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Reincarnation Stories Explained: Spirits who Lived Before Share their Past Life

Reincarnation Explained: 
Spirits who Lived Before return to grow through you or misuse your body for their low purposes 

Lorna Byrne sees angels and spirits from a small age. When asked about reincarnation she explained that she don't see such thing. Instead she often sees around a small child a soul standing ant constantly talking to it. People can naturally conclude that what this spirit says to the child must be some knowledge from the child's previous life. But it's not! This is simply a spiritual communication.

Many times spirits stuck in the body asked me to help them. But since they lived in this body for too long, they were so much identified with it's vibrations, so it took much efforts to help them get out. Why stay suck in a body, when they can go and enjoy with their beloved ones in the vast spirit world?

Once you see the spirit world and how beautiful it is there, you'll realize that its not normal to live again and again in the physical world. That's why spirits that come and use the physical body of others are low level spirits than need to grow. Once a person's spirit matures he will enjoy the vast Spiritual World and only occasionally help on the earth. Actually it is vary boring and meaningless for a developed spirit to be stuck in a physical body.

The evil spirits stuck in the bodies of the earthly people love this godless concept of 'Reincarnation'. But reincarnation automatically destroys parent-child relationship. Even family is no longer something precious and eternal, but an illusion that they want to disconnect from in order to grow. So they reverse everything upside-down. Eternal, unchanging love is the core of God's ideal and creation, but this theory destroys any chance to understand God's heart and fulfill our original purpose.

Spiritual growth is to learn to love and live for others. Once you fulfill your purpose here - to learn love, create family, develop parental heart (living for the sake of others) the life in the spirit world will be amazing. But for those who didn't develop their heart (lived selfishly), life there is impossible and painful. Their spiritual senses are not developed, so they live in darkness. Worse of all, most of them stay in the physical world attaching themselves to earthly people (thinking it's their reincarnation, while in fact they are becoming stuck on earth evil spirits).

What about those who experienced their past life? They've experienced another spirit's experiences from the past.. but that's not their own past. When we communicate spiritually, we feel the way the other person felt and experienced things, as if we are him. That's normal spiritual communication. He may be your ancestor, related to your lineage and subconscious memory. But you are different individuals. Read, RESURRECTION (THE DIVINE PRINCIPLE)

Returning Resurrection through Cooperation

Most spirits need to return, cooperate with earthly people in order to grow. But this is only Resurrection through Cooperation with an earthly person. Ask his name? Ask if he is relative or another spirit?
"Spirits who could not complete their missions during their earthly life must return to people on earth who share the same type of mission as they had during their lifetime. When a spirit assists an earthly person to fulfill God's Will, the person will fulfill not only his own mission, but also the mission of the spirit who has helped him. Hence, from the standpoint of mission, the physical self of the person concurrently serves as the physical self of the spirit. In a sense, he is the second coming of the spirit; hence he may sometimes be called by the spirit's name and appear to be the reincarnation of that spirit."  DP RESURRECTION
Only if this is an evil spirit, he may want to mislead you believe you are his reincarnation to allow him to use your body. But that would be stuck spirit. Spirit with not developed spiritual senses - thus unable to go and enjoy the spirit world.

If you really want to know, read A Wanderer in the Spirit Lands, by Franchezzo (A. Farnese).


Reincarnation Stories Explained

The concept of reincarnation — the idea that old souls are reborn into new bodies — has existed for thousands of years. It’s part of the Hindu and Buddhist traditions. Some insist that it’s real and that stories like the following are proof of its existence, while in fact there is a vary simple explanation. These nine stories are certainly creepy enough… but does that mean reincarnation really exists? What is the real explanation? As Lorna explained, "A young child might speak of something and then the parents turn and say, 'Oh, that has to be from the past life, how can the child describe that in such detail.' "

Murdered boy reincarnated

There is a story in which her 3-yearold son said that he liked his “new daddy.” He explained, “My old daddy was really mean. He stabbed me in the back and I died. But I really like my new daddy, he’d never do that to me.”

This is a case where a boy died too young. Since spiritual growth happens only in the body, this spirit needed to cooperate with another earthly boy and grow in cooperation with him. In such cases the spirit of the boy in the spirit world is a bit stronger, so for a short period he may overtake over the body. But because the spirit of the physical boy will grow faster, soon that effect will disappear. Otherwise the earthly boy will stay possessed by the spirit and thus unable to grow himself spiritually. No one will benefit from that. 

