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The Deception: The Awakening and the Real Enemy

The Deception: Define the Real Enemy
In this satanic world of deception the most difficult part is to define who the real enemy is. This is the Awakening that occurs now  when "Satan has Been Defeated and Now his Minions are Being Rounded Up"

By Rev. Yulian UTS /  Nov. 2023 / CIG News

The official Unificationist view is that this world is under Satanic sovereignty, and we have to take it out of Satan's hands and back to God. (See, BLOODLINES GIVEN TO RULE ON BEHALF OF LUCIFER) In these CIG Reports we delve deeper into the structures of control created by Satan and how they are collapsing now after Lucifer stepped down. (See, LUCIFER REPENTED)

"The Lord of the Second Advent comes to this earth... establish one lineage, one love and one life as the tradition. When this happens, Satan will have to leave. This is done by the work of engrafting which will naturally remove our connection to Satan's lineage." (CSG - Audio)

We already explained HOW REAL AND EVIL IS SATANISM TODAY. As some one said, ""We live in time when governments have been exposed more as a criminal Cabals than as trusted experts of any kind." But the question is, is their Deep State Khazarian Mafia structure being exposed now and going down, or their plans are actually succeeding? 

Is Their Satanic Agenda Successful

This so called "Awakening" is their Satanic trick: Allows them to split the people into two fighting groups: Awakened and Not-Awakened. So they get rich and gain more control, while we fight our own beloved relatives. Clever Monsters! Lying Snakes! The algorithms are specifically designed to nurture each side with opposing information.

Video: Former FBI Chief, Ted Gunderson, exposes Satanic infiltration of our government. "There is Conspiracy," he says. This are the tactics they use: They place some people to criticize the government, who will say things that will be accepted in the Patriot circles and then these people discredit the real whistleblowers. They make the real once not to be accepted and not been able to speak to big audience.

The White Hat operatives, the high end operatives - two layers below the top guy giving them orders, are now in shock after he was eliminated by the G.I.A. force. As Kim explains, 

"There was definite realization of people that thought that they are the white hats that they are not actually white hats. And they have been promoting a dark agenda for quite some time." UNN

Indeed, when I look externally, the Satanic side is very successful and their evil agenda is overtaking the world. Trans and homo are pushed in every movie and the schools, countries are destroyed and millions forced to emigrate, vaccines caused sudden deaths, and all kind of heart and other problems (over half a billion already affected). We are squeezed to the corner and FIGHTING FOR THE RIGHT TO BE HUMAN, while our God given DNA is being attacked.

US Insurance Data: 10-15% of C19 shots suffered an injury. 1 % permanently disabled. 0.1% killed (1000 per million). The scale of dying is incredible - in 9 months 158,000 died more than expected (more than all wars since Vietnam).

A new study found that minimum 17 million people died globally because of Covid vaccinations. (1) The unknown numbers could be much higher.  

Food, water and air are also being poisoned and farmers are systematically destroyed. Our human rights are being taken, while taxation and prices are making life heavier and heavier, and banks are preparing to collapse, robbing us of our savings. All with the active support of the so called White Hats. Read, THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN

At the same time they give us the false hope for exit through BRICS and 'saviors' like Trump. This Evil Cabal always creates the problems and gives you the solution and a 'savior'. But don't be naïve: They bankrupt themselves on purpose. The plan is to push us into the Digital Currency. BRICS seems to be the Trojan Horse to achieve that and make us accept their Chinese 'gold' based digital money - for China and Russia are to lead the world into their Communist utopia of total surveillance and control.

"The Federal Reserve System is actually 'A Cartel,' not a government agency, although it has the appearance of being a government agency." Since this fact started becoming well known now the Cabal is luring us into a new, even more dangerous Digital QFS monetary system pushed through BRICS, which is Gold-backed to make us accept it.

Let's be honest, is there religious freedom or freedom of press in Russia and China? But the transition of power is planned by the Cabal. That's why the so called 'white hats' are talking of crashing down Amerika, for the transition of power to China to happen.

