Tuesday, March 6, 2018

PainPen Keshe: TESTIMONIALS on Keshe Health Pen and FREE ENERGY

Did you know? IN EUROPE there are villages powered with FREE ENERGY. It's a fact, many don't want you to know. In 2012 a scientist gave freely to humanity the knowledge about Free ENERGY, Free HEALING and Free TRANSPORT.. Thus opening the way for CIG to appear substantially.

"The third blessing is that human beings should create the kingdom of heaven on earth, where they would not experience any inconvenience or lack amid the environment that God bestowed upon them." Sun Myung Moon
It all started with finding how gravity works in 2006. Until 2012 scientists found more than 300 ways how to improve human life and solve global problems. Quantum - gravitational plasma methods - provide FREE ENERGY plus FREE HEALING, without medical chemistry; FREE FAST FLYING with incredible speed... amazing future in Cheon Il Gook. All started in 2012. The purpose of Keshe and Rev. Moon is to unite humanity and bring peace.

The Era of Water Food is Coming

In addition, Rev. Moon spoke of the future of 'Water Food'. Scientists, he explained will make the water not only give you all the needed nutrients but to also improve your health. Keshe foundation is now teaching humanity how to do just that; get nutritions and health through energizing water.
"The very first era for humans was that of eating raw food. It was followed by the era of eating cooked food. Next will come the era of "water food," inn other words, the time when we take nutrition from water. The time will come in the future when scientific food can serve well to maintain our health. That era when humans effort is needed will pass.

At such a time, what are we going to do? What will remain then will be the culture of art. We will seek the path of beauty and love. This is a good thing."
Sermons of Rev. Sun Myung Moon 4, p. 11
Prima Unitate Magrav Generator de 5kW

There are numerous inventors now, who succeeded to make free energy using electromagnetic principles. Keshe's Foundation brought that on a different level. Re-recreating the way the earth generates a gravitational field, they invented the 'Plasma Generator'.

One of the latest things Keshe Foundation developed was the Health Pen (PainPen). A friend from the Family Federation gave me one. I heal with it every day -- It Works! CIG time - change your old concepts - EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE. The amazing part is, this is just one of the hundreds of new quantum ways of energy healing, coming out in this amazing age we live in.

TESTIMONIALS on Keshe Health Pen

Since I use your pain pen, my life has taken a new turn. I use it 3x 10 minutes a day on the reflexology points and I have good news. The pain in the spine has since then halved and I was able to stop two drugs, that didn't help to relieve the pain anymore. My sleep is now more peaceful and restful. I tested the pain pen on my mum who suffers from the same disease and she feels better as well. I have an appointment with my neurosurgeon in the beginning of February and he will tell me if a 6th surgery on my spine will be necessary or not. I hope it won't be necessary. Your pen helps me a lot, because now I can walk without a cane again. I don't know how to thank you.”

The pen was used on the rheumatic knee pain and the pain was gone in about 1-5 minutes after 2 months of being there.

My muscles and joints everywhere also feel a lot less stiff too. I used to wake up in the morning feeling all stiff, now that is lessening too with each day of use.

Chart - How go Heal with Keshe Health Pen
Keep the pen pointed in the area for several minutes. Here is approximate chart how long to keep for different problems.
Making a Keshe Health Pen


this is pretty interesting stuff, has anyone used these devices?

кои точно са селата ,които са захранени с тази енергия?

As you understand... this energy can be directly produced in the home or place you need it. So you don't need a centralized supply. That's the whole point.

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