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The Silva Method and the liberation of our spiritual potential

By Y.Marianov , Unification Family Therapy
Silva Method, Jose Silva, Meditation, Visualization, Power of thought, Mind and Body
Why Silva Method of dynamic mental meditation is so successful? Why our extraordinary spiritual abilities are released only when we reduce the functions of the brain? The answer is simple; our brain only disturbs our spirit mind with its external reasoning, ignorance and worries.

The purpose of our earthy life is to develop our spirit so we can live eternally in happiness, peace and harmony with others in the eternal spiritual world. If we read the book 'A Wanderer in the Spirit Lands', we see the consequences of living our live centered on our physical desires and selfish indulgences.

As Rev. Moon explains in the Peace Messages, "Before you pass on to the next world, you should achieve harmony between your physical and spiritual bodies." However, the perfection of your spirit self  does not happen automatically.

Spirit can mature only if mind and body are united
Silva Method, Jose Silva, Meditation, Visualization, Power of thought, Mind and Body

"Only on the basis of your having achieved complete harmony between your mind and body during your earthly life, by expressing true love through action, can your spirit self fully mature." San Myung Moon

In other words, our spirit self can grow only when our mind is subject over the body. The body is governed by the physical mind while our spirit is governed by our spiritual mind. Since our spirit mind is constantly connected to God and the spiritual reality, it naturally leads us in the right direction when it is in the position of a subject over the physical mind.

We perform better when our brain is relaxed
Silva Method, Jose Silva, Meditation, Visualization, Power of thought, Mind and Body
This is the principle reason why we perform better in sport when we calm down our brain activities.  Relaxing our brain near to the state of sleep allows our spiritual mind to be liberated and unleash our unlimited spiritual potential.

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This technique is used in sports psychology and was further developed by Jose Silva, the founder of Silva Method of dynamic mental meditation. Silva method consists of the application of positive thinking, visualization meditation, and self programing. Jose Silva believed that it can be used to develop paranormal abilities such as ESP, and that practicing it can allow you to tap into a higher consciousness.

Once you understand the principle way of functioning and interaction between  the physical mind (brain) and the spiritual mind (our higher consciousness connected to God), it becomes clear why reducing the functions of the brain can unleash such enormous spiritual abilities. 

Our physical mind (brain) is limiting us on animal level, succumbed under the power of or physical desires and limitations. The brain, of course, has no abilities to connect to God or any spiritual information if not accepting the guidance of the spiritual mind.

Brain dominated our spirit with it's external reasoning
Silva Method, Jose Silva, Meditation, Visualization, Power of thought, Mind and Body
Because of the Fall however, human spiritual mind became underdeveloped and governed by the physical mind. This completely blocked the way for our spiritual development. Once the brain dominated the spirit with it's external reasoning, the spirit mind became imprisoned; physical desired dominated our physical desires. This is the principle reason behind all selfishness, immaturity, distrust, corruption and wars in human history.

Let me explain: The physical mind is responsible for self-preservation and the fulfillment of the physical needs for survival. Thus it can lead us only to selfishness and animal like behavior. Thus the brain constantly leads us into worries and restlessness. Not being able to sense the hearts of others, our brain leads us in constant mutual struggles and distrust.

These problems are unavoidable, since physical mind is not created to be subject over the spirit mind. See What is Humanism: Product of the Physical Mind - Expression of the Four Fallen Natures . Once this proper relationship of subject and object is being reversed we cannot function properly as human beings. Furthermore, this brings us into a state of total ignorance of God and the existence of the spiritual reality. Simply said, physical mind has no senses to relate to them and recognize them.

Of course physical mind can reason about God, but that reasoning will only result in another selfish reasoning and practice. This is the reason why religions too could turn against God by bringing more wars, selfishness and distrust, instead of a world of love and harmony.

Consequently, a world of true, unselfish love, will never appear if the war between our mind and body is not resolved. The first step in winning ending this war is to recognize how our brain is fulling us and come to liberate our spiritual mind.

Visualization is natural for our spirit mind

Once our spiritual mind is set as a subject our brain can relax and function properly. Thus, even our physical mind finds liberation when the correct order is restored. This is precisely what the meditation technique of the Silva Method is teaching us to achieve by entering in the 'alphy' state. In this state we can visualize and sense things without the brain intervention and rational disturbance.

The technique aims to reach and sustain a higher state of mental functioning, called alpha state, where brainwave frequency is greatly reduced. According to Silva, once the mind is set in relaxed visualization, a person can view distant objects or locations and connect with higher intelligence for guidance, a person can heal himself or others and resolve successfully any conflict. This is achieved through visualization, because it is natural for our spirit mind to immediately see and connect to whatever we think about.

This is only natural, since in that state our spirit mind is subject and it naturally knows all solutions and is able to sense and influence things spiritually. Our spirit mind immediately visualizes every word or idea. And that's not all; it can sense spiritually the reality of the person or situation we think about.

In this state, with our spirit as a subject, we are unable to do evil. Our evil, selfish intentions are product of our physical mind and are possible only when physical mind dominates.Once people develop their spiritual mind naturally all evil in this world will disappear.

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Silva Method, Jose Silva, Meditation, Visualization, Power of thought, Mind and Body


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