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Vision for Peace through Sport: Why Rev. Moon Loves Soccer

Why Rev. Moon Loves Soccer:
Vision for Peace through Sport

Peace is undeniably the highest value or our age. Reverend Moon teaches that peace becomes possible when we acknowledge the existence of other peoples, nations and cultures, that is, when we do not ostracize, but accept and embrace people who are different from us.

"Play Football, Make Peace! Peace Cup"

One of the thousands of world known people supporting San Myung Moon is the Brazilian soccer player, Pele. "The King of Soccer" supports Rev. Moon in recent Sports for Peace initiatives. According to them, football is a natural bridge between cultures, religions, races, ethnic groups and nations. Because of this vision for football, as a powerful unifying and peacemaking force, Dr. Moon founded in 2002 the World Cup football for peace - King Peace Cap. ... More

Pioneer in the fight for human rights and tenfold congressman, Lecturer Walter Fauntroy notes: "I fully uphold Rev Dr. San Myung Moon, because he invests all of his finances and full potential of his organizations for two main purposes; peace and families."

Senator Larry Preslar added: "My admiration of Dr. Moon and his wife grew enormously. His energy, vision and dedication to the cause of peace are unprecedented in the history of mankind. "

Following his vision and ideal of peace, Rev. Moon established the Il Hwa Professional Soccer Team in Sung Nam promoting World Peace through the football (soccer). Additionally, he established the Sorocabe Soccer Team and the Cene Soccer Team managing all with success.

Its celebrations are held in university football stadiums and are centered on a mach which takes on a character of compromise and commitment for the cause of world Peace . In his native land of Korea, he won the support and trust of some government officials than understand his vision and philosophy of peace.

Peace Cup 2007:

Reverend Sun Myung Moon giving the awards to the Champion of the Peace Cup 2007.

Through the guidance of Rev. Moon, the team trains football players in a big sports center. He has change the status of an ordinary game. It conveys similar messages as a successful football team: applying individual efforts toward a greater goal, respect to the opponents and the game, sacrifice, good ethic and moral standard, plus the ideal of promoting peace inside and abroad.

Peace Cup: The first three competitions were held in South Korea, and the 2009 Peace Cup Andalucia was held in Madrid and Andalusia, Spain. Previous winners are PSV, Tottenham Hotspur, Lyon, and Aston Villa, who are current champions, having won the most recent final in Seville against Juventus on 2 August 2009. A corresponding event for women's teams began in 2006 with the name "Peace Queen Cup", featuring eight women's national teams from five continents.

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