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How Hypnosis helps to correct our Subconscious Mind

Hypnosis is a way to suppress the conscious mind and work with the subconsciousness. The purpose, why Unification Psychology studies Hypnosis, is to understand ourselves. Studying Hypnosis we understand a lot about our Subconscious Mind, our real self, and how to control our lives.

In fact, 88% of our behavior is controlled by the automatic behavior patterns programed in the subconsciousness. The result is that most people live their life on autopilot - under Hypnosis. They are governed by patterns of behavior programed in our mind from early childhood.

Hypnotists try to find a way around ones conscious mind, find a back door, to access the subconscious mind. The fastest way is to get the person into an emotional state and to get to their emotions. This creates a situation where the small inner child will come out. In this situation you're putting the logical mind inside the subconscious. That's what happens when we get happy or angry. Thus, the subconscious will be out of the conscious mind and you can talk to it directly.

Manipulative people use just that. They bring you in emotional state, bring confusion and get to dominate your logic through your emotions. However, they use to awake the fallen nature to do that. Manipulation is in fact using the weakness of person's physical mind. They act exactly as evil spirits do. They make your physical mind dominate your spirit.

Unification Psychology aims the opposite. It will teach you to open your original - good nature; it will teach you to be the subject of your subconscious mind and get out of the hypnosis (all unwanted, automatic habits learned from childhood). You will learn how to set your inner, spirit mind as a subject over your external limited (animal-like) mind.

What is the Subconscious Mind?

Experts say, that our Subconscious Mind is who we really are. It is our divine mind. Subconsciousness is where the real power lies, where all power is stored. But in fact, subconsciousness is just the part of our brain, which relates to our spiritual mind.

Most of what the so called Subconsciousness consists of is identical with the Inner Hyungsung explained in the Unification Thought. That is where all the concepts and principles are stored. These are in fact, all the long term memories, patterns of behavior (habits), associations and beliefs.

Fig. 1-6 The Two-Stage Structure of the Original Image

Since our responsibility in life is to perfect our character, our responsibility is to train our subconsciousness. Our concepts, beliefs and principles should correspond to God's absolute principles and laws.

Why our subconscious mind needs reprogramming 

Because of the Fall and the reality of growing in unprinciple environment, many of the patterns in our subconscious mind need to be retrained (reprogrammed). Hypnosis is done through words, so is the process of correcting our Inner Hyungsang (Subconsciousness).

Knowing that, helps understand why God's providence of restoration is carried through the word.  Studying the Truth helps us correct our 'Concept' part - our Subconsciousness. We are responsible to come in control of our lives, not just live it under autopilot, controlled by fallen habits.

We should be the subjects, dominating our life, not just some external, recording part of our brain. People who luck this control are subjugated by their physical desires, by other controlling people, by evil spirits and by their own wrong habits. This is a miserable state of living. If we don't overcome it, we will end as low, immature, underdeveloped spirits in the spirit world. Read more

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How Hypnosis helps to correct our Subconscious Mind


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