The scheme: As long as they have someone to blame for, they can do any terrible crimes against humanity. That's why they create terrorist groups, and criminal mafia gangs etc. Without their protection and support such groups cannot exist. Those who play White Hats exist and profit from the existence of Black Hats. While in fact they are all the same guys behind - all under the Luciferian Brotherhood controlling the earth for thousands of years.

But there are also other views, and though I'm skeptical I'm obligated to present them, hoping that somehow God and the good spirit world are working even through them to liberate humanity. Even if their views and promises are false and with misleading intention, I pray that God can use that to fulfill His Will. At the end, as The Divine Principle explains, this is a SPIRITUAL WARFARE.

Is the Narrative of the Patriot - Awakening Movement False or True

"Yesterday the operatives running the White Hats discovered they have been working for the Dark Side the whole time." UNN

Unable to completely control the truth coming out in the Internet of their evil doings, the Satanic Corporation did what they do best, infiltrate this truth movement and control the narrative towards their own end result. I studied them for so long, curious of how exposing the truth of themselves they are planning to win at the end. What did I find so far?

Few warnings about their views: (1) All of their spokesman are agents from secret agencies (CIA / DARPA and so on). (2) Their moral standing is not clear, despite some pretending to be Christians: For example, Queen Romana openly admitted that in the new system there will be nor religions. Others, like Kimberly (Kim) approves on homosexual couples adopting children, and holds the Satanic believe that good and evil have to rain together, to be balance. Banjamin Fulford is openly the spokesman of some Asian Dragon families and mafia people. (3) Many of them, like Trump-team and all those QFS / RV prophets are just focused on squeezing money out of people with false promises. (4) From many sources is coming out that all this Awakening is operation of the Black Sun Cult.

 (5) In so many of their sessions they talk false negativities against the Unificationism. (see 8 min) But since the Asian Dragon Families (essential part of the Cabal's Illuminati brotherhood) are behind this negativities, we can easily understand that Unificationists obviously are doing something good, influencing many former and present politicians in a positive way (away from the Satanic agenda). And remember, the Uniuficationists have some of the most influential newspapers in Japan, Korea, US and some other countries, that are not Left, not Cabal owned, awakening the world for the last 4 decades, specially recognized for exposing and blocking the Cabal's world Communization agenda. 

QUESTION: Did the real Trump really die in 2022?

Looks like, according to his relatives. But I felt it at that time, that they changed him and the original was gone. So I had strong suspicion he was dead.

But anyways, as I repeat from the beginning - he is only a face for the Space Force (and behind them are the Black Sun cult) They are both behind the Awakening movement and behind all the evil that happens across the globe. But seems like they are faced with greater competitor in the face of the Global Repository military GIA force. And now it seems they will have to cooperate or kill each other for the control of the money. Yet both sides are coming up with great promises about bringing a better world.

My personal observation is that with all these scare facts about trafficking and corruption they are preparing the narrative to falsely accuse small groups like us and one by one eliminate them, just as they are systematically eliminating all the small businesses in the last 7 years. All this with the end goal to firmly establish their Satanic control over the world. 

Just notice, they replaced most of the world presidents with puppet actors and pushed them to do more obvious evil, to push quickly their Satanic agenda. At the end they will expose that only to make us accept their new Satanic system of control. They openly say this is a peaceful transition to a Global Military control. 

UNN Report: "The US Space Force are part of the problem, not the solution," Kim says. They want access to all AI systems. She reports of several terrorist attacks made under the orders of the Space Force.  "This was the beginning of a set up for Martial Law in the US with the intention to put the Space Force in charge. However, that will not happen," Kim says. 

The Cabal programs use the goodness of humanity to do evil

The reason that the Evil guys are doing this Awakening is so that they can present the Solution... and thus trick everyone to accept it. Their usual trick. Pretending thus to be the good guys, they are controlling the real opposition, and are free to do even more obvious evil while pretending to be the Saviors. 

