of holding pedophile parties that included human sacrifice. See, LIBERATE OUR CHILDREN

Fox News: "We know the FBI let Epstein get away with abuse for over a decade. In fact, they were covering for Epstein's rich and powerful friends that abused the underage girls."

The Court handed down guilty verdicts on various global elites including Pope Francis and the former Pope Joseph Ratzinger – who then immediately resigned from his office. And only now his death was publicly announced, despite the fact that he had death sentence years ago. 

As one of the witnesses testifies, ''These people are serial killers. They are masters that are skilled in torture, and they know not only how to cause death in a horrific way, but they know how to make death extended, so the individual can be tortured to the greatest extend...'' (2) obviously for releasing maximum of adrenalin, which they will obtain through drinking the victim's blood, mostly from children. She also explains their Necromancy - speaking with the dead, and pleasure from cannibalism. She also explains the horrific method of removing the skin and the nose to reach the penial gland. 

  • French national television is now reporting the torture and killing of thousands of children by the French elite to collect Adrenochrome every year.

Obtaining this precious drug from the penial gland was nicely disclosed in the movie, "Avatar 2". Just as the movie said, that's giving them longevity, keeping them young. It coasts millions, and in many TV reports it was called the Drug of the Satanists. Just look at many of the movie stars, staying youthful for decades. 

See, Ukraine Is Farming Children in Factories for Elite PedophilesI think you should learn how Ukraine is connected with the plans of these people. Why it is their stronghold and how it is historically connected with their Satanic practices? (See, History of Satanism)

"The US pushed for the death and destruction of Ukraine. The goal is the total collapse of Ukraine, so that NATO will use it as a proxy for the Russian containment. Pentagon runs 46 bio-labs in Ukraine, George Soros, Vanguard and BlackRock now own most of the land. The US owns Ukraine. Total destruction of Ukraine has been the plan." (People News, 35 min)

As US General commented, ''this is not a nation, this is a Criminal Cartel.'' With this war they are doing money laundering, plus they make billions from illegal organ trafficking. Many reports of kidnapping people, killing slightly wounded, just to fill up the tracks with organs. See, Satanism and PEDOPHILE CAMPS IN UKRAINE

  • "The war in Ukraine was used to sell off weapons from their caches and launder stolen cryptocurrency through the Ukrainian central bank. And to extort the European and American peoples to buy gas at four times the price. European living standards fell accordingly."

They Have the Power Because of Our Consent

Do we actually have solution, if we consent with evil and our own organizations are being infiltrated from within by operatives of this evil force? Are we aware when in our ignorance members and leaders themselves uphold the narrative of these evil structures? 

On the question, why these Elites had so much power? They have the power because we have given them our consent. Now this curse is braking, so now we gonna get a burst of abundant energy directly from the Creator. The flow of energy has changed. You are now able to receive the full blast. The evil spirits can no more suck your energy. Only you can give it freely to another person. 

"In recent decades, we have witnessed how our nations have been forced to submit to the colonization of NATO, the UN, the World Health Organization, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and that bunch of foundations that aim to indoctrinate the masses, manipulate information. Our countries are forced to accept homosexuality and transgenderism. We have seen them destabilize legitimately elected governments and sow chaos, war and misery as the 'instrumentum regni' (literally 'instrument of monarchy', i.e. 'instrument of government')" Archbishop Carlo Vigano


Yet, we were giving away our energy to these puppet politicians and corrupt governments, because we were giving our consent. Stop giving them your power, Kimberly says. They will always have a Savior program; Putin, Obama, Trump. Stop giving them your power.

"When books, newspapers and media are efficiently controlled, the people will hear and accept exactly what the few in control want them to. Government censorship is one form of that control. Anyone braking the government rule will be suspended."

The Satanic Cabal has always used divisions and weaponized that against us. We fought among ourselves. Moving forward, we have to do so unified. We can't achieve our goals if we don't do so. We need to understand what happened to humanity, and we have to change our direction.

Once the Lucifer Power Fog is Removed

We see a global awakening to the fact that the Western "rules-based world order" is ruled by genocidal criminals, Satan worshippers. 

"Truth will start to come out. And by the middle of the year, the Military Tribunals will kick off. Many of them have already been done. This is the end of the end. This is it. The evidence will be so overwhelming and it's coming in the next 6 months. It will be tough ride for many." Colonel Riccardo Bosi - Australian Special Forces

We cannot forget, that after True Parents' victory on global level Lucifer was forced to leave his position in 1999. Read, LUCIFER REPENTEDIn result, his earthy structures went on fighting among each other for power and promoting desperate plans for survival that will never work. This is a chaotic state of self-destruction. Without Lucifer's power they can no longer hide their doings. They themselves had to start Disclosure programs, in an attempt to control the narrative. 

