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AIDS News: Was the HIV Virus a Secret Plan to Cull World Population

Nearly 36 million people have died from HIV/AIDS since 1980, yet leaders and organizations ignore the fact that we can stop it. And it's easy, if only we find the way to stop the free sex culture.

Leaders are in the position of parents; responsible to care, protect, not still and enrich themselves. Yet, in history we were mostly governed by leaders sociopaths who disregarded the value of human life and waged all kind of wars. Leaders often preached human rights but had no respect for human life, they used the same human right to restrict our freedoms, invade nations, even kill helpless women and children.

Obligating us to be Vaccinated with dangerous toxins and imposing pharmaceutical pills, while actively suppressing the natural ways to heal, is just one of the examples of what's wrong today. We know corporation interests terrorize us. Petrol, prohibiting new helpful inventions is another such fact. And yes, governments did have secret bio-chemical projects. And you see, they have the power to impose it on us as mandatory - in the form of vaccinations or other toxic pills.

These are facts: In 1983 anonymous New York scientist claims AIDS was created by the Pentagon's biowepons program. He reveled the place and the method; viruses gathered from Africa and Latin America were used. In 1984 Termatologist Alan Cantwell claims AIDS created to target gay men... and originated in 1978 hepatitis B vaccine trails in New York. In 1986 another, German scientist, Jakob Segal, concludes the same by testing prisoners. These accusations were suppressed with mandatory forced disinformation. Yet, the World Health Organization confirmed AIDS originated as a simian virus in Africa. Watch the video below and see how. Outrageous!

In 1992 Tom Curtis published, "The Origin of AIDS". The investigative reporter found documents that monkey virus, SV40, was transmitted to millions of people across the world, suggesting that something similar may had happened with AIDS. This film explains the most accepted and logical theory of how the virus was spread through polio vaccination programs. And by the way, just today the news came out of a Nurse Dying After Receiving Mandatory Flu Shot. I heard so many such stories, but still people are required by law to receive vaccines or risk being fired from their job.

Few tried to refute the bellow article, but their arguments were so obviously payed spam; using MANIPULATIVE TECHNIQUES; changing the logic and fixating it on insignificant details that are not even in the article - Thus I felt compelled to include it as important additional argument. The information in it must be very important if so many tried to discredit it with lies and manipulation. And if you already did not see it, this is a cultural war. This 'killing' machine will not stop if we don't unite and stop it.

Facts we Know for Sure:

  1. Robert Charles Gallo discovered the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)
  2. US had federal virus development program, as did many other governments
  3. Many Scientists confirmed the laboratory genesis of AIDS
  4. The HIV virus was spread through polio vaccination programs in Africa
  5. They are criminally Obligating us to be Vaccinated with dangerous toxins

The HIV Virus As a Secret Plan 

to Cull World Population

Topinfo Post: 
According to Global Health Observatory, since the beginning of the epidemic, almost 71 million people have been infected with the HIV virus and about 34 million people have died of HIV globally.  Unfortunately, there are other versions of similar headlines spread with the intention to distort facts and misinform the general public. So far, there has not been any consensus by world leaders to engage experts for thorough investigation.
Dr.Robert Gallo
The Hidden Secret To Mastering Aids A medical Genocide To Wipe Out The African Race.
In April 1984, Dr. Robert Gallo filed a United States patent application for his invention, the HIV/AIDS Virus. Dr. Gallo has yet to file a lawsuit seeking to recover damages from the usage of his invention.

NOTE: As Wikipedia confirms, Robert Charles Gallo was the one who discovered the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) responsible for acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) and a major contributor to subsequent HIV research.

Federal Virus Development Program
The scientific evidence is complete and compelling, the AIDS Virus is a designer bi-product of the U.S. Special Virus program. The Special Virus program was a federal virus development program that persisted in the United States from 1962 until 1978. The U.S. Special Virus was then added as ‘compliment’ to vaccine inoculations in Africa and Manhattan. Shortly thereafter the world was overwhelmed with mass infections of a human retrovirus that differed from any known human disease, it was highly contagious and more importantly, it could kill.
A review of the Special Virus Flow Chart (“research logic”) reveals the United States was seeking a ‘virus particle’ that would negatively impact the defense mechanisms of the immune system. The program sought to modify the genome of the virus particle in which to splice in an animal “wasting disease” called “Visna”.

Scientists confirm the laboratory genesis of AIDS
According to the Proceedings of the United States of America, AIDS is an evolutionary, laboratory development of the peculiar Visna Virus, first detected in Icelandic sheep. Recently, American and world scientists confirm with 100% certainty the laboratory genesis of AIDS. This fact is further underscored when one reviews the ‘multiply-spliced’ nature of the HIV ‘tat’ gene and Dr. Gallo’s 1971 Special Virus paper, “Reverse Transcriptase of Type-C virus Particles of Human Origin”.
Dr. Gallo’s 1971 Special Virus paper is identical to his 1984 announcement of AIDS. Upon further review the record reveals that he filed his patent on AIDS, before he made the announcement with Secretary Heckler. Earlier this year, Dr. Gallo conceded his role as a ‘Project Officer’ for the federal virus development program, the Special Virus.

Secret plan to cull world populations
The Flow Chart of the program and the 15 progress reports are irrefutable evidence of the United States’ secret plan to cull world populations via the unleashing of a stealth biological microorganism that would ‘waste’ humanity. 
The eyes of the world are upon the General Accounting Office’s Health Care Team, under the direction of William J. Scanlon. Between 1964 and 1978, the secret federal virus program spent $550 million dollars of taxpayer money.
When an atrocious expose or a revelation of this magnitude is released to the public, one would expect world leaders to come out and summon emergency meeting to investigate the veracity of such claim. Not when it involves the oppressors, the set of leaders that thrive in double standards. They preach human right without respect for human life, they use the same human right to invade sovereign nations with fabricated lies to kill hapless women and children just to settle political scores, only to apologise when the truth is unravel. If such atrocity happens in less developed countries, the same hypocrite will start to shouts war crimes to high heaven and want the person prosecuted in The Hague. Reader reactions will be appreciated.



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