Most of these operatives probably also believe they are doing something good. For example: The soldiers go out believing they are fighting the evil, sacrificing for a good cause. Deep State Operatives believe they are White Hats awakening people, fighting for God. They may honestly believe they are doing the right thing. And sure some of their promises are good. In fact, too good to be true:

Those who spread the Chemtrails believe that these are positive things, not knowing how toxic and damaging are these toxins for humanity. While in fact, all the enemies are created for you. If you go up in the ranks you learn that the same person who send you to fight this enemy is the one who created that enemy. 

That was always Satan's strategy; divide people, make them believe they are enemies and fight each other, while the Satanic Elite on the earth only profits from that. (Read, THE ILLUSION SO VAST TO ESCAPE OUR PERCEPTION) Busy to fight each other we don't even see their evil hand behind. Knowing they cannot hide their evil in this age they use the same tactic with the Awakening movement.

On the other side, according to the Principle, "Since the satanic side mimics in advance the providence of God, we may expect..." that they will try to imitate God's plan for this age of CIG:

"Throughout the course of the providence, Satan was defectively mimicking an aspect of the Principle ahead of its realization by God." (In) "Satan’s last desperate struggle to preserve his sovereignty... Satan has been building defective, unprincipled imitations of God’s ideal world."  Divine Principle

Therefore - for now we are following their reports and learning a lot of how Satanism works. So here we go with their views on the situation. Also this helps us understand how God is working behind the scene. Remember, even the evil forces, without realizing it, are assisting the fulfilment of God's Will. See, GOOD AND EVIL WORK TOGETHER TO ABOLISH THE OLD WORLD PARADIGM:

Fulford: "Their big plans, made decades in advance, aren't working... in Ukraine, they have been for centuries planning to rebuild the ancient kingdom of Khazaria, as a Satanic state, to rule the world from."

This plan is failing, he says. Top Ukrainian general has declared a war on Zelenski and his clique. "They are aware that they have been genocided by their leaders in order to depopulate Ukraine and create a homeland for the Khazarians. And that part of the plan is not working."

"We have increasing signs of war crime tribunals." Fulford

"Putin has won the war and exposed the bio-weapon labs in Ukraine," they say. But I don't think the plan is failing. They displaced over 14 million Ukrainians, cleaning the territories for their new Jewish nation. The plan is slowly but surely being implemented.

The other plan that is failing is Israel, Fulford explains. "They were trying to provoke all the neighboring countries to attack Israel, in order to force the Jews there to evacuate to their new kingdom in the Ukraine." And for sure all media is now exposing the Israeli crimes against the Palestinians. 

The narrative of the White Hats 

The US spokesman of the Military of Defense explained that "Trump ordered the National Guard because of national emergency... a million National Guard, and they are all around the Globe. We are still under that national emergency." And she was told, "Space Force is very real." 

"Air Martial came life in 2021 to announce UK Space Force and the Military Global Alliance is very, very real. With the Russians doing the hard uplifting. Major General William Walker announced life on morning News... 'We are here to provide a smooth transition to a Military Power.' Weeks later, 9 of the 11 heads of the Pentagon were retired." (34:30 min)

According to her, "It's not just the Military, not the Tribunals... there are allots of ways ways people are being taken out - rendered purposefully impotent." Asked if she see Military Tribunals in the future, she answered, "They have been going on." 

There are bigger things happening behind the scene, that we are not aware of. "Everything happens in God's time. It's not about the revenge," she added. "I know that what needs to be taken care of, whether it is taking of the money or the property of someone or sequestering them away, it's happening." 

In addition, we see the signs of the Monarchy been broke. So we are watching the old guard just crumble as we are shifting to this new paradigm. There are 7 civilians and the Military, "they are the only once to have the full picture." 

Video: Ricardo Bossi explaining how they changed the Court Martial Manual to be able to dismantle the Deep State, dismantle the Cabal. So that they can charge everybody that needs to be charged, including civilians. "This time no body escapes... they are all going down," he says. 

