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2020: From Darkness to Light (CHOSEN)

From Darkness to Light

Father Moon promised to make all the secrets revealed from the Spirit World; as for who have killed Kennedy (assassinated by the Cabal, after creating a new department to bring their end). In the last 7 years (2012-2019), he was educating the Spirit World, to come and help end the evil on earth.

We all recognize that something is shifting. Humanity will not stay the same after this Pandemic. No one can hide who they are in this new and higher vibrations. No matter how hard they try. The old tactics no longer work. The negative people can no longer hide it. We can see who they are. Global elites were finally being held responsible for their crimes. All the evil influence will be removed, and new technologies will be revealed from now on. See, SECRET SPACE PROGRAM DISCLOSURE

Time of great revealing: Humanity will move towards complete disarmament. A new type of government will appear. Many things will come out till the end of this year - many truths. Shocking facts of long-hidden secrets. We all will need to help each other. Our true and good human nature is to prevail. See, AGE OF THE UNION OF THE SPIRITUAL AND THE PHYSICAL WORLDS

Vibrations are raising - everything is driven by vibrations. We are leaving one world behind and we are moving into a new reality. Don't be resistant, the old rules will not apply anymore. The earth is heading towards ascension - it's happening so quickly; Many will have brake through - Time to be, not just do. Things will change so quickly - what's important will change. Radical changes - shifts in society. See, GOD'S LOVE: TRANSCENDING ALL NATIONS AND BORDERS

"We'll see world peace, we already entered it. Some nations will clean up... for what they have done wrong before. As we see in the United States. It's cleanup time... we see the evolution in science and technology, and a lot of things in the next 3 to 5 years will not be what we see, what we know today. We will not see armies. The knowledge brought out will make the present arms obsolete." Keshe

We are at the End of 

the Eternal Spiritual War
So many of our fellow citizens have been fooled by the lies of the enemy. They need to wake up and face the truth... truth that is bad and really ugly.

This spiritual war can be traced to the earliest shadows of human history. When you see the depravity brought by the global ctrl-left, you find its origins in the conflict of the human mind and body, resultant from the Fall. Evil flourishes when the righteous remain ignorant, the Principle explains. Father Moon told us, that we should be the first to research and understand.

You have no idea of what is about to come. It's big. It's huge. It's shocking. It's awesome. So wake up - learn the truth about the Satanic Control of the Earth because you will be a witness of its demise. Please sit back and enjoy the show, once the truth starts to be revealed. We were living in a world of false illusions, designed to keep us in permanent suffering. God cannot allow that any longer. Become part of God's victory.

Best Documentary study on the History of Satanism: Who really pulls the strings behind the politicians and how this Satanic Cabal came into power: PART 2 / PART 3 / PART 4

Black Lyes Matter

This is the final stage of the war with the 'Invisible Enemy'. What you see now happening in US is not because these luters can achieve something. It is to give the illusion of having this freedom, so that the good side can hunt all their leaders and operatives, at the same time exposing their real agenda and thus wake up the sleeping society. 

We presumed our politicians will protect our rights and have the best interest of our society. We presumed wrongly. Those who came in power were only the ones filial to the Satanic Shadow Government. In recent years came prevailing evidence of their satanic practices; pedophilia, combined with torture, child sacrifice, and cannibalism.

No wonder all sorts of immoral behavior was imposed on us and our children through every possible means; media, entertainment, organizations, and governments - all owned by this Cabal. For example, authorities routinely laced homeless children with pedophile men as foster parents (1). There was a network that included high-ranking academic members of major Universities.
"Investigation is going on Sorus's activities. His hundreds of organizations advocating extreme liberal leftist policies; for brake down of traditional institutions and values. They engage young people in violent protests; assaulting, burning and luting. (2
Cynically using George Floyd’s killing as an excuse to destabilize society, destroy Christian values and push for a Marxist revolution. Their biggest supporters is George Soros.

Now we see the result of this education expressed in the ANTIFA riots and the Black Lyes Matter. Anarchist organizations sponsored by Sorus promote socialist ideas mixed with pedophilia, under the so-called LGBT rights.

Texas Antifa movement, self-described Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, wrote, "Revolution means the long fight for communism and nothing less.”. We see multiple reports on their confrontational and often armed demonstrations on their website.