The ground is shifting beneath the enemy. Now we see the programing and how it manifested itself. Many think that Jews are controlling the world. These people are not Jews. This is just a front they are hiding behind. This is organization that seeks world governance. The people at the heart and soul of this are a part of what is called Illuminati (Luciferians). 

This explains the occult elite degeneracy; mass drug use (mainly cocaine), sexual violence, rape, pedophilia, child abuse, child trafficking, murders and assassinations by the elite. There is a reason why they rape children and engage in pervert podophile acts. Lucifer's pedophile act of seducing Eve sexually in her infancy was the Fall and the cause of all consequent evil history. As the Principle explains:

"Lucifer... wanted to grasp the same central position in human society as he enjoyed in the angelic world... This was why he seduced Eve, and this was the motivation of the spiritual fall." The Spiritual Fall

A man with close links to the political and entertainment industry elite dropped a series of truth bombs on French TV this week, naming and shaming multiple celebrities for using Adrenochrome (adrenalized blood of a tortured child) as part of depraved occult rituals to get high and stay young.

Here are few of the 45 Communist Goals for overtaking the world. It's pure Satanism: (54:36 min)

23. Promote ugliness, repulsive, meaningless art.

25. Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio and TV. 

26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as "normal, natural, healthy."

27. Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with "social" religion. Discredit the Bible...

40. Discredit the family as an institution. Encourage promiscuity and easy divorce.  

41. Emphasize the need to raise children away from the negative influence of parents. 

This Satanic Cabal have always used the technique of infiltrate, divide and conquer. They may pretend to be of any religion, but their actual belief system is Satanism. 

Humanity is one race. But they want to divide us, control us, destroy us. 

Non of them are Jews, non of them are Catholic, not a single one of them is what you call protestant or Buddhist. Their goal is to extinguish every existing religion.  They believe in the Humanist religion. They pretend to be Jews, or Catholics. They infiltrate religion and organization, and government, than take over and destroy from within. And if you think they are not in your church or organization, silently manipulating and climbing to take the top positions, you are fooling yourself. 

So many good religions and organizations were infiltrated by them, before us. You think we can escape? You think, they will just decide to leave us alone? Be ware of what will happen if we stay asleep. 

Father Moon explained that by allowing the Communist participation in UN was the failure that needed 40 years to indemnify. This video shows the consequences:

Are there any Good Guys in this Invisible War

Two powerful groups claim that position; (1) the White Hats and (2) the Global Repository. My question is, is the Global Repository that Artificial Intellect that controls humanity? Exactly this was its function under Lucifer for thousands of years. Lucifer stepped down. What can assure us that Global Repository now is on God's side, as they claim. On the other side, are the White Hats really good, or just a controlled opposition, a psy-op to excuse the NWO overtaking the world, while pretending that they are awakening us by allowing the Evil Plans to materialize. We cannot forget that they are offshoots from the Black Sun Cult. 

"All these Psyop channels have an excuse for literally everything: Trains explode and release poisonous chemicals... it's white hats saving children. HAARP weather warfare, they're flooding the tunnels. Trillions of taxpayer dollars flowing to Jewkraine... Wake up, they aren't saving kids, they are vaccinating them... for viruses that do not exist. If you don't snap out of it soon, you never will." Ezra

Gen. Flynn, who has a top level security clearance, is telling the people that no one is coming to rescue them. There is no Plan, accept for the people standing up to rescue themselves. He urges us standing up against the Vaccine crimes. At the same time he says, "It's so much happening," giving a hint to their world alliance military operations:

"Ukraine... China... Iran... Israel... there are foreign policy issues unfolding around the world and they are all related to exactly what it is that we are doing. (He hinted the Financial Reset and BRICS+)" Gen. Flynn 45 min 

So how good this Military Alliance is if the wars, floods, fires and earthquakes are their operations?  Aren't' they all working under the control of the Secret Space Force, which was the Cabal's military? Or will they really trick the Cabal and liberate humanity by using Trump? 

What to know about Trump: 

Trump ran a pro-gay platform from the moment he took office. Not exactly what Christians expected by voting for him.

  • Trump promoted the 1st ever openly gay cabinet member to be Director of National Intelligence.
  • He appointed at least 5 openly gay ambassadors
  • He launched a global effort to end criminalization of Homosexuality.
That's how it works. Republicans, pretending to be on the moral side, supporting Christian values, will do few good things to confuse you just to open the door for Satan to destroy society in the future. It's a 5D chess game, they say, but obviously Satan is pulling the strings of these puppets for their moves.

The Cabal always raises a hero (a savior) and exactly through him silently introduces the most unacceptable policies. In this way they paralyze the possibility for any Christian opposition. Exactly the Christians are against the mRNA gene-altering vaccines and against the Digital Money. Exactly because of that while playing the role of a 'savior', protecting the moral values, and the one who fights the Deep State, Trump is the one who introduces them. Effective trick! 