Cleaning Operations in Israel and Gaza

They claim that the Alliance is now cleaning the trafficking network both in Israel and Gaza at the same time. The suggestion is that they are already controlling Netanyahu and the military there and cleaning the rest of the Deep State structures, by saying:

"Gaza is one of the largest organ harvesting operations. To interrupt that... disempower and destroy that structure... Israeli Navy have blockaded Gaza for so long." SG

Gaza's Hamas Tunnel System has 1300 tunnels spanning 500 km, 80 meters underground. The tunnel system has multiple levels, buildings for personnel and rocket launches, Control Center for Hamas, storage for weapons, with quick escape tunnel to the Gaza Metro. 

Hamas was created by the CIA and funded by Benjamin Netanyahu. They created the problem and then make money off it. The map shows how using Hamas as excuse they were genociding the Palestinians. For the first time now the media is exposing that.

"Most of the British Parliament has already been arrested." 

And for the US, "The Trump Team" already prepared "57K new people for a government change after draining the Swamp... as the next conservative Administration to govern at 12:00 noon, January 20, 2025." 

The Illuminati Trying to Negotiate with the Alliance

The Illuminati Council has given the new head of the Committee of 300 (who replaced Queen Elizabeth the power to negotiate with the Alliance, Fulford reported. The Alliance responded with the following demands:

1. A jubilee must be performed, as a one-time remission of all debts, public and private.

2. The wealth of the world – stolen by creating money out of thin air and charging “interest” on it – must be returned to the people.

3. Post-war Western-led institutions such as BIS, IMF, World Bank, UN, etc. must be replaced with something that actually serves the people of the planet.

4. All technologies such as hydrogen and anti-gravity that were suppressed by the Khazarian Mafia should be given to the public.

5. A massive campaign must be launched to eradicate poverty and stop environmental destruction.

6. Democracy, freedom of the press and the rule of law must be restored in the Western countries hijacked by the Khazarian Mafia.

7. The real hidden history of the planet must be revealed to the people in all major media.

However, Kim and other sources say, that will not happen. Instead, she forces them to admit to the public that the real Trump died in 2022. These political games that divide us have to stop. The Space Force that is behind Trump, Musk and are trying to get control through this Awakening, were in fact created by the Secret Space Force (the secret military of the Cabal), Kim explains. Once their black funding was stopped by the Global Repository they created the official US Space Force to get huge founding.

But is God using that process in some way? We know that we now live in the Age of God's Direct Dominion - CIG. As Father Moon explained:

"The spirit world is taking advantage of this time... My work is so well-established on the earth now that spirit world is gradually descending to make a settlement here. Until now, that was not possible... Our ancestry as well as Heung Jin will be able to help us win. They help us know what to do, how to do it, giving us constant advice, so that they too can be settled on the face of the earth." Sun Myung Moon

The Global Repository Contrary Position

Kim, from the Global Repository has her explanation on the situation. The angelic spirit world interferes. There is no lying to them, they can read your intend. Banks will be protected, BRICS, RV and other money systems cannot succeed. No more false promises of fake money next Monday or next week, said Kim. The unrepairable govts/militaries, FED etc. will be gone. This Alliance is from the Black Sun Cult she explains. In just few days, she said, most of the 1 million on their list were send to Source. In a month, she says, "I (as a Grand Command) will be the president of each nation, during this transition." 

BREACKING: Already the White house was taken (by GIA - the Global Repository force), Kim said, and the Chinese Deep State generals were kicked out of there. "This will be done to each country," Kim said. "Either they comply or they will die." They are moving very, very quickly. They already have removed or changed the boards of the media companies in preparation for what is to come. Congress will also be complying with what they are supposed to announce. 

"Word went around of the disappearance of millions of Deep State people around the world." Kimberly 

When Satan joins to destroy his own previously established social order

As the Principle states:

"the satanic side tries to realize these ideals in advance by building an imitation of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth." DP

We may wonder why the operatives of the Satanic side seems to be fighting to expose and destroy previous system of control. 

