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LIBERATION OF SPIRITS: As seen in the Spirit World

As Seen in the Spirit World

This is long known, strong electro-magnetic field liberates the spirits stuck in the quantum energy field of our bodies.

Dr. Lee wrote in a message from the Spirit World, of the spiritual origin of disease. As the Great Mother (DMN) was explaining, the reason people have so much internal and external struggles is because "there are many evil spirits inside our bodies." As the she explains from the spirit world, "(for thousands of years) Satan has put evil spirits inside our bodies, and worked." To subjugate our spirit under the physical mind, numerous evil spirits are to have base in our body. Their evil frequency is the one causing us to act evil or to get sick. 

Now it's being reveal, how these evil spirits can be liberated from your body. Here is how Franchezzo gives example of how а spirit is being released from the dark astral envelop, holding it imprisoned in the physical realm:

"I saw four majestic spirits from the higher spheres making magnetic passes over his prostrate form.. From the dark disfigured body.. arose a mist-like vapor which grew more and more dense till it took shape in the form of the spirit himself; the purified soul of that poor spirit released from its dark envelope; and I saw those four angelic spirits lift the still unconscious risen soul in their arms as one would bear a child, and then they all floated away from me up, up, till they vanished from my sight."  WSL p.59


Magnetism takes part in hundreds of functions in the human’s body. Dr. Bradly Nelson explains that magnets can release any sickness form our body. But did you know, that spirits also get helped and liberated in a strong magnetic field?
Spiritual forms turning into astral physical germs.. liberated when passing into a strong magnetic field.
Franchezzo talks of spiritual forms turning into astral physical germs and how they are liberated when passing into a strong magnetic field. The Divine Principle explains that spirits can be liberated only in a body. Our physical actions produce some left over energy, Franchezzo explains. Trapped in it spirits suffer and only a very high spirit world or strong magnetic field can liberate them.

This video discusses the connection between parasites and demonic spirits. Parasites have the ability to control your mind. In my personal spiritual experiences I saw how that happens. No matter how small the energy of these spirits to materialize in your body, they can still talk to you in your mind, and if you accept their thoughts, feelings and desires, you are controlled by them:

Here are some quotes from his book, explaining the process:

"... strong magnetic powers, set to help an unfortunate young man who was utterly unable to move, and who used to lie moaning and sighing all the time... suffering such agonies from the reaction upon the spirit of those powers he had abused.. My task was to make soothing passes over him, by which means he would obtain a little relief, till at stated times a more advanced spirit than myself would come" WSL p.17
This is clear explanation of energy healing performed in the spirit world. And the reason of their suffering is the 'material envelope' in which the spirit is trapped. The soothing magnetic passes are to remove this envelope, thus freeing his spirit from this material pain.

In the Cheongphyong Healing center are held session for liberation of our bodies from the invading it resentful spirits. Thousands come daily at this beautiful lake in Korea and experience amazing healing and spiritual revival. Liberating the spirits we ourselves become liberated:
".. for in the lower spheres the spirit is conscious of bodily sufferings. As it grows more advanced.. the less material envelope of the higher spirits making them at last insensible to anything like material pain." WSL p.17
One of the greatest plasma scientist today, developed a magneto-gravitational pen that effectively heals many sicknesses. In such strong field people experience their original nature being open. As Keshe, explains, no one else determines where you go in the spirit world:
"The position of the soul (in the spirit world) is determined by the gravitational-magnetic field, the strength of which is created by the soul during it's time of existence (on Earth)". Keshe
Franchezzo is told the same thing in the spirit world:
"..each will return to their own circle and sphere, drawn back by the strong magnetic attraction which holds each sphere... (The spirit) will be drawn to others of a like disposition who are in the same stage of moral advancement as himself.. (where)
his moral development entitles him to occupy."  WSL p.97
Same like the Divine Principle, Keshe explains that the difference in the spiritual level between people can be measured with the light they emit; is it small like a candle light, or strong, like a light reaching to millions. The less the spirit is giving, the smaller his light, the less he can see and orient himself. Or as Franchezzo says, "glowing with the celestial fires of purity and truth." In fact, today science can measure the vibrations of the field generated from our hearts. (See, Resonance of Heart)

If one has a high resonance of heart he can heal others, but what of the opposite; can you place a person in a high resonance field and heal him? Keshe discovered, that by placing a person within a strong electro-magnetic field, the person not only heals from illnesses, but his original good nature will become free. Suddenly people will feel more love, compassion and be unable to do evil. Thus, he and many other Energy Healers and Spiritual Healers are recreating the liberation process happening at Cheongpyong.

