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Intuition and Spirituality: My Spiritual Jurney

Testimony: Share God's Heart - Spiritual Experiences
My Spiritual Jurney


We all have intuition. In my case, it goes a bit further in the mystical. I see what's going to happen in the future. Not always, but when needed. Read my first encounter with God

However, seeing what is in the future is nothing compared to be able to see what to change to prevent unwanted future and open the way for the good things you want. And that took me time to learn.

For example, my spiritual daughter could not get pregnant. They tried for a long time with her husband. Did all kinds of doctor cheks and finally headed for a donor option. It took me seconds to see what's in the future. Then I checked what are the options to change it. So I told her, "In 3 months you can conceive normally if you read the Divine Principle." "Each time you read this book, beginning to end, it will open a layer of your spirituality." "Read it not only for yourself, but to also educate and help restore your ancestors," I told her also what spiritual blockages are on the way and what kind of energy they created in her energy field. She was to help clean up that negative energy with a simple technique I have shown her.

A month later I met her by accident. "Are you doing the conditions, as I have told you" - I asked. "Yes!" - she replied. I checked spiritually, to see if her investment was working. Then I told her, "I see clearly that in 2 months you'll get pregnant normally. You will not need this medical procedure. And your child will be a boy."

Two months later she called my wife, while I was abroad. "Do you know, your husband was right. I got pregnant normally, just as he said." A few months later she called again, "Your husband was right, we just found it is a boy."

And as I said, it took years to learn not only to sense intuitively but to be able to help. When I was young, on many occasions I will get an intense feeling of something wrong that is to happen to someone. I didn't know what to do with that information, so I tried to suppress it. But later, when it really happened, I felt guilty. I knew this feeling was like a desperate request for help from the side of the person's ancestors. Read, LIBERATE OUR ANCESTORS. They were screaming, "See what's going to happen to them. Please do something to prevent it." But I had no idea what to do. And took years of experience and spiritual training before I could. See, VISITING THE SPIRIT WORLD IN MY DREAMS

With the years I developed a bit more confidence, so I started desperately trying to prevent the painful future events, by trying to talk the person out of his or her way. But this also did not help. They simply did not believe me. At list in the future, I could tell them, "You see, I told you this will end up this way. Why didn't you listen to me." However, that was of no help at all, for all that was left was a life that was ruined. There was no time machine to go back and fix the damage.

Finally, the moment came, when I succeeded to make some people listen. I was in a team, where many things were going wrong. I discussed with God and the good spirit world what are the options to help them. "Please trust them, and report to them all the spiritual things you see behind the external events," I was told. "But they will not believe me," I argued. "No, this time they will."

So that's what I did. Once a week,  I would say, "Today the good spirit world asked me to report about the past week." And I was telling them all the spiritual phenomena behind the external event we went through. When they were listening, everything was making sense, they could start seeing how the spirit world is working and how much our reality is influenced by the spirit world. So they started listening carefully to my guidance. Yet, there is a big difference between just hearing the truth and being able to practically apply it. It is a process of educating them that takes time.

One morning I started writing the key points of what I was supposed to report to the team. At some point, I had to stop and go shopping. While in the store, my legs got stuck and were unable to move. I was paralyzed at one spot until I promised, "OK, I will go and finish outlining the report." My legs got free again. I said to myself, "Oh, what's the big deal, let me quickly finish shopping, then I will go and write it." Momentarily my legs got stuck again. "OK, fine! I'm going now." So, I left everything and went back to finish it. Each point I was writing was like a revelation for me. I could see the connection and the educational purpose behind these events. But most probably it was all primarily for training me how to understand and respond to God's will.

To clarify a bit, each time we went for a mission with a particular team, I could see a big team of good ancestors and hight spirits unpacking and settling at the place we went. Each time they were reporting me parts of the reasons, why we are teamed together; what is the disposition we have toward each other. For example, one person of the team will be with the same characteristics as another member, but one will be more a physical mind person, the other, more of a spiritual mind person. So they will have to balance each other, or each was supposed to help develop some characteristics in the contra part person. Not only that, but while struggling through different challenges our ancestors too were overcoming much and learning from each other. In effect, we on earth would liberate a lot of our potential in areas where before we were limited.

