Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Proof of Life After Death on Photo and Audio

Scientists made numerous experiments. Results were shocking. Thousands of hours of audio recordings talking to spirits. Team of spirits working from the spiritual dimensions helped them, by producing actual photos on the film, without camera. Even substantial objects send by the spirits materialized in the physical world.

Proof of Life After Death on Photo and Audio

Scientists started asking questions about the reality in the spirit world. The team from beyond confirmed that they will certainly get results and real proves. And they did; on photo films, on audio tapes and even radio communications.

Many mediums were invited and amazing communications were established. All was registered. Voices of people from the spirit world were proven to be the voice of the actual person, comparing with recordings from their real life.

The amazing part is; even when the radio was switched off the voice of the spirits was going through. The removed even the major parts out of the radio receiver, yet the spirits could still use it to communicate. Scientists were just astonished.

The spirit team requested an empty camera film be put on the table. Investigators were controlling thus proving this is not a fraud. To make them convinced, spirits even touched them.

I have many experiences when I will spend the whole night in the spirit world where I could observe them and try to understand how people live in the spirit world. Read, Visiting the Spirit World in my Dreams: Hell, Middle Spirit World and Paradise

Back in 1985, Rev. Sun Myung Moon explained in front of leading world scientists, that "research on the frequency" will "enable contact with the spirit world." He said, that "The motions in the spirit world are all made up of vibrations.", which soon science will be able to measure and research. In his words, "if we delve into this area, a world of new dimensions will be found" and we will "enter the age where the unknown spirit world can be rationally understood". Through new quantum research all this had already happened. Rev. Moon's Instructions: How to Study the Spirit World


Earthly Life and Spirit World 
Rev. Moon responds to questions about the spirit world, Tokyo, Oct. 7, 1965.

Question: I have not believed in the spirit world.
Proof of Life After Death on Photo and Audio
Answer: "Then your value is half that of a human being's. Eighty percent of the three billion people on earth are ignorant about the spirit world. Even believers are unsure about the existence of the spirit world and God.. But the spirit world exists.

You will be blown away when you experience it. Imagine a millionaire trying to build a happy hometown... Spirit world is the world of beauty, where you never get bored by watching a tiny piece of anything for even a thousand years. The world's prized possessions cannot compare to even a piece of the spirit world. Therefore, I will not miss the earth." Read more...


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