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Lorna Byrne's book: Guardian Angels - Stairways to Heaven

Lorna Byrne's book:
Guardian Angels - Stairways to Heaven

As a child Lorna Byrne was told by the angels that her job on this earth was to share the wisdom and knowledge of God. She reveals some of the most extraordinarily detailed information about angels and the way they work in the world. They've shown her how in the future people will live in harmony as one world family. This article also includes the astonishing messages from the spirit world uncovering the crime of Archangel Lucifer and his influence in this world.

Lorna, an uneducated mother of four, broke her silence and started to spread the angels' message. She reveals some of the most extraordinarily details about and the way Angels work in the world.  "I have been seeing and talking with Angels since I was a baby," she said. "They look so masculine.. They are vary beautiful, but they can never be as beautiful as the soul of a person, because they are only creatures, but we are sons and daughters of God."

"Guardian Angels are great teachers and they do protect us. They walk among us. They know what you need that will give you comfort and will give you a sign," she says, "but most of the time we ignore their warnings, we don't notice these signs and do the opposite." "Your guardian angel is even asking those around you to help you when you are in need."

In Stairways to Heaven Lorna tells us of the future that God envisages for us, what is good or bad, and some possible other futures, depending on the decisions we make: "One of the good futures that God has shown me is where the world becomes one nation where people live in harmony and countries keep their own individual cultures." 'Everyone must play their part', she says.

"Doesn't matter if you agree with a government or a leader, they won't change unless we pray.. That's why Angels keep asking me to pray for Peace.. So prayer is extremely powerful.. It does work. No matter what ups and downs we have in our lives, just always remember, you will get through them because of prayer, or because someone else is praying for you."

"When I see all religions, all different beliefs being gathered and brought to America by the Guardian Angels... you are part of the future, you are to lead the future world. Because Americans come from all different nation.. all races..The most important give, God has given you, is love and giving love.. Angels of prayer are there when you are praying. And God listens to all of your prayers. Doesn't matter what religion you are, the angels are gathering your prayers."

She tells the tragic love story of two spirits who stayed close to her for twenty years using Lorna's spiritual gifts to heal those who had done them wrong -- and also to heal the descendants of those wrongdoers, whose lives were still being overshadowed.

No matter how alone we may feel we have a guardian angel by our side to protect us. When asked about reincarnation she explained that she don't see such thing. Instead she often sees around a small child a soul standing ant constantly talking to it. Not knowing this, people can naturally conclude that what this spirit says to the child must be some knowledge from the child's previous life. But not! This is simply a spiritual communication.

She helps us to realize there is more to life then just the material things. Our family and our friends, that's more important. You have to remember, you can't take any material things with you beyond. When in the new future "human body and soul become one, we will become perfect and there will not be sickness or anything like that. No body will be overweight or underweight. Imagine that beauty, imagine that perfectness." That is coming in the future, Lorna explained, "when men becomes so perfect and that way makes this Earth like the Kingdom of Heaven. Then we will be enjoying life. It will be totally different." "The world is one big country. There is so much beauty in every country."

Lucifer, A Criminal Against Humanity
by Young Soon Kim Channeling Sang Hun Lee

The Existence of Lucifer

After his illicit relationship with Eve, Lucifer became separated from God. He attacked God and rebelled against God in every aspect of his life. He sowed discord everywhere he went. He planned everything so that the world of evil that began with him and Eve would be completely centered on him. He took on an aggressive character in people’s hearts that made them do the exact opposite of whatever God wanted.
If God was working in the East, Lucifer would lead people’s hearts in the opposite direction toward the West in order to create an obstacle for God. He aggressively recruited people who ran into problems while working on God’s side, and began to increase the size of his group.
On God’s side, there was no teaching about good and evil. Only the Word of God was taught. In Lucifer’s position, on the other hand, a great deal was made of the fact that God’s work was not working out well. So the group of evil was able to increase its numbers quickly, and only a few were left on the side of good (side of God).
God did not try to make excuses. Nor did He give His teachings. This is where the concept of good and the concept of evil originated. Lucifer’s influence and organization was growing, and God waited with a lonely heart for Lucifer and his group to repent for their mistakes and return to Him. He waited countless years for this to happen. These were the years of God’s grief. These were the years of pain, years of grief, and years of indignant anger. The organization of evil became stronger and the forces of good were being defeated. But during these years, God waited and waited for the appearance of true children who would shed light on the history of sin and evil. These were the years of grief in God’s heart.
How terrible it must have been for God to see that as time went on human beings developed two different hearts within themselves. These two hearts both defended and fought against each other, as human beings sought after two different masters. How God must have regretted that He ever created human beings. Still, God’s position as a parent was even more fundamental than His position as Creator. As a parent, He waited with mercy, forbearance, and love. As he did so, human beings began to seek God within their original nature and to live righteously. People sought God in different ways in accordance with the varying voices of their consciences. This is how different religions came into being. God is one. It pained Him yet again to see the rise of so many different religious groups. What is to be done with this pain of God’s heart?
The True Nature of Lucifer
Lucifer’s Fall and the March to Hell
Lucifer’s Deeds
Diseases Caused by Lucifer
Life on Earth Leading to Hell
Root of Sin and the Path that Humankind Should Go
Lorna Byrne's book: Guardian Angels - Stairways to Heaven, Archangel Lucifer


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