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Why Mother Moon spoke of moving people to other planets


It's a fantastic time to be alive and see the transformation of the world. Just see the Rally of Hope and the fast foundation we have prepared to guaranty the future peaceful world. Humanity is now competing in space mining, where we hear of asteroids made of diamonds, gold and other treasures. 

By Rev. Yulian UTS /  August 2020 / CIG News

Rev. Moon often spoke about moving to other planets and living in space. Some families, he explained, will choose to live in space station. New technologies will allow us to have our houses in the sky and obtain the needed water and energy there. Some will choose to travel to other planets and live there. Others will choose to build houses and towns under the water. The earth will be connected with super-fast magneto-gravitational underground trains, allowing us to live at any place and work on the other side of the globe. 

In a recent speech, True Mother (Hak Ja Han Moon) said that now they want to move people to other planets, but first, we should solve our problems here on Earth. Even our world president of FFWPU spoke of the US Space Force projects (Space-X and the super-fast internet). 

If you noticed, Trump signed a law about Moon mining. And Space-X program prepares for moving a vast amount of people and opens numerous jobs on Mars. So you see why Mother's comment is of great importance. In fact the US Space Force website has advertisements for people who want to work in space (out of the earth).
"We are going to be mining on other planets. Once you start mining out of our planetary system, then you can build spaceships... science will discover things beyond belief... (and) eventually will discover God... After the technological revolution, there will be a spiritual revolution." Future Prediction

When you learn of how much hold and other precious minerals can be mined on the moon you realize two points: First, there is no way they didn't do everything to exploit that. Second, they had to do everything to make it secret. Only now, after the disclosure, preparing to open the secret technologies, that we start hearing reports from military people who were working on Mars and on the Moon in the last decades. 

“US has hundreds of vehicles that are more than capable of space flight. So we have a fleet of vehicles that are seemingly extraterrestrial. But if you know that, you will start questioning why we still use oil…”, that is why they keep all this secrecy, said Navy Seal, Bill Wood. “This space fleet… can go easily around the solar system without much time or any hindrance to the occupants.” Asked, How fast? He answered, “Incredibly fast… just below the speed of light.” (Video)

Yes, we had secret missions there since the 50s. NASA was created as a cover, to hide that while directing vast resources for the development of these bases. Tens of thousands were living and working on Mars, inner sources say. The air there is breathable, they report, and temperatures are normal. But this was all exploited by the Satanic Cabal that controlled the earth. The earth had to be liberated from heir control to start openly developing that for the benefit of humanity, which is happening now with this world reset. 

How to take these human conditions and turn it into gold - open the way for a bright future!

Is that just a fantasy? Well, it's disclosure time. Soon we will learn more. I can only say that from my window we could often observe with my children numerous flying objects appear from nothing and land on and off the military base across. So now they are not hiding much anymore. Don't think that I'm making it. You can read about that on the official pages of the US Space Force.  

Another sign that the Satanic control is ending is the approval of an underground tunnel connecting Alaska and Euroasia. Trump approved 22 Billion for such a railway. That presumes the beginning of the construction of the Peace Road, long promoted by Rev. Moon. The Satanic Cabal was using such underground fast magneto-gravitational trains, that are now undertaken by the White Hats under the cover of Covid-19. They allow transport to any place on earth in just half an hour. 

Cleaning the Evil History
This is directly connected with worshiping Lucifer and Lucifer's Sexual - Pedophile Fall (Raping the yet infant Eve). Such Satanic practices were spread throughout history and were the main objective of God's people to eradicate them

It must be noted that while the military government represented by Trump is winning inside the US, the bloodline families that were controlling the world are either pressed to support the transition or being eliminated. The biggest problem with these bloodlines were their satanic practices, including pedophilia and child sacrifices. (See the Best Research Book

"News that there were 54 kids found in a cargo container in Delaware yesterday did not hit the media." 5 October 2020) And just in the last week number of high-ranking Rabbis were arrested for money laundering and child trafficking, together with many bankers. 

Why are so many children going missing? (We see Bankers and Royals buying kidnapped children). Why are top politicians and judges involved? See Hunter Biden involved in Pedophilia, Rape and Child Torture. Why is all main and social media involved in the cover-up? 

Even the UN was invaded by the Cabal, to the point where UN was bringing rape, sexual abuse and sex trafficking, wherever they went. How to build CIG if that's not resolved? Why is UN dominated by socialist-communistic goals and values? 

