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How Buteyko Breathing Method Heals Chronic Disease

Buteyko Breathing Method
How Buteyko Breathing Method Heals Chronic Disease 

We all know, to learn to pray or successfully visualize, first one has to learn to calm his breathing, thus calming his mind. Thus breathing exercises can be a good first step before learning meditation. But now we come to the knowledge that such breathing exercises can heal many sicknesses.

All these chronic diseases only occur to people with less then optimal control pose; asthma, allergies, angina, anxiety, auto immune disorder, bronchitis, bronchiecstasis, chronic fatigue, chrons's disease, depression, diabetis type 2, emphysema, high blood pressure, hormonal imbalance, irritable bowel, lupus, MS, obesity, snoring, sleep apnea, schizophrenia, stress related conditions.

Optimal breathing: 60 sec. = 3-4 liters per minute: You are in perfect health!
CP: 30 = breathing for 2 people: Not perfect health, but not dramatic incidents or danger.
CP: 20 = 3 times above optimal: Organism will try to compensate.
CP: 15 - you are breathing 4 times above what's recomended; all your systems are under stress.

Here is a Documentary on the Buteyko Method by QED, BBC 1, 1998

Yogis believe that the life span of a man is measured not in years but in number of breaths. If a person's inhalation is rapid, he or she will die young. If a person is economical with their breath, they will live a hundred years or more. We confirm that breathing reduction slows down and sometimes even reverses ageing.

The reason for this is that this method boosts oxygenation of skin and other organs; it helps the whole body function in a healthier and more efficient way. In about three months their friends will start asking them "What happened? You look much better... younger".

Learn Buteyko's Control Pause to Heal Chronic Disease


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