"When the prevailing social order obstructs the formation of new societies, including those furthering Satan’s goals, Satan joins in the fight to destroy it... (for it) had become an obstacle to both Satan’s side and God’s side... Satan’s side also benefited from the collapse..." DP

In this case, the old Banking system is obstacle for the Satanic side, so they join to collapse it and to expose it's Khazarian-Jew, Satan worshiping Oligarchy. They themselves are exposing the vices of the Democratic political system, the Royal families, all that is hindering them to usher their New World Order system based on Military control, new technologies and digital money. 

QUESTION: Why the Khazarian Zionists pretend to be Jews?

The Nistory of Zionism: The fake Khazarian Mafia Jews of Babylonia Talmudic Slavic ethnicity who pretended to practice the Jewish religion, while in reality practiced Magic and ritual worship of Satan. This Rothschild family's Khazarian Mafia paid out the British Government to reform Israel under the Zionist Foundation.

In other words, the Deep State Cabal set up the Zionist Movement to create a privately owned Headquarters in Israel for their Child Sex Trafficking, Organ, and Adrenochrome Harvesting Ring - that was funded by US Taxpayers through politicians loyal to the Zionist Cult.

That contract with the British Government ended on Tues. 31 Oct. Halloween - which instigated the present war in Israel aiming to take full control of the land, kick out the Palestinians, while gaining more sympathy for US taxpayers to continue funding Israel.  (4:20 min)

So, the once who are hoping that putting another president will change something in this world, it's not. 

So, can we define the real enemy today? Some of them may confuse you! Who's version of the reality is true or false? Are we misled to support the evil guys, thinking they are our heroes? At the end of the day we can trust only that God and the good spirit world are active, and we should fulfill our own portion of responsibility. See, REV. MOON'S FIGHT TO SUBJUGATE THE OUR DAY SATANIC INFILTRATION

"Wherever you go, whatever you do, if you fight a hundred times, you'll win a hundred victories. No defeat is possible... God can bring immediate victorious result every time..." Sun Myung Moon

Could it be that Kimberly's statement is true? She just announced that, "we would be allowed for the first time in history... to go to a 100% light system - positive." Yes, we have to deal with some genetic issues, with people who want power over earth... but the less and less dark consciousness is able to affect this planet the less we would see crazy."

Satan has Been Defeated and Now his Minions are Being Rounded Up

And yes, this is the title of one of the Fulford report from November 23, 2023. Benjamin Fulford reported: "Satan has Been Defeated and Now his Minions are Being Rounded Up" In his words, "Something fundamental has happened at the highest levels of world power. Satan -as in an ancient cult of human slavers- has been defeated and now a mopping-up operation is underway. The signs are everywhere."

REMARK: Humanity was forced into the Fall by the power of False Unprinciple Love. Satan was forced to surrender by True Love. When true family and true lineage appeared he was forced by the Principle - because he lost the right over the lineage.

Let us look at what has been defeated. Here are quotes from the Fulford report:

"Asian secret societies hand-drawn chart of their power structure. 

At the top is the star of Satan (misleadingly called the Star of David) and directly underneath you find Switzerland and the Federal Reserve Board. The Babylonian god-king at the top of this structure was David Rockefeller. Under his direct control, you see Japan, Mexico, Canada, Africa, America, Iran, Greece, England, Russia and Mongolia.

On the left side, you see Queen Elizabeth and the European Commission (now the EU). Beneath her, you find the City of London and something called properties (presumably Crown land including most of Australia and Canada). On the right, you see France and hanging next to it the Fortune 500.

What has happened in 2023. England under Queen Elizabeth split off, hence Brexit... France has also split off. 

Russia, of course, also split off when Czarists loyal to the Orthodox Church killed 200 Satanist oligarchs and exiled many others before placing the Avatar Vladimir Putin in charge.  

