Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Ukraine: War is fake; The suffering is real

War is as fake as Covid

The suffering is real

Hotels are full with journalists, but refugees are staffed in cold undergrounds. Sirens all night, falsely creating the illusion of danger. All to produce millions of refugees and gain billions in donations. It's more of a movie production. Staged fires, paid crises actors. While the real war is in some precise special operations. Read: Bioweapon-labs and Pedo-camps Operations

This article is collection of what witnesses on the spot testify about the real situation. I spoke with refugees who escaped Ukraine. Truth is, they didn't see war, but got scared because of the false Ukrainian sirens, tormenting them each night and the cold shelters they were pushed to spend some nights. They heard just some shooting, but have no much idea, who was shooting and why. 

Here are testimonies from those who got better view on the actual situation, who went personally and recorded the reality: 

"This is another fake. But people believe that there is a war because of the media and because of what their local government tells them."

"The suffering is real, people are in crisis, they are losing their homes, their lives, but the war is as fake as with Covid. And what you see on the news is Hollywood. they set up pyrotechnic explosives. It looks destroyed because they destroyed it on purpose. They cause fires here and there, creating the illusion of war. All to believe that the Russians attacked apartment buildings, people's homes, civilians. "

Video: False positives - Hospitals killed people - and you expect the media to tell you the truth now? They are private Cabal propaganda outlets 

A Covid-style war - It's all media

"The war in Ukraine is a Covid-style war. It's all media. Of course there are refugees. That, yes. But the Ukrainian government and the Russian government are in a secret agreement with the Cabal to create this media thing."

"What we saw in large numbers in various Ukrainian cities, especially in Kyiv, were: whole convoys, hundreds of trucks with cinematography equipment. Filming sites, cranes, lighting systems and lighting fixtures. Everything was done by journalists from the Matrix. crowded with journalists and film crews."

"We saw deliberately burned cars on the streets and old armored vehicles, some burned and artificially placed in every place, cranes placing armored vehicles on the street, with directors telling them to put them… please continue. Crisis actors, trucks and trucks with makeup installations and special effects." 

"Kyiv received a large influx of refugees from other parts of Ukraine and police sheltered them in the subway for the night. And at night all the doors of the subway close and the journalists come in to film them, all crammed inside. While outside, a single police car drives around with the siren on from time to time, creating the illusion of danger."

Reporters on the ground - all terrorist attacks on civilians originated from the Ukraine side - and blame it on Russia

"Everything is staged. The war in Ukraine is not what you are told, the footage is from a studio with a green screen. The evidence we have now shows that it is the Ukrainian army; mercenaries and infiltrated by US special forces are the perpetrators of these atrocities and destruction."

Fulford wrote, "Reporters on the ground are investigating the facts, finding that all terrorist attacks on civilians originated from the Ukraine side. It has been proven that this missile attack, which Russia is accused of, for example, is Ukrainian."  

"The Ukrainian army had no chance against Russia, so they went against the civilian population to make it look like the atrocities were from Russia (a false flag) and thus gain more Western support."

Numerous testimonies of residents of Mariupol rescued by Russian servicemen and Donetsk People’s Militia revealed crimes against civilians by the Ukrainian Armed Forces and Ukrainian nationalist battalions. See

"Soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine constantly ran from house to house, changed their positions, they shot at the local population…” 
“When we tried to get out on the bridge in order to leave the city, snipers fired at us. They were “Azov”, with blue armbands…”  
“…And then all the houses were shot from machine guns. – Who shot? – Azov. Azov. – Did they shot children and women? – Yes…”Testimonies
Who is Zelensky - Actor - Transgender queen - Owner of property for 40 mil - Dictator, removing free speech - A Cabal puppet and Nazi - who sold Ukraine to foreign Child Trafficking Rings - see, HUNDREDS OF PEDOPHILE CAMPS SCATTERED IN UKRAINE

Why do refugees flee areas where nothing happens?

"For the same reason that people wear masks. Because of the fear of war, assuming it happens "next door." As with Covid, they believe the other person is dying ... They always accept that it's happening somewhere else, although it doesn't happen anywhere else. The media war is what makes them run away because they believe in the Hollywood television theater they show on the news. "

"On the other hand, mercenaries who managed to escape testify to the massacre of mercenaries. They can't even know when the shells are coming. Suddenly, everyone around was killed. And the Ukrainian side is obviously complicit in this because it does not give them ammunition, but kills them if they want to get away. Although they are foreigners, they are not allowed at the border."

"In my opinion, the big plan of the Cabal which controls both countries, is coming into play. The CIC said it did not find a single real Gun Cam recording showing a battle between Russian forces and Ukrainian forces." 

