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Coronavirus Brings Dead to Life: 2020 Easter - Time of Cosmic Death and Resurrection

Covid-19 Brings Dead to Life

Mystery Coronavirus with the Power to Bring Dead People to Life around this Easter

(I start this article with jokes, but as you read, you'll find much truth in them. If you continue and see the videos, you'll discover deep truth about the world's situation. If you finish to the end, you'll find hints of what's coming, for I cannot reveal all yet.)

By Y.UTS / Unification Family Therapy

It turns out, with this Virus; Nature gets cleansed, now corruption will be cleansed, but also humanity is becoming healthier. It's true: In Italy, 50 000 people were dying per month in 2019, but with the Fake Covid pandemic we see 32 831 people died in 84 days (among those of Coronavirus). And strangely, people stopped dying from Cancer? (See, Proof News) Most hospitals are nearly empty. The clean air, experts say, will save millions of lives. Seven million die annually from air pollution.

But this is a "Real" pandemic for some people. The norms for the world Depopulation Program cannot be fulfilled. Bill Gates will not be happy and the World Health Organization (WHO) is in panic. And it should be!

As you've heard the US president, WHO is under investigation - and they will get to the bottom of it. And isn't that lovely news, the head of WHO was a terrorist / and you've expected health? Truth should come out, The Trade Market is next, Trump said!

But again, these are only the players. The real question is who controls them? And the following stories suggest some higher spiritual power may well be involved, hidden behind the elite 1%.

Coronavirus Resurrection Stories

Let's not forget that billions of spirits in the spirit world were suffering, having difficulties to breathe. They were all living in fear and isolation for centuries. And if 2020 opened the door for their resurrection, their presence will bring the same symptoms on earth. Keep that in mind and pray. Whatever it is, we want to liberate God and humanity. 

This Virus is not a joke. I'll not be surprised if it starts reviving the people instead of killing them. And guess what; If you follow the internet, you'll get enough evidence that this virus can bring dead people back to life. This was reported in documentaries and a number of pictures on Instagram.  (See further below) Not only a death family, from a plane crash, came back to life, but they did it with their 3 kids born in the period they were dead (Q suggests JFK Jn. is alive). That's a wonderful Virus-power, isn't it?

But that's not all. This virus has even more mysterious powers. It turns out, it can kill you 4 years ago. That's why it is so dangerous, so please stay home. That's right, you've heard correctly. Main news outlets showed a big number of such cases in primetime news, so you cannot try to deny it. The photo of thousands of people, victims of Coronavirus, shown in the TV news, was actually a photo from 2016. Dangerous stuff.

But well, there is a good side. The virus also made Hillary Clinton die in 2016. The news said she died and then she was back. That's good, because she has to face the court for her crimes. All we know, she was seriously ill, despite her doctor's testimony:
A medical doctor who worked as a personal physician to Bill and Hillary Clinton testifies at the military tribunals that Hillary died in 2016 from a horrible disease brought on by her own deranged behavior. But through the miracle of modern science, she was revived, and her body continues to function to this day. Video
And just as I thought I could not be surprised anymore, the shock was completed with the next news. Ventilators were not enough throughout the world, because this virus has the power to make sick even plastic doles. That's scary! Only now I understand why ventilators are not enough, they are trying to return doles to life. Talk about artificial intelligence.

I have no idea whom to believe anymore, but probably it's true, this virus is all about artificial intelligence and artificial news. Which brings me to the question, are we to live in an artificial life after all this ends. Read more...

Vatican and Global Elites Found Guilty of Child Sacrifice
Child Abuse Recovery

So What is Really Happening

It's Easter, time of death and resurrection, and it seems like the whole world is experiencing it now in 2020. The old world system is dying and the new world will be born. We hope for a better one!

As this all Coronavirus saga started I was always amazed by the media manipulation. No sick people were shown. But supposedly they were huge numbers. No sick people I could see around me, but I could always see many in past years. On top of that, statistics were not higher than the usual average, but even lower than in previous years.

All news became about this virus, while we fail to see what is really happening in the world. Searching on the internet I found many signs of the possibility of a resurrection on a cosmic scale.

That's how I've learned that supposedly JFK junior is now alive, and showing on political events. Trump-supporters are peddling bizarre videos claiming JFK Jr is alive and attending the president's rallies. Instagram was showing photos of his family with 3 kids. (Nice if true)

At the same time, the information was now out, about the Secret Service killing Kenedy, to protect the Banking Cabal. I see today much info coming out about the criminal corruption of the World Healt Organization. This comes after Hollywood's sexual abuses were finally exposed. That all sounds like a wave of very positive changes. People are now talking about the eventual collapse of the Banking fraud and the possible resurrection of Kenedy Junior, or at list his vision for a free world:
People sharing footage online believe it could mean Trump and JFK Jr have been working together on his campaign.
In 1996 JFK Jr spoke about Trump running for the presidency one day.
'I think you should be asking those questions of Donald,' Kennedy said when asked if he'd following in his father's footsteps and campaign himself one day, the New York Post reported in 2016.