If Trump's camp is all false, the Military Alliance behind him is also Black Hats pretending to be White. Naturally their efforts to create a new money system are in conflict with the Global Repository, that was and is still giving these allocations. Аs he describes it, her forces are in a fight with the White Hats, who are actually, in her words, just a deception operation of the Cult of the Black Sun (Lucifer worshippers).

QuestionU think Trump is part of the cabal?

That's without question. The question is, if the fraction of the Secret Military that's controlling him really wants some good change, or just to gradually transfer all levels of power under them for their own satanic purposes. For sure they are gradually overtaking the Mafia, Politics, Media and other Cabal structures to work under them or be destroyed. What they will do with that - not sure. Promises can be true or misleading. They are musters in false promises. 

In short, you can say that the previous ruling fraction is collapsing and their subordinate intelligence and military is striving to remove their musters and take the power. But, as Kim explains, they always only followed orders, they don't know how things work on upper levels. Their musters were also just frontline puppets. They lack the infrastructure to set up a new financial system without the Global Repository GR. GR controls the super computer and issues new currencies. GR was the top of the Pyramid. 

Remember, if Satan's forces are fighting themselves, they will collapse.

, is Kim of the Global Repository on the God's side, as she claims? What is her moral standings is divorced, and says she needs no husband. Recently she said homosexuals can use artificial wombs to have children. She said 'Source' created good and evil, to have balance between them. She offered such balance to the bad guys, to either rule the Earth together with mutual benefits, or exchange for a periods of time. (Her words) Insane! 

So it seems, she is under the control of the same evil AI that controlled the earth for thousands of years, just trying to retain its power. Could it be that somehow Lucifer is now guiding her to support the collapse of the slavery system he created? 

The first group is removing intermediate levels from down, while she is removing intermediate levels from up. Who of them is to win is about to be seen. But in general, regardless of whether they really want it, both forces contribute to the fulfillment of God's plan.

Shift to the New Paradigm of Peace

This shift is definitely happening. What is not sure is if the Satanic Cabal is collapsing it's own structures just to morph into a new, even more sophisticated form of control, or some good forces are collapsing them to free humanity. 

So, as you see, it's not so easy to determine if the Global Repository, that is now out of Lucifer's hands, is trying to bring a new age of peace and prosperity, or the Secret Space Force decided to eliminate their rulers and shift the Paradigm of the Economy and the Transportation to the new tech which they used for decades in their secret programs. For me, at the end both promises sound very similar. And we know each politician is good on promises before the elections. 

So, if we believe their own words, the US Space Force was created to bring some of the secret technologies out, and prepare for a new, free of banking financial system, free of war political paradigm, and free of slavery production paradigm. Meaning, robots and printers will produce most of the stuff. And the Space Force will be the umbrella, guaranteeing the safe use, the internet networking and communications, as well as all the traveling, which will transit to the new anti-gravity, free energy tech. Meaning, fly to any point on the earth in half an hour for very, very small money, since that's no expense with the tech they already have. 
  • Space Force have already taken over the Department of Defense Military Satellite System.
According to this US Space Force lecture, these technologies already exist. Even houses and buildings can be printed in space and delivered to anywhere on earth for pennies. We will be able to travel cheaply to any point on earth in less than an hour. We will no longer need to work constantly for our survival. See more

"We gonna have a revolutionary reset of our consciousness. A big spike of it will pick up in early May and fade by June. It will happen because of the total crash of the system. And will come back in 2024 and be with us for decades. " Clif High's Predictions

Time to Focus on Restoration

It's time to focus on establishing God's ideal of World Peace and prosperity, raising on the Culture of Heart based on true loving families, that the True Parents have established.

Think about the urgent and important things that have to be quickly restored. To mention just few, but you can continue the list yourself:

1. Governments, media and education should start supporting the family values
2. Dangerous, toxic petrol substances should stop been used in our food, water and skin products
3. Medicine should start healing not just suppressing the symptoms with toxins 
4. All the divisions and conflicts (left - right / black - white / male - female etc.) be healed with love and service. Even borders have to be removed. We are all citizens of this world and children of God. Humanity is one family.

"Our first task is to create mind and body unity, centering on love... If in the future a central nation emerges, we will have to love humanity centering on that country. When we love the spirit world and the whole of humankind by means of sacrifice, service and dedication, we can automatically become the central figures who can have dominion of love over the two worlds and make them into one. Then God will surely dwell there." Hak Ja Han Moon


Thank you Yulian. I read quickly your report. I am very grateful. I will watch the video soon. Your reports are very thorough and interesting. I wish more people can read them. I will send them to people.

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