The real question is, why academics and the Banking Cabal are pushing the world towards Communist New World Order? Was not their aim for Global Communist Victory that was prevented in the 80s when Rev. Moon brought the collapse of their Marxist Totalitarian Regimes?

But first, you have to know who is actually controlling the world and why they sponsored the 1917 Red Revolution (4). That will clarify everything. Knowing who is behind, you will connect the dots between humanism (relativism) - materialism - left-liberalism - abolition of the family (free sex & transgender) - atheism, satanism, and pedophilia. They all come from the same source, controlled spiritually by Satan (literally - direct embodiment).

Who was Controlling the World

To understand the external events one has to know who are the main forces controlling the world behind the scene, and what are their aims. See, Khazars and the Communist-Globalist Revolution and how Wall Street Funded the Bolshevik Revolution, to gain complete control over the world. They devised the hoax about the Holocaust, to hide behind while themselves destroying humanity.
“It is the principle that God works his will on Earth through human beings. God used The Washington Times to help bring an end to the most pernicious worldwide dictatorship in history and gave freedom to tens of millions of people.” Sun Myung Moon
Rev. Moon blocked their plan of Global Communization by exposing their false ideology through The Washington Times and VOC (2)(3). That brought to the end of the Communist regimes but did not end the agenda of the Cabal, pulling the strings from the shadows. The cultural war went to further extremes, timing demoralization - revolution - communication. See, THE DECLINE BROUGHT BY THE CULTURAL MARXISM

Now President Trump is destroying their Occult Shadow Government, exposing their pedophile rings and false Banking structures. Numerous good forces, both from the physical and the spiritual world, are behind this process.

After the Rockefeller's head died in 2019 (most probably indicted for crimes against humanity), reports come of the Jesuit and Malta lineages also being destroyed. Arrests of all pedophile Cardinals in the Vatican were followed with confiscation of immense amounts of gold (in underground facilities at the Vatican and in tunnels connecting it directly with Jerusalem and Egypt Pyramids). Read, LIBERATING  HUMANITY

The truth of all Dark Lineages that controlled the world now comes out. Look at Obama’s royal Illuminati lineage.... you can see he has English, German, and French royal blood. He was chosen by the Council of 13 as Cabal's chosen president of America.

Not only you would soon learn that he was an illegitimate descendant of Rockefeller, but you'll see numerous photos, videos, and documents of his early training in Terrorist camps. No wonder Obama allow the Islamic terror group ISIS to run wild. No wonder all those awarded by him are indicted by the Military Tribune for pedophilia and crimes against humanity.

Documentary: Communism was created by the Zionist Satanic Cabal, based on the Jesuit Satanistic ideology. Lenin was a Jesuit. Marx was a Jesuit, given the mission to ideologically put all socialists under the Zionist agenda (Khazarian Satanic Mafia). Rothchild paid the Red Revolution 1917. 

How they Controlled the World

And if you want to know how deep the corruption goes on high levels just follow the money. Through the Banks, they controlled the Politicians. Politicians controlled the people. Their front-persons like Sorus controlled the organizations. These Bankers were behind all depressions, all wars, all poverty, and all sickness pandemics. They profited from our misery and suffering.

The main media and the big corporations were under selected by them puppets. Through the control of money, resources, laws, and information, we were all under complete Satanic Sovereignty, originating from the beginning of history. Isn't that what the Principle was trying to explain to us?

The world was controlled by 13 lineages of 'Black Nobility'. They manipulated the world through the Banking system and the 6 Global Corporations that possess 95% of all businesses, including the media. The world was governed as a big corporation with 3 centers; London as the Banking Capital of Rothschild, the USA as their Military force, and the Vatican as their spiritual center. Democracy was just as a cover - to entertain the illusion of freedom. See, ENDING THE BANKING CARTEL

Manipulated in Submission

The power structures of Free Masons and the Vatican were important, as every Western pyramidal power structure, such as the military and government bureaucracy, is controlled by them. This also applies to medical, dental and architectural associations, etc., including people who have high salaries thanks to "licenses". Pedophilia was the glue in their high-ranks allowing no moral person to ever enter and learn what and how are they doing. And wasn't the Fall a pedophile act of Lucifer, to begin with.
"The slave cannot be freed if he does not wish that for himself." 
Where are we now? In the coming world revolution, if the momentum of recent rapid developments is maintained, we envisage the complete abolition of what is commonly referred to as the "world shadow government", "ruling class" of "dark nobility," or the "elite." Be absolutely sure of God's complete victory. This is the glorious moment when humanity is to learn the painful truth and be finally liberated.