Media's Propaganda and Cover-up

Yet, media and even the social media are so much focused on cover-up and propaganda of the false pandemic. But now is the time they will be exposed. The fact that Foreign Nationals have been hired by Twitter & Facebook to do the censoring makes matters worse. Nationals of Hostile Foreign powers: CHINA & IRAN. This might go straight to Military Tribunals. Listen to President Trump: "One of the things we're doing... Big Tech has to be STOPPED"

As we previously reported, Covid-19 is a cover for the mass arrests. (3) It is happening now, but you will see the fall of the Satanic Cabal reported in the Media after March 2021, according to sources. Yes, that's what Mother is talking about. The evil powers have to be quickly uprooted, to safely exit to conquering outer space. The Revolution of Heart and Conscious is more urgent than ever. Mother Moon clearly said in her last speech that Heaven can no longer wait. 

Dark Bloodlines were Controlling us

You see now, they are opening the Biden corruption intel. (1) At the same time exposing the CIA involvement and the corrupt censorship of Twitter, Facebook and so on. Now the people who were at the top, untouchable, cannot hide anymore. Yet, they still can do harm, as we see the California fires, caused by energy weapons. (2) We saw many energy attacks in the first wave of the Coronavirus and big chemtrail chemistry attacks in the second wave. 

The 9/11 truth is prepared to be revealed, as a part of dismantling this Satanic system. (3) And since the evil bloodlines still have lots of power throughout the world, a big effort was made to constrain them from their money flow. At the beginning of this month, Trump announced high-alert and over 600 explosions were registered throughout the world exactly coinciding with the locations of the underground bases where the black nobility is still able to hide. (4)

I strongly recommend that you see this sequel, "The End of the Earth as we Know it." 

The Way They Manipulated Us

This C virus scenario has been in preparation and under study for many years. See the 2010 Rockefeller Report. It is not disputable, since the information comes from the official patent registers in the Netherlands and the United States. And we have all the documentation. (7) See REV. MOON PREDICTED THE CORONAVIRUS

See the world they want to create with this False Virus (Video). With 9/11 they made us be scanned when flying. Now they want to scan us in every building and every area - controlling people's life completely. No wonder most people see the only hope in Trump, who is standing against this Cabal.
Less than a week before Trump's Act for creating the Space Force a strong move was made to declassify the advanced space technologies that have been developed. Barrett said:
Declassifying some of what is currently held in secure vaults would be a good idea… You would have to be careful about what we declassify, but there is much more classified than what needs to be. STAGE SET FOR SECRET SPACE PROGRAM DISCLOSURE
Trump is preparing to disclose new technology that his grandfather saved from Tesla's confiscated documents. Plus this, 6000 patents will be opened from secrecy, that will change our life completely. The good forces use Trump to put the end of 1000s of years Satanic rule on humanity and open the way for this new world. 
True Election results show Trump won 410 Electoral Votes
And don't worry about the elections in USAThe last news is - THE ARRESTS HAVE STARTED. The official ballots were with radioactive watermark, but Dems printed fake ones. Busted (9)(10) This was a military sting operation. (11) Military intel says Trump got 80% of the vote. They already deployed the military to do the arrests in 12 states. They started the arrests last night. (12)(13)
Trump's victory in 2016 built a fortress wall against the aggressive march of an ideological sect that has taken over the world - the sect of the satanic Cabal with their false neoliberal globalism. The status quo imposed by this sect monopolized public discourse and began to crush dissent. Progressivism and classical liberalism, which once fought for more social justice and personal freedom, have degenerated into crypto-totalitarianism, which destroys the value foundations of modern civilization. The sect has successfully infiltrated international institutions, universities, the media, cultural centers and non-governmental organizations. It took over the publicity. He declared a real jihad against Freedom, against dissent, and last but not least, against God and against Christianity, replacing all principles with aggressive atheism.
This video describes the efforts of Q and the long chain of generals and presidents who fought secretly for the liberation of humanity. Rev. Moon supported and worked with many of them. He helped Ragen and other Q figures to fight this satanic Cabal. Yet, obviously many don't know these facts, as you can see in 1:05 of the video. (14)
See True Mother's efforts (Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon) to bring World Peace by establishing the Culture of Heart, based on true families and true love. 

AMAZING NEWS: "Quantum lip is not a simple advance. It is a real jump. It will be the end of unfair wages. It will be the end of the disease industry. It will be the end of criminal organizations and inefficient education systems... Abundance will finally manifest on this earth." Read SIGNS THAT GOD'S KINGDOM IS COMING


Dear Brother, what do you think of the several members that are Blessed Couples and they criticize and degrade President Trump and think that True Mother wants us to vote for Biden because she talked about Climate Change? I am interested in your perspective.

Thanks for the information, I'm in peace!

Can Unificationists vote for Satanists and Communists? No! It will mean, they are pretending to be Unificationists... implanted to destroy us, manipulate us, mislead us. Be sure many such people are implanted in every church and they always strive for positions of influence, but are part of secret Satanic Cabal. Time to expose them all.

"True love can conquering even hell... With the limitless power of true love, the Kingdom of Heaven will be established on Earth." Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon

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