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What did Rev. Moon asnwer about Aliens: Extraterrestrial Spiritual Angelic Beings

What did Rev. Moon answer about Aliens: 
Extraterrestrial Spiritual Inter-diminsional Angelic Beings

Once they asked Father if Aliens exist. He answered, "Read the Principle, everything is there." And of course, the principle talks a lot about the spiritual beings. The good ones that protect us, and the bad ones that have enslaved us from the beginning of human history. 

The Principle gives many examples, where these other-dimensional beings relate physically with people. In fact, the Fall of Man was that these other dimensional beings came and had sexual relationship with people, which gave them the spiritual right to dominate over us since then. 

"When we leave our body, we are all Extraterrestrial (Spiritual). We all have eternal life." (Last Video)

Also, Father explained, that there are millions of different such, so-called, Angels. Dr. Lee says their number is much bigger than humanity will ever be, summing all the generations that ever existed and will ever exist.

Experts, like Steven Greer, who saw them was very specific; though they may appear physically, they are actually extraterrestrial - meaning of other, spiritual dimension. He and other white hats warned us of these few points:

1. The idea of UFOs is pushed to cover up existing secret technology (man-made)
2. For this reason, many fake stories were made, to pretend it is Alien
3. US Space Force reported some real encounters, but they realized that they are actually visiting from the future, meaning, what we see is actually 'Time-machines'.
4. Bible and witnesses talk of Humanoids (genetical mutations), created by interference and tempering of the fallen angels with the human gene, thus creating a better humanoid vehicles for themselves (the most recent ones are cyborgs). Meaning, the Cabal is using new tech to achieve the same thing, controlled humanoid robots. 
5. Spirits (which are other-dimensional) were always influencing and invading our bodies. 

That's why Gen. Flynn called it, "The stupidity and this nonsense of UFOs... is such a garbage." The problem of humanity today is that fallen angels stood in a Subject position towards us... and don't want to give up this unprincipled position. This is a spiritual problem.

Humanoid-hybrids from Geneses 6:6

Originally the physical world and the spirit world were existing together. Our first ancestors could communicate with these Angels. Scientist call this state of interdimensional connection - Quantum Entanglement.

"When dimensions are mingling together you will see creatures, alien (Angelic) entities of other dimensions. We will merge into theirs, theirs into ours. They will see you, and you'll see them." (1)

We are not to confuse Angels with the Humanoid-hybrids, created genetically by the fallen angels and described in the Geneses 6:6. All the physical, "supposed Aliens", as Austin Steinbart explained, are actually mutated humans (either genetically, or because of generations of life on other planet or in underground experimental bases). 

Recent News reported that the so called Green, or Gray Aliens are actually mutated human beings that lived for generations deep underground. Their eyes adapted to see in darkness - that's why so big and black. Their skin, and structure also adapted to the higher pressure and different life there. 

There is also mutations called Chimeras. Where they take human DNA and mix it with animal DNA. This way creating monsters.

In fact, the introduction of RNA in the Covid Vaccines aims just that, to temper with the Human Gene and mutate us to be more receptive to evil spirits control. But well, they have been doing such things since the Fall, trying everything to keep humanity under their Demonic spiritual control. 

Fulford explains this is thousands of years old war with "the Fallen Angels" who came to earth "to seize control of the human destiny... They ride humans the way we ride bicycles. Just like we buy a new computer and download a new software in them, they ride humans from generation to generation, downloading their group thinking into their minds. They are parasitical in nature and need to murder and plunder in order to stay alive. This is what we are fighting against."

UFOs are Human Made

Trump set the stage for some amazing disclosures of what the USAF has secretly deployed in space for decades.

The so called UFO (super-fast flying machines) are also Human-made - kept secret till now! (See, CIG NEWS) Now they are trying to do disclosure on that fact, but many still hang on the false Alien manipulation, society was brainwashed with. (CNN report, Fox News) My family often observed such flying objects over the nearby military base. Sometimes is cool to watch them appearing from nothing and disappearing. See, STAGE SET FOR SECRET SPACE PROGRAM DISCLOSURE
"The so-called UFOs are actually man-made spaceships. What you didn't know is, that they function as time machines, the Space Force announced. In a way, same as quantum computing, they transcend the physical reality and connect to the spiritual reality. Well, they are here too and soon such new tech will be disclosed." Read more
Here is what the US Space Force lecture explained:
"This technology can be built today with technology that is not developmental to deliver any human being from any place on planet Earth to any other place in less than an hour.

Declassifying some of what is currently held in secure vaults would be a good idea… You would have to be careful about what we declassify, but there is much more classified than what needs to be." (Video)


So can you see the Unification view on all these? Easy, just unite all these views and create the complete picture. Then see it through the Divine Principle lens, and all becomes clear, because you'll see the connections; Aliens are Extraterrestrial Spiritual Interdenominational Angelic Beings, that always have been with humanity, from the beginning of time. Read, How Alien Spiritual Civilizations Dominated Humanity after the Human Fall.

Learn how Satan controlled humanity through his lineage elite on earth
US Space Force are now saying, they will disclose 6000 secret technologies

People start to forget, that the original meaning of Extraterrestrial includes astral, celestial, cosmic, spiritual, heavenly. And as Steven Greer said, the real Aliens are Extraterrestrial, if they are just 3 dimensional, they are not real. In his encounters Aliens materialize and dematerialize. This means they are spiritual. Just as Jesus appeared through the lock door and disappeared later. And we know from the Bible and the Principle, that people were able to substantially interact with Angels and spirits.

Whatever it is, time will show. But let's remember. We know the Principle, we can understand better than anyone. We know there are numerous spirits in our bodies, influencing us. So it's not that simple as time to time seeing some alien. They are spirits, they are around us and in us. And those whose spirit is not developed are easily obsessed and used by fallen angels. Satanists do specific sexual rituals and murders to be obsessed by such demons and thus gain power. But in fact, that's how their own spirit dies and their corps become a vehicle of those Demons.

So once again. Father is right. Read the Divine Principle carefully. All is in there. The point is, once we start seeing the spirit world, they are completely real to us. Not knowing the Principle it is easy to conclude, that this is another 3-dimensional species. Father clearly said, now the time of unity of both worlds is coming, so this phenomenon will happen.

Remember Geneses 6:6 Angels came physically and had sexual relationships with women. From these unprincipled relationships the giants were born, that controlled the world with evil. Few places the New Testament refers to this events, pointing that the Fall of the Angels was sexual.


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