Video: Why Communism is the Deep State mind control Cult / Ander the pretense of Atheism they undermine the human value and allow the Elite's goals to become a reality. Think total control, think killing millions without court case or remorse. 

The Cooking of Humanity

To understand why God could not allow their evil control to continue you have to understand their plans. As Divine Principle explains, first we have to know the identity of Satan and be able to expose his crimes against humanity. See, HISTORY OF SATANISM

The final battle, Divine Principle explains, was ideological. This final expression of the war between God and Satan was a war to kill human spirituality and impose Godless Satanic Totalitarianism. The Cabal controlling the world was behind Nazism and behind Communism.

What the elite used this money is for the 'cooking of humanity' with their new microwave weapons, chemtrails with nano dust and toxic chemistry, plus the vaccination programs.  Everything part of their depopulation scheme. See, NASA's War Documents to grasp that is Trump is now fighting for our lives. This video shows documents revealing the grand depopulation plan in motion.

Plane for World Satanic Control

The Cabal was planning to make the final step towards a Global World Totalitarian regime. China was to be their model. The Coronavirus pandemic was to paralyze humanity and allow them to make permanent dictatorial control, imposing vaccines with tracking nanotech, capable of killing you if you disobey. See also the US-China Trade War

According to their own document from 2014, all churches were to be transformed into Satanic temples, worshiping the Antichrist. Such a church was built in Russia, praising the Revolution and Stalin.

Paid by Soros army of Antifa and alike, were to take over our cities with the support of the Democratic left governments. See their Communist slogans and posters with Stalin. All in all, we are witnessing the collapse of the left ideas - the collapse of the Democratic party in US.

Several Attempts to Uproot Satanism

Baal worshiping, in the Bible, was pretty much what you see now happening with all this satanic group, with raping and sacrificing children, really bad stuff. God called him to become king and eradicate the king's family and all the Baal worshipers. At the end of his life, God rewarded him for that. But he didn't eradicate the other idol worshipers and Satanism still continued in Israel.
"Elisha destroyed King Ahab's family and all the Baal worshipers in Israel... performed many miracles and called the people of Israel to return to God"
Constantine was the Emperor to destroy the Satan-worshiping rulers and make Christianity accepted. Uprooting Satanism was a long and difficult process. In less than 1000 of years, the Church was invaded itself by Satanic practices. Ritual rape and child sacrifice was practiced even by some popes. The Reformation tried to separate from that. There was a 100-year war. Yet many Protestant Ministers today have sold their soles to the Devil and Christianity was unable to respond to the growing Satanism in the world. If Rev. Moon did not interfere, Atheistic Communism would have overtaken the world by now.

Today we see Trump doing just that, eliminating the pedophile, blood-drinking elite. And hopefully this time he finishes the job till the end. At the same time, the True Parents of humanity have prepared a worldwide foundation for the transition into the Era of True Families.

Court found the Queen, Ratzinger and 37 global elites guilty of Ritual Murders 

Children and teens were stripped naked, sexually abused, hunted down and killed by European royalty and other global elites. Over 500 000 indictments.

Teams were on Standby since 2017, waiting for green light to start the arrests. We are at war right now fighting for the life of humanity; fighting to end this evil.

On Feb. 25 2013 six judges of a Brussels common law court found the Queen, Cameron, Ratzinger and 37 other global elites guilty in the disappearance of 50,000 Canadian indigent children. Cases were prosecuted by the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State, ITCCS.  In Feb. 2013 Catholic Pope Joseph Ratzinger resigned within days of being issued his arrest warrant. Evidence presented could be reviewed in “Hidden No Longer” and ChildAbuseRecovery.