Villages are Burned after People Leave 

"We don't think it's a battle, it's more that an army of any kind arrives, takes people out and then sets fire to houses. What they saw were destroyed and burned settlements. Small settlements, not big cities. Now without people. 

They are military, they know what they see. These settlements were destroyed not by war or battle, but on purpose. What they saw there does not make sense. And so settlement after settlement, all near the borders with Poland and Romania. "Inside Ukraine, they saw nothing unusual or out of place. No signs of war. People with almost normal lives ... barricades ... but no fighting."

”Ukrainian army, national guard and damned Azov. They destroying everything, plundering cities and filming videos to show around the world: Look what Russia is doing…” https://t.me/mod_russia_en/712

Donations sponsor the war: Ukraine now collects tens of millions a day from donations. The Stand Up for Ukraine event has already raised more than $ 11 billion. As long as these donations continue to come, the war will not stop. They will continue to milk the cow. Nothing will go for the people. But the Global Vault promises to have the money confiscated.

Positive events attributed to Russia's Special Operations in Ukraine:

So many testimonies and videos show Russian military helping the Ukrainian people, giving them food, protecting them to safely pass. People accept them as liberators in many areas when Russians come. They suffered enormously for the last 8 years of Neo-Nazi atrocities. See testimonies

So, it is possible that these are indeed tactical operations to eliminate the 60,000 Nazis in Ukraine, along with all those who come to their aid. And recent clues show that many of them are practicing Satanists. (See

"What is happening in Ukraine is the systematic destruction of the Deep State," ICON said.

1. Hundreds of Pedophile Camps destroyed. Thousands of children saved from the traffickers. (See

2. Dangerous Bioweapon labs destroyed, that were using the Ukrainians as guinea-pigs and endangering all humanity. 

3. Destruction of the 60 thousands Nazi mercenaries involved in rape, murder of civilians and satanic practices. 

4. "Putin and his team extracted all the data from the banks that would expose the corruption from 2014 and that tens of billions of dollars had been drained using Ukraine as a channel, the source continued."

"Rothschild's bank servers were in Ukraine and have now been seized. That means the game is over for them."

The Deep State has been devastated by their money laundering operation in Ukraine, which is being destroyed by Putin. Biden, Obama, Soros, Clinton.. (and others to be revealed), all have their blood-soaked hands standing deep in Ukraine," the Mossad source noted."

"RUSSIA is EXPECTED to [EXPOSE] the underground BIOLABS and tunnels that housed tens of thousands of children from different countries. In videos circulating.. Soldiers are carrying out children who haven't seen light in years. 

Take God's View, see God's Sorrow

God does not want war, division and hatred. Satan, his Cabal and their Media are pumping up hatred and resentment, keeping the War narrative, while in fact, their evil musters are pulling the strings and making innocent people on both sides suffer.

"We must never forget that God's sorrow is behind the pain we suffer." Father Moon

Think of God's heart, when He see his children suffering in Ukraine; Drug and child trafficking rings, Baal and Nazi worshiping groups. On top of this now peaceful people are pushed out of their homes. See, Who Ordered and Payed the War and what is the Cabal's plan for Ukraine.

The intel is: The War is not against Ukraine. It's a war against the Cabal - the Satanist Mafia that controlled the world. It's Global Military Operation against the Deep State. They hided in Ukraine. But Russian military now captured their underground HQ in Mariupol. THE WAR IS OVER

You have to understand, Russia went out of the Fiat money. Half of the world countries joined with Russia. Moved to the Golden standard. That's why payments of oil with Fiat Money (that Cabal prints out of nothing), is not accepted. 

While EU was sanctioning Russia, that was part of the operation to arrest Cabal oligarchs in Russia and confiscate their assets. The war is a war on the Cabal. The Cabal is being cleansed globally in each country. While labs were captured in Ukraine, so many other bio-labs were destroyed worldwide. 

Russia is just part of the Alliance. It's a global effort to destroy the Cabal's Deep State. Numerous Cabal businesses are being destroyed worldwide. So many things are happening under the radar. Media is in a way helping to divert the attention form the White Hats operations. But if you look at the big explosions, they occur in EXACT lines where the war is going; Odessa (Ukraine) -> Belarus -> Lithuania -> Latvia -> Estonia -> Finland -> Sweden... shows the course of the TUNNEL and BUNKERSYSTEMS of the Cabal, that are being destroyed.

Why the Media is not reporting that? Media is owned by the Cabal. So the Alliance left the media do what they do best - lie. But that gives a cover for the Sting Operations. The Cabal should not be alerted and should not know what really is happening. Also the people have to wake up and see through the media lies. Learn to trust and share the truth with each other, not listening to some payed scripted propaganda. Remember, God Wins! 


Very interesting. I realy hope that after it many people understand truth. You did good ivestigation.

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