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News from the Spiritual World: How to help your suffering ancestors

News from the Spirit World
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How to help your suffering ancestors 
by Weekly News / May 26, 2002

"The spiritual world is divided into two, satanic world and God's world,"  Rev. Sun Myung Moon explained in his speech"If we had the method by which we go into the Satan's spiritual world and quickly transform to the heavenly side all Satanic individuals, families, clans and nations, the earthly things quickly will change. Do you understand? That time is coming. You should know that when the time comes in the spiritual world, it will reflect on earth and things in this world will reverse through rapid change." 

In the revelation from the Spirit WorldDr. Lee explains, "Over the course of our history, human beings have had evil bloodline flowing in our veins, since Lucifer became the ancestor of mankind in the Garden of Eden. Therefore, human beings were born with Original Sin. Initially they were to multiply the good lineage by the Holy spirit of God. Therefore, God's Will is to end the line of evil and establish His lineage. " 

"In the Garden of Eden Lucifer left the side of God, abandoned the heavenly path and his original position and began to act falsely. For this reason he became a prisoner of insecurity, fear, hatred, envy, jealousy and evil desires. So he constantly lived in fear that someone would expose him. So he was filled with resentment, not love. Due to the constant fear that he could lose his position, he felt in competition with everyone around himself. This is why he is filled with more hate than love. Read, The Fall

Since this was transmitted to human beings, the result of the works of Lucifer dealt a critical blow to humanity. In an atmosphere filled with peace, happiness and love, human hearts are at peace and it is impossible for them to have a disease. But most diseases that exist today have come as the result of the sin that Lucifer transmitted to us. " 

Further, in his message from the spiritual world, Dr. Lee explains how Lucifer used our ancestors and other bad spirits to cause various diseases. The most important thing we learn from these revelations is, "that when one's body is sick, this is a sign that his ancestors are not on comfortable and good place in the spiritual world. So they are trying to express their demands regarding their situation. In this case is needed prayerBut critical situations should be treated with modern medicine. 

We should not blame our ancestors for that situation. On the contrary, we must understand that it is also part of us. Only if one liberates his ancestors, the sick part will be healed. If the disease comes about because of some grief and pain of the ancestors, then the descendants here on earth must lead a life of sincere faith. Only then their ancestors will be able to go to a more comfortable place in the spiritual world . "

Thus we learn, that if we help our ancestors to be liberated through our life of prayer and faith, they will answer with protection, blessings and happiness in our earthly life. As a result, our own life will become much easier and our family relationships more harmonious. Read, HOW TO LIBERATE a POSSESSED PERSON


Hello, how to liberate a person from a spiritual problem. This person is clearly possessed. I understood about returning Resurrection, but how can someone repent if the evil spirit suffocate the original nature and he is not free to think with his good mind. Thank you

There are ways to help:
To control a person, spirits have to have power over some of his main glands and brain areas. For example if spirits influence the analytical part of the brain, the parts connected with heavy memories or the front loop - I would sense a strong destructive energy in these areas. Liberating it, the person's functions get liberated; he can be himself - think and feel normally. Not only that - his original nature is free; mind is free to control the body; God and the good spirit world are free to work. Once the Resonance of Heart is elevated a new, higher level spirit world has common base... on that level sicknesses do not exist. I will write an article to help you learn how to liberate these energies yourself.

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