All testimonies and evidence point to a Ritual Satanic Practices. Mell Gibson spoke many times of the same Occult Rituals practiced by the elite in Hollywood. "They are addicted to blood-drinking," he said. One of his movies was dedicated to such practices in South America. The biggest mass-grave with 800 thousand ritually sacrificed children was recently found in Peru.

We all know the same Satanic practices were prevalent in Egypt and Babylon's civilizations. It was always God's people who had the task to eradicate this Satanism and establish a pure, Godly culture of faithful love and true families.

"Now, all of Satan’s world must be struck." CSG

Vatican and Global Elites Found Guilty of Child Sacrifice
Child Abuse Recovery

The International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels handed down guilty verdicts on various global elites. Children and teens were stripped naked, sexually abused, hunted down and killed by European royalty and other global elites. Read, Paedophilia: Enough Evidence against the Queen of England and Her Prime Minister

Silent Military Tribunal Court Cases

For the last few months, Trump is fighting this Deep State. They had thousands of military bases deep underground (3); Connected with super-fast margrave trains. These DUMBS are where the secrets of their New World Order's depopulation program lie. 100 000 children were rescued in tunnels under the Clinton Foundation. Nearly 80% of these underground bases were destroyed or captured. That's why these top-elite figures could be arrested under the cover of Covid-19.

As a result, now the chemtrails were stopped, 5-G was stopped, Vaccinations were exposed, and criminals from untouchable elite ranks were sent to Military Tribunal. It's kept secret since US is in a declared war situation. They are still planning what is the best way to make this publicly revealed since for those still asleep it will be unbearable shock. Many indictments were already shown on official pages, but not in the media. See, THE PLAN TO SAVE THE WORLD

The Biblical history is describing the attempt to overthrow the Satanic control over this world. God had to raise people who could stand up against the Satanic control dominating humanity as slaves. Took him thousands of years to find one family to start; expand it into tribe and nation in a few hundred years period.
  • Abraham destroyed the Satanic idols and moved out after God's call
  • Moses led his descendants out of the Satanic culture of Egypt
  • Israelites fought against the Canaanite Satanist culture
  • Jesus was substantially to lead humanity out of it, but was killed before even marrying
  • Rev. Moon was asked by Jesus to end it by raising the Culture of True Families
  • The Alliance moved to physically arrest and destroy all pedophile Satanic practicing lineages

Colonel Riccardo Bosi - Australian Special Forces

"The top level of filth that's been running the planet has been taken out. The middle order are now panicking and running. The middle order is running the Presidents and Prime Ministers. Heads of the public service for example, they are all panicking and running on each other. They did get an offer. And the offer is, "cooperate". Most of them do. All these useful idiots at the bottom."  

The Spiritual War

"What is the most fearful is just to have all the evil spirits attacking the physical world... Without fighting in the visible world and defeating Satan, no road will emerge by which we can make progress in the spirit world. Without this, we would surely face obstacles."Rev. Sun Myung Moon - CSG

You have to understand this Satanic Cabal was plotting to keep humanity sick because they followed Lucifer. Read, Diseases Caused By Lucifer. Bill Gates' ancestors were involved in depopulation for 200 years. They were always involved in poisoning humanity. And he was prepared for this satanic mission from childhood. (See video) Dr. Lawrence Palevsky clearly testifies that Unvaccinated Children Are “The Healthiest Children I’ve Ever Seen”

But he is only a front-person, representing the views and the agenda of these 20 people, dominating the world. And what do they say?
“In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation.” Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, Committee of 300 Member
These people more than believe this, they know it's true. They practiced enough satanic rituals, pedophile rape and murder, to know what they are; vampires in this world and deadly viruses, once they go to the spirit world. Their very existence even in their earthly life is one of a deadly virus for humanity. They were propagating the legacy of eugenicists (Depopulation) for centuries. But do you know how Evil Spirits invading our bodies control us?
Once, faced with very manipulative spirit, with incredible evil mental power, I wanted to face him and see who is doing it. I was shocked to see a tiny virus-like creature inside the body, manipulating my thoughts.
God asked me to open my spiritual senses for 100 days so that I can see the evil spirits in the body and understand how they manipulate our bodies to go against God's will. When you look spiritually, sicknesses are seen as attacks by spirits with very low, negative energy. Their presence in your field automatically disturbs your frequency and makes you sick. Father said,
"In the progress towards the original world... good spirits are fighting their way towards it, and evil spirits are struggling to block the way. The evil spiritual world and evil physical world are in a constant communication. Good spirits are the ones who were opposed and persecuted in the sinful world." Sun Myung Moon, Earthly Life and Spirit World II
Respond to Jesus' Call

