Saturday, February 26, 2011

Compact semi submarine - Video: Magic Sea World

Тhe world’s first compact semi submarine

The clear view gives the user a terrific view of the life aquatic, which is perfect for those that want to see fish up close without getting wet. Best of all, the EGO is eco-friendly as it is mostly electric-powered. On a 6-10 hour charge, the user is able to get about four hours worth of cruising time.

Тhe world’s first compact semi submarine that doesn’t needs extensive training to be on your own in your underwater excursion. This battery powered boat-cum-submarine can be operated like a car, which explains its electric-car-like looks. An electronic accelerator pedal is applied instead of a throttle lever in the boats to work like the accelerator pedal of a the car. You can control the navigation by adding the direction switch.


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