Africa has also split off, which is why almost nobody submitted to vaccinations on that continent. The Russians have been providing military support for newly independent African countries. The Chinese have provided economic support. The British Commonwealth African countries are also independent.

Next, let us look at Germany. After George Bush Sr. and most of his family were executed for treason, the new Fuhrer became, according to the elders of the Black Sun Organization, Elon Musk. Donald Trump (the real one, not the fake one), is allied with this group.

Japan and the Korean Peninsula are now a battleground with the Rockefeller clan fighting (and losing) a rear-guard action to stay in control.

So, that leaves David Rockefeller Jr. an inheritance that now consists of the United States Corporation under the fake President Joe Biden, Canada under Castrudeau and many of the Fortune 500 companies. His politburo is the Swiss-based Octagon group. Politburo member Klaus Schwab Rothschild may have been trying to oust Jr. with his “great reset” plan. He failed.  

In other words, much of the news events of the past several years can be seen as the Rockefeller clan fighting to stay in power. This is why the first thing they did when they stole the 2020 election was cancel the Keystone pipeline to stop the US from buying non-Rockefeller oil from Canada. They also blew up the Nordstream II pipeline in order to force the Europeans to buy Rockefeller oil and gas at twice the Russian price.

Now it turns out one of the big reasons for the ongoing genocide in Gaza is to secure the huge gas reserves found there. The map above illustrates this." 

He also points out “Russia, the most sanctioned country in the world ends 2023 with a $75 billion profit…The US, the most indebted country in the world will end 2023 with a loss of $2 trillion.” 

Two possible ways of Bringing Satan to Submission

One way to bring Satan’s side to surrender is through armed conflict. However, at the conclusion of the conflict, there should come an ideal world in which all humanity is to rejoice together. This can never be built merely by defeating enemies in battle. Afterward, they must be brought to submission internally, that everyone may be reconciled and rejoice sincerely from the bottom of their hearts. To accomplish this, there must come a perfect ideology which can satisfy the desires of the original nature of all people.
The other way this war may be fought is as a wholly internal, ideological conflict, without the outbreak of armed hostilities, to bring Satan’s world to submission and unification in a short time. People are rational beings. Therefore, a perfect, unified world can be established only when people submit to one another and participate in unification through a profound reawakening." Divine Principle

Read the article THE TRUE MEANING OF THE MESSIAH. Isn't that a fulfilment of the Principle:

"Human history under Satan’s evil sovereignty will end with the Second Advent of Christ. Then it will be transformed into the history of humanity abiding in the realm of God’s good sovereignty. At that time, Satan will put up a last-ditch fight." ... Similarly, in the Last Days, Satan has been putting up his last struggle to undermine God’s side as it has prepared itself to embark upon the worldwide course to restore Canaan." Divine Principle

As these last extreme efforts of the Satanic side are becoming more and more obvious, more and more people are desperate in their desire to get out of this Satanic control of our society. The satanic side is desperately trying to rise the banner of awakening themselves, so that they can control the narrative. But our determination to get out grows even bigger. As Father said,

"You know that you are willing to die rather than return to Satan, so that is your source of absolute confidence. Remember these two points: strong love of God and no reconciliation with Satan. With absolute confidence in these points, you can win the victory every time you fight. Sun Myung Moon

The most amazing power of the human soul is that we can envision the future. That's the beginning of creating it. Do not consent the Satanic future, see the ideal future God designed for us.

At that point, there will be no more borderlines on earth. That means people will be able to move around anywhere they wish, just as they were created to do. This will be the case both on earth and in spirit world-there will be no boundaries. Spirit world will be able to come to earth anytime it wishes." Sun Myung Moon


Yes, very strong!!!
But True Mother said that she needed Trump for the reunification of Korea, do you remember? Paula White, her spiritual mentor, also supports True Mother.
Paula White has expressed that Trump converted to Jesus.
We know that the entire lineage of all history comes from Satan, that's how it is.

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