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The Origin of our Thoughts

By Y.Marianov , Unification Family Therapy 

Thoughts and the Brain
Where our thoughts originate? Are they random product of the brain? Thoughts and the Brain: Where our thoughts originate? Are they product of the brain? The Origin of our Thoughts
"The thought-power and willpower are generated in the mind. Numerous mind boggling examples of the immensity and trenchancy of these mental powers are available in the history of mankind."

Is the source of our thoughts physical or spiritual? The Unification Thought explains that we have internal intellect and external intellect. That is because we have not only physical mind (brain), but also spiritual mind. According to The Principle intellect, emotions and will are functions of the spiritual mind. Of course our physical brain is like a radio receiver. It can catch the thoughts coming from the spiritual mind.

Our brain and our spirit mind are in constant give and take. The brain can also reason and create logical connections, but on much more limited level. These, sometimes misleading, limitations of our physical mind are well studied in psychology. They are used by manipulative people to distort our perception of reality.

The internal struggle of thoughts

In fact, within ourselves there is a constant struggle between the thoughts coming from the spiritual mind and those from the physical brain. Here is a simple example: When we wake up in the morning, there are two contradicting thoughts: Our spiritual mind says, "Get up", but the physical mind immediately contradicts, "I want to sleep more". That is because our spirit does not need to sleep, but the physical mind needs.

It's important to understand this internal war. The physical mind will start bringing numerous excuses for it's cause until it overcomes the thoughts driving from the spiritual mind. Thus, the physical mind constantly subjugates and manipulates the spirit mind in this way. We all have one internal manipulator that controls us - our physical brain. As a result, mind and body can never be united. We are subjugated by our physical desires and needs.

The more one develops his spirit, the more he can sense this internal conflict, because his spirit mind gets stronger. When our spirit mind matures enough, it can naturally lead and dominate our physical mind constantly. But that can happen only if the person is mature enough not to believe and follow the reasoning of the physical mind. This is mostly about overcoming the ignorance.

Brain, Thoughts and Spiritual Influence

That's why Rev. Moon explains that 80% of our thoughts are coming from the spiritual world. In the book 'A Wanderer in the Spirit Lands', Franchezzo explains how the spirits have numerous ways to influence people on earth.

The physical mind can also catch thoughts from other spirits and can be easily manipulated by them, because of it's ignorance of the source. People who are dominated by the physical mind, thus, are unknowingly objects manipulated by all kind of low spirits. In this way, Humanistic (external, materialistic) people have stronger fallen nature and their actions end up in the direction of evil, even when they tend to do good.

Physical mind, Relativism and Humanism

Physical mind is the origin of today's moral relativism. This is because the brain itself cannot distinguish the origin of the thoughts. It puts them all on the same level. This environment of relativism, where everything is equally true, is a fruitful ground for low spiritual influence. In fact, Humanism and the four fallen natures originate from the physical mind.

Basic law of the Principle is, that when Physical mind is subject over the Spirit mind, automatically evil spirit world can work freely. Thus they are channels for Satan's work. Inevitably all the reasoning of the physical mind will end up in the direction of The Humanistic Thought - Cain Type Philosophy.

The very same way our physical mind does not see God's viewpoint and reverses dominion over the spiritual mind, humanistic thought aims to discredit any thought or philosophy sparked by the spiritual mind. So the historic struggle between the Cain-type and Able-type philosophies was inevitable.

We perform better when our brain is less active

When we reduce the functions of our brain our spiritual mind is free to take over. This is the principle reason why we perform better when we calm down our brain activities.  Relaxing our brain allows our spiritual mind to be liberated and unleash our unlimited spiritual potential.

Our brain reasons externally, so it tends to worry, doubt, misunderstand, disbelieve and mislead us into state of anxiety, depression and conflicts. Our spirit mind, on the other side knows precisely what to do; it never worries, never get depressed, never looses faith. Our spiritual mind is always in peace and brings peace in the relationship with others.

Ignorance of the Internal and External Thoughts

Our external (brain) reasoning is very different from the internal (spiritual) way of reasoning. Knowing their basic nature and different origins we can easily distinguish between them. To liberate our Original good nature we have to learn to recognize and follow the thoughts of our spirit mind.

If we are in ignorance, our brain (physical, external, material, animal-like mind) will always find reasons to disregard the logic of our inner spirit self. Thus our brain constantly denies God's guidance and that of our own conscience.

Brain has no senses towards God and the spirit world. That's why people dominated by their physical mind tend to deny their existence. Spirit mind is in constant connection with them, so it will never lead you to atheism, materialism or humanism (relativism). 

As Divine Principle explains, the restoration is mainly about coming out of this state of ignorance. Now we understand why, overcoming this ignorance of how our brain tricks us, can help us unite our mind and body, and reach perfection. 
Thoughts and the Brain: Where our thoughts originate? Are they random product of the brain? The Origin of our Thoughts
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Thoughts and the Brain: Where our thoughts originate? Are they random product of the brain? The Origin of our ThoughtsThoughts and the Brain: Where our thoughts originate? Are they random product of the brain? The Origin of our Thoughts, Thought, Intellect, Reason. Internal intellect and external intellect, spiritual and physical thoughts.


Some members asked about the problems with raising our second generation as Blessed Families.

It's difficult to synthesize the Unification Family Therapy viewpoint in few words, but in short, if parents are led by their physical mind, they will naturally nurture, protect and care for the fallen nature of their children. Remember that Fallen nature (Evil mind) in DP is explained as unity of Physical Mind (S) and Spiritual Mind (O). This reversal of dominion makes one automatically a channel for Satan's work. God has no principle base to work in this case.

Humanistic parent, led by their physical mind will falsely presume that care for the physical mind of the child as love. But this false love will gradually kill their children spiritually. In a way, such parents become like evil spirits for their children, dragging them towards Hell.

To give one example: Temper Tantrums are in typical cases of reversal of dominion. The child will dominate and manipulate it's parents to succumb to its physical mind desires. This means, that not only child's physical mind dominates it's spiritual mind, but they child's fallen nature dominates the parents. This is a reversal of dominion on few levels. The family four position foundation is invaded by evil spirit world vertically and horizontally. This problem results from the parents not being able to separate the four position foundation from Satan. But Unification Family Therapy can easily help you solve this problem.

To learn How to distinguish between our physical and spiritual mind?, 'How to free our spirit mind?'

Our physical mind seems to be based on emotions that is our interaction with our enviornment, thinking makes us feel and feelings make us think. Our spiritual mind is internal and of a higher nature, it illuminates, so that words do not intefer with realizing what is truth. To get to this state of higher consciousness one must learn to be still and know God. The right meditation can do this, Roy Masters of the Foundation of Human Understanding teaches this simple meditation that allows you to become objective to your thoughts.

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