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Mystery Machine - HAARP: Dangerous Weather Control

Mystery Machine - HAARP: Dangerous Weather Control
What is HAARP: 
Dangerous Weather Control

The government is manipulating the weather. Is this dangerous weather control gonna turn in humanity's benefit or will bring uncontrollable calamities? 

HAARP is (per the video) 3.5 million watts affecting specific concentrated area of space. HAARP can influence weather anywhere on earth. If you are tired of the drought and the dry weather conditions, consider that humanity will one day be able to control that in our best interest.

The government can use HAAEP to manipulate the weather for a good purposes. The danger comes from the uncontrollable side effects that are not in our best interest. Are we going to reach the point of full control? What will be the damage in the process of trial and error.

According to some documentary videos, "Build in 1958 this machine makes terrible things happen with the weather and much more."

"They are buying time to find a solution to fixing the magnetosphere that they nuked in early 60's. Scientists feared these test could cause a chain reaction causing a collapse of the magnetosphere and 15% of it has been lost in the 50 years since so fear has turned into reality.The reason they beam energy into the magnetosphere is it needs energy to to maintain its power to shield us from Gamma radiation and this collapse continues it's goodbye humans to gamma radiation induced cancers." YouTube comment

Hurricanes are unpredictable as it is. What Hurricane Katrina was just another example of the unpredictability of nature. Man cannot control what God created, unless it is in accordance with his will.

Here is where we can see the main problem; do we use technology in humanity's best interest? According to some comments in YouTube, "HAARP is nothing but another weapon whose aim is to control... if people can do complicated things, they may begin to do something better than a gun, every action must be consistent with truth, honesty, respect and responsibility for self and others"

"HAARP is dangerous, heats the atmosphere and is used for "defense" but rather to attack, the strength of 3600 (a) directed to the site will work on living organisms negatively."

I would like to be optimistic and hope we will master this process in humanity's best interest. We could only hope one day we will use this technology for creating a better world, rather than bring destruction.

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