This earthly phenomena reflect what's happening in the spirit world; Whatever happens in the central spiritual providence, automatically has effect in all peripheral areas of restoration. Liberation starts coming from all directions now.

Franchezzo talks of 'waves of magnetic ether' influencing his feelings:
"This revulsion of feeling in myself caused the waves of magnetic ether on which the music and these images were borne to us." WSL p.75


Here is how the spirit get stuck in this 'material envelope':
"What many poor spirits did--go back to earth in search of the means to satisfy them through the material bodies of those yet on earth." WSL p.17
They get stuck, because they cannot control their low desires:
".. the desire for those pleasures grew and grew till I could scarce refrain from returning to the earth plane there to enjoy, through the organism of those yet in the flesh, whose sordid lives and low desires placed them on a level with the spirits of the earth plane." WSL p.17
Once they do that, their spiritual state deteriorates:
"Many.. would yield to the temptation and go back for a time to haunt the earth, whence they would return after a longer or shorter period, exhausted and degraded even below their former state. All were free to go or to stay as they desired." WSL p.17  

As Keshe puts it, "In doing wrong, you use a lot of energy of your field and your strength to cover it up, so you have less to give. So you are positioned as a soul in a position with less energy, which means you become a burden for other souls, who now need to elevate you to reach their level."

And Franchezzo shows how our evil desires work as strong magnetic attraction for low spirits:
"...spirits of so black a hue, so awful a type, that never before had I seen.. These beings cannot live upon the earth plane nor even in the lower spheres surrounding it, unless there be congenial mortals or some strong magnetic attraction to hold them there for a time, and though they often rise in response to an intensely evil desire upon the part of either a mortal or spirit on the earth plane, yet they cannot remain long, and the moment the attracting force becomes weakened, like a rope that breaks, they lose their hold and sink down again to their own dark abodes."  WSL p.23
This low spirits will influence the earth events provoking divisions and revolts (as SC):
"...revolts of down-trodden people, will take place, and the maddened populace are for a time completely under the control of those spirits who are truly as devils."  WSL p.24
Not only that, but our own evil thoughts create energetic forms that will hunt us:
"A mist seemed to gather round and enfold me in its chill embrace, while phantom forms of awful shape and giant size drew near and yet more near. Oh, horror! they were my own past misdeeds, my own evil thoughts and desires, which had been prompted by this very man beside me and which nestling in my heart had formed those links between us that held me to him now."   WSL p.78
Cheong Pyong Liberation training center helps you liberate your ancestors and your bodies from the attacks of the resentful spirits. Thousands are visiting each day. It will give you the highest heavenly experience of peace and love.


The spiritual power comes from singing and clapping , our voice and will are also involved and guided by the chianyang team voices and instruments musique in Cheongpyeong. Also those liberated spirits are guided to spirit world ,they dont go to any other place around .

The biggest” magnetic field” ( that has not temporal power but eternal field of power )is created by working on
CHEONBO providence(“jewels of jewels “giving to us by True Parents of mankind):

1. Liberating and Blessing my ancestores(1-430 generation) through Cp- providence( it took me 21 years of continues effort but now it is possible do it in short time , depends on your effort)+ House for AGS

2.Study HDH( 8 text books) and than after “know how” practice the Word for myself ,with my ancestores, with my family-minimum for 3 generation)

3 Liberating and Blessing 430 couples on Earth+ Educating them continuesly with 8 text books and grow together with them

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