Boy is his own grandpa

18-month-old Gus Taylor’s grandfather, Augie, had died a year before Gus was born. The year-and-a-half-old Gus claimed that he was his own grandfather. When he was four, he was able to identify Augie in family photographs, even though he had never seen the man in real life. Gus even started talking about his dead sister.

Here you see how the grandfather's spirit is quick to enter the body of his own grandchild. Since they are relatives, there is enough common base. But the fact that he stayed stuck on earth shows clearly that the grandfather's spirit was not developed to see and enjoy the spirit world. In this case his spirit is way stronger then the boy's, so this is dangerous obsession. The grandfather needs prayers to get liberated from the physical body and allow the grandson to grow. 

Past life as a fighter pilot

8-year-old James started having nightmares about being shot down by a plane with a red sun on it — a Japanese plane. He talked about having dreams and memories of being Lieutenant James McCready Huston, a World War II fighter pilot from Pennsylvania who had been killed in Iwo Jima more than 50 years earlier.

This is a clear case of how spiritual communications work. Each time I call a spirit and talk to them, I see and experience their experiences as if I was them. So I can call anyone; the communications are the same. I can communicate the same way even with living people, if their spirit is vary developed. That's cooperation of a spirit with an earthly man. But people in the past did not know much about the spirit world and spiritual communications, so they concluded this is their past life and created the partial theory of reincarnation. 
There is even a story where a mom reincarnates in her own daughter: “as soon as my sister was old enough to say the words, she said, ‘I am your mother.’”

In a TV documentary about Reincarnation, the woman experienced the death of the previous owner of the house. She thought is reincarnation, but you see that actually the spirit of the previous owner is stuck in this physical place where he died. In the same documentary they showed that many naighbours also experience the same thing with that spirit. The spirit can communicate with any person on earth who crates common base. This is not reincarnation.

To make things even more clear, just notice that in most of these stories the physical person re-experiences how these spirits died, were killed. That's because stuck spirits have some unresolved pain. Often they don't even understand that they have died and are already in the spirit world. They hand around and influence earthly people, or they get stuck in the energy field of a certain person.

Truth is there millions of spirits stuck in the bodies of each earthly person. Most of these spirits are our own ancestors or spirits who have resentment against them. They are the actual cause of most of our sicknesses or incidents. Pray to send them to the spirit world. You don't want such stuck spirits sucking your energy and pretending they are you. 

3-year-old recognizes the man who killed him in his past life.

A 3-year-old boy in the Golan Heights caused quite a stir when he claimed he was murdered in a past life. “Suddenly the boy walked up to a man and said, “Aren’t you … (Eli [Lasch] forgot the name)?” The man answered yes. Then the boy said, “I used to be your neighbour. We had a fight and you killed me with an axe.” Eli told me how the man had suddenly gone white as a sheet. The three-year-old boy then said, “I even know where he buried my body.” — Trutz Hardo, 
In this case the spirit used the boy to report who killed him. He could do the same thing through a spiritualist. 

The Theory of Reincarnation in Light of the Returning Resurrection

"In seeking to fulfill the whole purpose of the providence of restoration, God has called upon many individuals and has apportioned to each a suitable mission. These individuals have passed down their particular missions to other individuals of similar character and circumstances, gradually fulfilling each area of mission over the long flow of history.

The providence of restoration begins with an individual, expands to the family, nation and world, and ultimately will bring restoration to all of heaven and earth. Although the mission given to each individual may be only a part of the greater whole, it also unfolds according to this pattern. Each mission begins at the individual level and expands its scope to the family, nation and world level. To take an example from the Bible, the mission begun with Abraham at the individual and family levels was passed down to Moses at the national level and to Jesus at the worldwide level.