Also, for the sake of liberation, often the members of the team were put in a position to represent different attributes in need of restoration. For example, each member will represent either the Intellect, Emotion and Will, or Mind and Body. By creating unity in the team, they were to liberate the proper functioning of these characteristics. In a way, symbolically, the inner problems were represented externally among the people. Observing this I could learn a lot of the spiritual laws and practical aplications of the Principle.

At the same time, it was painful to observe how much our ignorance was preventing God and the good spirit world to work freely. The most painful part was, to observe how this was allowing the low spirits to invade the relationships and expend further and further its influence in the team. Even If I could find a way to explain, in their spiritual blindness members were still constantly vulnerable to spiritual invasion. That's why I was yearning to learn a better way of helping God and the good spirit world.

Understanding the difference between our Physical and Spiritual minds was the next step, that helped me understand how people can switch between their Original Mind and their Evil Mind. But most importantly, that helped to explain without making them felt judged. Now they could see, "Oh, that's how my physical mind is tricking me." But how to help, when their physical mind is completely in control. In that state, they are dominated by evil spirits, so it is impossible to teach them. The evil spirits will make them react against it.

Finally, I've been asked to open my spiritual senses for 100 days and learn how to deal with the lower spirits. God told me, "If you don't see it yourself spiritually, you'll never be able to understand." So I said, "OK, I will do it."

For the next hundred days, I underwent the most painful spiritual training. Starting from the bottom of Hell, I had to learn how to deal with the spirits on each level. Only after I could successfully learn to withstand their bad influence and have the spiritual strength to help them, that I was allowed to go to the next level.

Sicknesses are spiritual problems needing solution

Global Warming Is Awakening Deadly Diseases

Sicknesses are spiritual problems needing solution

Today Climate Change is releasing deadly viruses back into the world, scientists observe. These viruses were trapped in the ice.  Ancient viruses and bacteria, unknown to us, are now realized - layer by layer. Scientists discovered some from centuries ago reappear.  What that represents spiritually? Now is the time of rapid physical and spiritual climate change. They are connected. Do we see the connection between the spiritual processes and the physical phenomena?

Knowing that sicknesses are spiritual problems that need to be solved; destructive energy that needs to be corrected, we can fathom that surely this is connected with sins of ancestors that need to be liberated.

Is there connection between bacteria from the past and the liberation of past layers of ancestors? They suffered these sicknesses! Spirits may even have gotten stuck in the physical world as bacteria. (Since once connected to physical energy spirits are stuck in this energy and cannot get out by themselves - Francezzo explains)

The restoration process that's happening spiritually surely has some connected physical singes and effects.

This one is obvious: Powerful bacteria causing sicknesses in past ages are coming again and the problem should be liberated now. But Franchezzo explains that trapped in quantum energy degraded and deformed spirits seem like tiny bacteria.. Were they stuck in ice, physically, same like they get stuck like frozen in hell (in the spirit world)? Is now an age, when even hell is being unfrozen and has a chance to be liberated? Can CIG start without that painful process?


Little living germs which man is constantly throwing off from his body - material enough, but invisible, floating in air. 

Spirit forms turning into little living germs:
He pointed to what seemed to me at first a mass of spirit forms which came sweeping towards us as though blown by a strong wind.. they were evidently soulless astral envelopes.. were solid.. full of animal vigor.. floating in mid air.. It is the result of countless little living germs which man is continually throwing off from his earthly body, emanations solely of his animal or lower life, material enough when brought into contact with the magnetic forces of the astral plane.. immaterial enough to be invisible to man's purely material sight.."  WSL p.44
Astral forms like germs,
"Few clairvoyants in your earthly country could tell you whether this was a true soul-enveloping astral form or one from which the soul had departed..  it is fresh and full of the animal life of the earth plane.. Astral forms must draw their life from a higher source (from soul germs in fact), or they soon cease to exist and crumble away."  WSL p.44


