Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bush or Gore had Speech problem - Funny Video

The President's Speech Problem

Why did Bush win the hearts of the people if he is so "unable to speak"? I tell you why; Because he was speaking from his heart; because Bush was sincere.

The President's Speech ridicules Bush of not being able to speak, but is that true? I remember the day when I realize how evil and manipulative this accusation is. It was the day after the debate between Bush and Gore. Gore really failed with speech. Truth is, people unanimously, left and right, loved the way Bush presented himself.

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Isn't that surprising. But guess what happen the next day. After reporting that Bush had overwhelmingly won the hearts of the people, the very next day all left media, which by the way is 95% of the American media, started viciously attacking Bush for not being able to speak. They were ridiculing him for making such small mistakes.

I'm sure they could find few occasions when Gore messed up with pronunciation. And wasn't it more appropriate after Gore's defeat the night before to talk of his bad speech, and why he couldn't win the hearts of the audience? No, because it is all about leftist propaganda.

So why did Bush win the hearts of the people if he is so "unable to speak"? I tell you why; Because he was speaking from his heart; because Bush was sincere - that's why. In fact, each time I listen to Left propaganda I sense how fake and insincere it is.

I was surprised to hear so many times by left media about how wrongly pro-communist, leftist environmentalists were persecuted wrongly during the Cold War. Well, why wrongly - they were pro-communists? The end of the cold war came thanks to right, conservative presidents. All of them; Nixon, Ford, Reagan, George Bush, played a vital role to end this evil totalitarian regimes.

What did the leftist do in their presidencies? Fact is, they helped, one yaw or the other, for the Communist totalitarianism regimes to expand and expand unhindered.

Why did left presidents proved to be so helpful for the Communism to grow? Of course, they have the same, left, humanist philosophy. It was this very same philosophy that Marks systematized and brought this monstrous excuse for killing 150 million people in peaceful times.

In fact it was another man, unable to speak English, who helped this killing machine be stopped. The Korean Religious leader, Rev. Sun Myung Moon. His English speech is real bad, but he founded Washington times in a time when there was not even one conservative newspaper in the Capital of US. Washington Times became the newspaper that uncovered what Communist do to take over the world, but also, which American politicians support that.

Read Moon and the Washington Times: THE ROLE IN ENDING THE COLD WAR to find out more.

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