Jesus appeared to a Korean boy at the age of 16. He revealed to him God's painful situation. God was unable to liberate and embrace his children because the world was under Satan's complete control. The young boy determined to liberate God's heart and asked for 40 years to making the foundation to liberate humanity of this Satanic control. Read, How Jesus Led me to the Lord of the Second Advent

He worked tirelessly to unite Christianity and all other religions, but they were infiltrated by this Satanic Cabal and went against him. Instead of liberating the world immediately after the WWII, when Christianity was prepared, the liberation was prolonged, since the Cabal infiltrated the UN and the World Bank. In 1982 he established the Washington Times, to expose the truth. He created Victory Over Communism and helped Reagen to become a president and end the Cold War. 

40 years after his Marriage he successfully restored 400 million families in God's lineage. This was the reason why Lucifer had to step down in 1999. From 2000 till 2012 he made the required world foundation for abolishing the Satanic sovereignty by educating world leaders, former presidents, directors of secret service, and religious elite of all faith.

This Peacemaker and Unifier's name is Sun Myung Moon. He created a vast network of hundreds of organizations, encompassing all walks of life capable to transform the Satanic Sovereignty into God's World of Love. See, Culture of Heart: The Revolution in Love and Consciousness

I was there when Father Moon told us, that once he goes in the spirit world he will make all the truth of the events be told on the earth; who killed JFK was one of those mentioned. You've probably read my testimony, describing the situation in the spirit world. In the last 7 years (2012-2019), he worked to unite the Spirit world, to come and help end the evil on earth. He mobilized all the leaders and religious founders from the realm of Paradise to descend with full power in 2015.

Nelson Mandela, in a spiritual message, describes the number of historic figures who now support Reverend Moon's efforts from the spiritual world. "Many humanitarians and moral leaders here in the spiritual world are working with Rev. Moon", Mandela explained and began to list; "Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, John Kennedy, and many UN leaders who are already in the spiritual world. President Lincoln leads the group of US Presidents. 2014 is the year of the Spirit," he explained. Rev. Moon is mobilizing all the good spirit world to prepare to descend and work with on the earth from 2015, for bringing God's Ideal as soon as possible. "This will be an opportunity for the people on earth to work in unity with us, who are on the other side. For me it is a blessing to work With this great man." (Nelson Mandela)

Thus Trump was elected in 2016 as the new champion to fulfill the plan. You have to know the spiritual power behind him and realize that after 2012 God was in direct dominion, leading the demise of the million years Satanic Control. In the following years you will see the emergence of free nations, centered on God's Ideal. You will witness the emergence of God's Kingdom on Earth. See, THE MODEL FOR THE IDEAL PEACEFUL WORLD

Now we will be free to establish the Cosmic Nation of Peace and Unity, by uniting the world through the Culture of Heart into 'One Global Family Under God.'


✨Congratulations for this inspiring Truth.
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Where we go one, we go all,,,
Eog Mansei!!!

The world is entering a new world era no knowledge of truth in the past can match it, religiously or ideologically.

Is there hope for Russia? I live there. What would you advice?

Yes, all governments will now have to be transformed. Putin also kicked Rothchilds in January. He is helping to reveal the Satanic system.

Damn terrifying! Divine principle Satan's activities in Human Society is now being decimated to show what is really going on repentance on my part my God!

This is a great site. There is so much to learn from its Great topics.

But how about him (Putin) promoting new constitution about Russia inheriting Soviet Union heritage, military-orthodox temple with Stalin? I don't understand why he is endorsing those things.

He was not endorsing anything. Laws were given directly by the Deep State. Now all nations have to abolish these false laws. The Satanic Church was part of the New World Order scheme, but now they are being hunted all over the world.

Thank you. Good absolute ancestors will surely be helping youand protecting you and all others who do the same.

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