The etherealized realm that only now science starts to observe:
"By the action of the spiritualized magnetic currents which flow through all the ether space continually, as the currents flow in the ocean. These magnetic life currents are of a more etherealized degree than those known to scientific mortals.. because your powers of sight are not yet fully developed.. but some day I shall show you these, as well as many other curious things relating to the astral plane." WSL p.44
Science still does not know how life appears, how atoms are attracted to form astral forms:
"Atoms may be classed under different heads, and that each class will have a special attraction for others of its own kind; thus vegetable atoms will be attracted together to form astral trees and plants, while animal atoms will form into the semblance of beasts, birds, etc." WSL p.44
As quantum physics observes, atoms can be observed as mass or as invisible etherealized electro-magnetic field:
"These atoms being thus.. (invisible to eye) .. are, in fact, etherealized, and have become of the first degree of spirit matter." WSL p.44
That's why Keshe talks of the plasma, which is everywhere, and is the base for every physical appearance. Keshe discovered, that by placing a person within a storng electro-magnetic field, the person not only heals from illnesses, but his original good nature will become free. Suddenly people will feel more love, compaction and be unable to do evil. Thus, he and many other Energy Healers and Spiritual Healers are recreating the liberation process happening at Cheongpyong.


Franchezzo talks of spiritual forms turning into astral physical germs that are liberated when passing into a strong magnetic field. The Divine Principle explains that spirits can be liberated only in a body. Our physical actions produce some left over energy, Franchezzo explains. Trapped in it spirits suffer and only a very high spirit world or strong magnetic field can liberate them.

Here are some quotes from his book, explaining the process:
"... strong magnetic powers, set to help an unfortunate young man who was utterly unable to move, and who used to lie moaning and sighing all the time... suffering such agonies from the reaction upon the spirit of those powers he had abused.. My task was to make soothing passes over him, by which means he would obtain a little relief, till at stated times a more advanced spirit than myself would come" WSL p.17
This is clear explanation of energy healing performed in the spirit world. And the reason of their suffering is the 'material envelope' in which the spirit is trapped. The soothing magnetic passes are to remove this envelope, thus freeing his spirit from this material pain.
".. for in the lower spheres the spirit is conscious of bodily sufferings. As it grows more advanced.. the less material envelope of the higher spirits making them at last insensible to anything like material pain." WSL p.17
Franchezzo talks of 'waves of magnetic ether' influencing his feelings:
"This revulsion of feeling in myself caused the waves of magnetic ether on which the music and these images were borne to us." WSL p.75
Here is how the spirit get stuck in this 'material envelope':
"What many poor spirits did--go back to earth in search of the means to satisfy them through the material bodies of those yet on earth." WSL p.17
They get stuck, because they cannot control their low desires:
".. the desire for those pleasures grew and grew till I could scarce refrain from returning to the earth plane there to enjoy, through the organism of those yet in the flesh, whose sordid lives and low desires placed them on a level with the spirits of the earth plane." WSL p.17
Once they do that, their spiritual state deteriorates:
"Many.. would yield to the temptation and go back for a time to haunt the earth, whence they would return after a longer or shorter period, exhausted and degraded even below their former state. All were free to go or to stay as they desired." WSL p.17  
Our evil desires are strong magnetic attraction for low spirits:
"...spirits of so black a hue, so awful a type, that never before had I seen.. These beings cannot live upon the earth plane nor even in the lower spheres surrounding it, unless there be congenial mortals or some strong magnetic attraction to hold them there for a time, and though they often rise in response to an intensely evil desire upon the part of either a mortal or spirit on the earth plane, yet they cannot remain long, and the moment the attracting force becomes weakened, like a rope that breaks, they lose their hold and sink down again to their own dark abodes."  WSL p.23
How that influences the earth events (same for the revolts in UC):
"...revolts of down-trodden people, will take place, and the maddened populace are for a time completely under the control of those spirits who are truly as devils."  WSL p.24