The Death of the Satanic Sovereignty

Two thousand years ago Satan invested all his power to kill God's Son, but 3 days later he was resurrected. Now we see the attempt of this vicious virus to kill and paralyze humanity, yet many prophecy the birth of a new, free world

"The use of the pandemic or "infodemia" to overthrow the current global power structure proceeds smoothly, as many sources agree. There have been numerous reports of mass arrests of elite Cabal figures." I hope is true. Some of these can be confirmed by news reports. And truly, not easy, but I found some evidence for that. At the same time, on 26 of March was launched a new security satellite by the newly created Space Force. They promised disclosure of new, secret technologies that would transform our lives. See, STAGE SET FOR SECRET SPACE PROGRAM DISCLOSURE
So how real is this Cabal? Hear Keanu Reeve about breaking out of the Matrix!

True Father predicted the spread of a dangerous virus. "It will be a great judgment," he said. "It will be scarier than Noah's flood judgment." (Rev. Moon, May 10, 2009) God cannot allow this evil to continue any longer. With the Cosmic victory of our True Parents in 2020, the good forces are now to intervene and bring their end.

Hopeful Events Foretelling God's Victory

As I predicted a year ago, there will be A Consciousness Shift After 2019:
"From now until 2023 we will see many things collapse such as money, religion and government, but these changes will present an opportunity for everything to be rebuilt in humanity's best interests. Many who have been honored will fall from Grace, having been a part of the family of Dark from the beginning. Many shocking revelations to come." (Predictions 2020
What is behind Covid-19 Pandemic: Concerning the real action behind Covid-19 we read:
The well-protected strongholds of deep-state officials, many of them Satanic practitioners who often make child sacrifices, are attacked by elite military special forces under the guise of NATO exercises.

Pentagon sources for the ongoing military campaign against the SatanicMafia in the US:
"As the underground cabal bases are destroyed in Utah, New York, Idaho, California and elsewhere ... the rescued children are taken aboard Comfort and Mercy hospital ships protected by Marines."
These troops are driven against the huge demonic forces of the Illuminati in the setting of the Deep-Underground Military Base. They use advanced weapons that are unknown to others and are almost in the realm of fiction. These bases are connected to the national network of motorways and (deep-earth) tunnels using magnetic-levitating trains (magnetic cushion) reaching 27,200 km / h. Ie several times faster than an airplane. See video and maps

Even though media is controlled by them, now we see what they have done with this world:

And truly as it was reported:
"30,000 US soldiers" are "spread across the European region" exempt from the preventive provisions of Covid-19. US Abrams tanks weighing 70 tons with depleted uranium shells will participate."   
Who is to be arrested? Be amazed... 170,000 indictments opened for mass arrests. Hope and pray for as little blood and suicide casualties during the military operations and withdrawal from the adrenochrome. See also Bill Gates Crimes Against Humanity

"It's a purposeful effort for the mass arrests That's why soldures are there. These are 37,000 servicemen from 18 countries, including the United States. … Better believe that these are elite soldiers who are highly trained. They go to places where the deep state is. They penetrate their fortresses and arrest people." Video
The world will be shocked to learn that over 40,000 children were kidnapped in the United States alone each year (FBI statistics). These kids have been tortured to death by the elite to obtain a form of adrenaline, known as adrenochrome.

Prepare for what is to come: 

Prepare for what is to come. Is it good? Oh, yes! There will be a complete global meltdown. And then - restart the whole system. Trump will agree to invest $ 5 trillion in the economy, but that won't help. Once the satanic occult members are encircled, he will release Nikola Tesla's zero-point energy for the American industry.

Another source predicts:
Mankind will face the corruption of the world and ALL governments will be overthrown. After a few months, not years. I believe the worst will end by July 2020.
In general, even if you don't want to use the term "biblical" for what is happening, at least we are seeing the biggest global changes since World War II. Stay calm and pray for the best. God wins. Aju!

What will happen if some good forces do not stop that insanity? See their Plan:

"What is the prescription for healing this fractured world? It is true love." Sun Myung Moon
I believe True Parent's victory. I believe God and the good spiritual world will now have full power. We have 7 more years to work hard and expand the Culture of Heart. 



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