Friday, January 26, 2018

How to Liberate Spiritually Possessed Person

Spiritual Possession
Is there a way to Liberate a Possessed Person


How to liberate a person from a spiritual problem? What if this person is spiritually possessed? There are ways to help:

To control a person, spirits have to have power over some of his main glands and brain areas. For example if spirits influence the analytical part of the brain, the parts connected with heavy memories or the front loop - I would sense a strong destructive energy in these areas. Liberating it, the person's functions get liberated; he can be himself - think and feel normally. Not only that - his original nature is free; mind is free to control the body; God and the good spirit world are free to work.

As seen in this photo, the destructive energy will be concentrated in some area. That will bring restrictions in the normal functioning and even illnesses. It is surely very important to mobilize good spirit world to help you. Read, HOW TO GAIN SPIRITUAL HELP

How is this energy liberated? You should know, that in strong electro-magnetic field stuck spirits are liberated from the body - and the person's functions get liberated too. Here are few examples of using this effectively:

Francezzo explains that in length in the Wanderer of the Spirit Land. Cosmo-Disk and Niken's magnetic technology of healing is effective because of that. Keshe is using it to heal even cancer in 2 weeks, by placing a person in such strong field for 2-3 hours every day.

Cheongpong providence is also based on that - using clapping, because our hands have electro-magnetic energy, which can break the destructive energy and thus free the stuck spirits. There are many ways of Energy Healing by pointing fingers, circular motions over the area, energy passages over the body etc.  They are very effective in healing because of the same principle. As the Great Grondmother (DMN) explained, one day we will use our hands and heal with circular motions. Read also of THE EMOTION CODE

True Father, Rev. Sun Myung Moon, also talked about that and created WHD. Wan Hwa Do is a martial art based on circular motions. They produce strong electro-magnetic field around the person which he is free to use for healing himself and others. Because of the powerful effect of this energy over our mind and body, Rev. Moon explained, that if we practice circular motions (WHD) daily we can develop our spirit senses in just 6 months. I personally experienced that. At intensive training sessions my sensitivity went way beyond the body; where I could sense the energy around and sense everyone in the room, even behind my back. My body had no longer sense of tiredness and pain.

Here is one more powerful example: When Christians heal; many would gather and lay hands on the sick person and pray simultaneously. The effect is strong because it combines their hand energy with their intention to heal, plus the good spirit world mobilized with the unison prayers. Once the Resonance of Heart is elevated a new, higher level spirit world has common base... on that level sicknesses do not exist.



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