Spirits who could not complete their missions during their earthly life must return to people on earth who share the same type of mission as they had during their lifetime. When a spirit assists an earthly person to fulfill God's Will, the person will fulfill not only his own mission, but also the mission of the spirit who has helped him. Hence, from the standpoint of mission, the physical self of the person concurrently serves as the physical self of the spirit. In a sense, he is the second coming of the spirit; hence he may sometimes be called by the spirit's name and appear to be the reincarnation of that spirit. In the Bible, John the Baptist was to have fulfilled the mission which Elijah left unfinished during his earthly life, since he received Elijah's assistance in carrying out his activities. Jesus called John "Elijah" because John's physical self concurrently served as the body of Elijah.[30]

In the Last Days, certain people on earth are entrusted with missions on the worldwide level. They must inherit and complete the responsibilities of all the spirits of the past who were devoted to the same field. These spirits will descend to these people and assist them in order to complete the spirits' own unfinished work. Since the earthly people are, in a sense, the second coming of these guiding spirits, they may think that they are their reincarnation. Hence, in the Last Days there are people claiming to be the second coming of Jesus, the Maitreya Buddha, Confucius, the Olive Tree, or the Tree of Life. The Hindu and Buddhist doctrines of reincarnation interpret these outward phenomena but without the benefit of knowing the principle of returning resurrection." Read more...

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PainPen Keshe: TESTIMONIALS on Keshe Health Pen and FREE ENERGY

Did you know? IN EUROPE there are villages powered with FREE ENERGY. It's a fact, many don't want you to know. In 2012 a scientist gave freely to humanity the knowledge about Free ENERGY, Free HEALING and Free TRANSPORT.. Thus opening the way for CIG to appear substantially.
"The third blessing is that human beings should create the kingdom of heaven on earth, where they would not experience any inconvenience or lack amid the environment that God bestowed upon them." Sun Myung Moon
It all started with finding how gravity works in 2006. Until 2012 scientists found more than 300 ways how to improve human life and solve global problems. Quantum - gravitational plasma methods - provide FREE ENERGY plus FREE HEALING, without medical chemistry; FREE FAST FLYING with incredible speed... amazing future in Cheon Il Gook. All started in 2012. The purpose of Keshe and Rev. Moon is to unite humanity and bring peace.

The Era of Water Food is Coming

In addition, Rev. Moon spoke of the future of 'Water Food'. Scientists, he explained will make the water not only give you all the needed nutrients but to also improve your health. Keshe foundation is now teaching humanity how to do just that; get nutritions and health through energizing water.
"The very first era for humans was that of eating raw food. It was followed by the era of eating cooked food. Next will come the era of "water food," inn other words, the time when we take nutrition from water. The time will come in the future when scientific food can serve well to maintain our health. That era when humans effort is needed will pass.

At such a time, what are we going to do? What will remain then will be the culture of art. We will seek the path of beauty and love. This is a good thing."
Sermons of Rev. Sun Myung Moon 4, p. 11
Prima Unitate Magrav Generator de 5kW

There are numerous inventors now, who succeeded to make free energy using electromagnetic principles. Keshe's Foundation brought that on a different level. Re-recreating the way the earth generates a gravitational field, they invented the 'Plasma Generator'.

One of the latest things Keshe Foundation developed was the Health Pen (PainPen). A friend from the Family Federation gave me one. I heal with it every day -- It Works! CIG time - change your old concepts - EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE. The amazing part is, this is just one of the hundreds of new quantum ways of energy healing, coming out in this amazing age we live in.

TESTIMONIALS on Keshe Health Pen

Since I use your pain pen, my life has taken a new turn. I use it 3x 10 minutes a day on the reflexology points and I have good news. The pain in the spine has since then halved and I was able to stop two drugs, that didn't help to relieve the pain anymore. My sleep is now more peaceful and restful. I tested the pain pen on my mum who suffers from the same disease and she feels better as well. I have an appointment with my neurosurgeon in the beginning of February and he will tell me if a 6th surgery on my spine will be necessary or not. I hope it won't be necessary. Your pen helps me a lot, because now I can walk without a cane again. I don't know how to thank you.”

The pen was used on the rheumatic knee pain and the pain was gone in about 1-5 minutes after 2 months of being there.

My muscles and joints everywhere also feel a lot less stiff too. I used to wake up in the morning feeling all stiff, now that is lessening too with each day of use.

Chart - How go Heal with Keshe Health Pen
Keep the pen pointed in the area for several minutes. Here is approximate chart how long to keep for different problems.
Making a Keshe Health Pen